Faith my friend you never let me down.
Faith I had when only screams were my sound.
Faith in me and faith in you
Faith was all I had. What else could I do?
When I cried by my side you would be
When I couldnt walk I knew you would carry me.
I reached out to you and you took my hand
You helped me fight the pain of one evil man.
Daddy reached out and tryed to take me to the pits of hell
Daddy was evil to evil to even tell.
Oh I was scared I couldn't breathe
It took many years for me to finally be free.
But I didn't give up! I knew you would rescue me
My spirit broken. My childhood stolen
But still your love I could clearly see.
God I guess you are why I am me!

My website is about childabuse.
Please if you are a survivor or being abused make sure that you keep yourself safe while visiting my pages.
My site has my story but I have not gone into a lot of detail because I dont feel it would be healthy for me or my visitors.
The childrens stories do have detail of their abuse.
My poems are also about child abuse and the effects that linger on forever it seems..
Please understand this is not a site that offers answers to abuse issues.
I'm still seeking for my answers.
But I have links to other sites who can and will help.
This site was designed to bring awareness that this abuse still happens
We must speak out and show the end result of abuse and what it does to the soul.
I am not and never will be alone in my pain.
Through my site I hope you will know you are NOT alone also
Life is beautiful but sometimes the tears cloud the view.
Please if you see or read something here that may trigger you don't continue on.
It would break my heart if I was to cause someone pain from my pages.
Through awareness one day we may never again see abuse of any kind.
How wonderful that day will be!

The only pages on my website that have beautiful colors and graphics are on the childrens stories.
I wanted them to have a beautiful home on my site.
The rest of my pages are in black and blue.
I use these colors to show what a child lived with or died from.

My Future Is Worth It
To undo the heartache evil has caused
To unwalk the places I have gone
To unsee the horror I have seen
To unpray my words on bended knee
To unlove all who have hurt me.
To unask all the questions for the answers I still seek.
To uncry all the tears that I have cried
Would only mean that I have died.

But I am alive I now clearly see!!.
I can't undo whats been done to me
I will look for happiness and forget the strife.
I know today I AM alright
Don't fear the future never look back.
Take one day at a time to stay on track.
No matter my pain.
No matter my past
I know my future is worth the task.

The journey to heal is very hard but so worth the effort to find freedom.

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