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The Volkswagen Ranch is dedicated to Vintage and Classic VW's from 1938 to 1979. The purpose of  this site is to promote collecting and restoring vintage volkswagens and offer a way for folks that are interested, information on securing Agreed Value Insurance, Appraisal values on vintage VW's, contact with others who enjoy this hobby, and other technical areas on restoration, buying and selling of vintage VW's. *******************    Please feel free to contact us at    . The  Volkswagen Ranch is located in  Mesa, Arizona. We can also be reached at
                                                                                                     480 325-8652.
Katy - Our 1966 Convertible - Hot VW's Feature March 2001 -Four Time Show Winner.!! 83,000 miles-
All Original - even her top is original ! Has her Original Engine and Interior. A Wonderful Classic VW!!
Above left is our - Daisy -a 1957 European Convertible with working semaphores! She has 51,983 Kilometers -33,302 Original miles ! . Here she is with her  new Hartz Canvas top and white walls .She has her original German title, plates, owners manual and accessories. Original engine,interior, crashbox even original Denman Tires!   "Daisy" . A one of a kind Beauty!! Painted original color-  L241 Bamboo.  UPDATE 2007 -Daisy is now finished her Cocours pan off resto.  On the right-Katy is the feature in VolksWorld 2004  Vintage issue.The center picture was one of several pictures used taken at the Bug In-Phoenix 2004

November 3, 2002 - Daisy at Karl's Custom Classic VW show in Mesa, AZ ! Our first show here---
Katy our '66 convertible, takes first place At Karl's Custom Classic VW show , Mesa, AZ 11/3/02 !!
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