I sell Metal detectors, prospecting equipment, and related items, out of my home part time. So I have a lot of people coming by and talking to me, some times they bring items or pictures of items that they have found, for me to look at. These are a few of the pictures I have collected over the years, dont ask me any more about these items because I dont remember, I dont even remember who it was that brought these different items by for me to look at, but here they are anyway, enjoy.

This key was found in southern Utah, even though it was an actual key, it's primary function how ever is a pistol, when the smoldering wick on the trigger touches the hole on the barrel, the unsuspecting recipient is in for a big suprise

This bell is exactly like the ones pictured in the lost Rhoads mines books that have been found in the Uinta mountains. how ever this one was found by a boy scout while on a camping trip in the topaz mountain range.

This rock with the finely detailed cross engraved on it was found in southern Utah

What can I say, this gold and siver bar is what we are all looking for


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