The Story

There was a transcient living in the hills just outside of a town in southern Utah. He had a camp set up on a little knoll where he could keep an eye on everyone who came around. But his camp was situated so that know one could see it. One night after being there for several months, he started hearing voices and screams. He saw blue lights dancing around all over the place and coming out of the ground. It scared him so bad that he left the area immediately. He went to the police and reported it to them. They checked the area out throughly and found the "shot- put man" in a ravine just above his camp. It look weathered when the cops found it so they knew the transcient had not carved it. Who ever carved it was an artist and it had to take a very long time to carve it. It's almost life size, with a lot of detail. I don't know about the voices, but a treasure that has been buried for a long time will emit gases from the acid rains attacking it. on a high humidity night the gases can be seen with the naked eye. It is similiar to the aurora-borialas. The lights are different colors depending on the type of noble metals that are buried there. Blue being gold, while reddish orange is from silver. The transcient never retrieved his camping gear. The first time I saw his camping site, his weather torn sleeping bag and tent were still there, along with some other personal items he left behind. Something must have frightened him bad enough that he did not want to return for any reason.

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