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Tea with George
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Clint Eastwood is the son of Stan Laurel

Or so i've been told...

The honest indisputable truth is that Clint Eastwood really really is the son of comedian Stan Laurel. It's just a fact, and even though i've seen no evidence to prove it, I think that we should just blindly accept this fact as being the gospel truth. Stan Laurel is the father of Clint Eastwood, and there's absolutely no doubt about it. Clint is a Laurel, no question in my mind.

Of course the Laurel estate always denies this, but an anagram of Clint Eastwood; 'Cow Stan do lie' shows undeniable proof that the estate is witholding a few truths. As for Clint, he wasnt even born at the time of conception, so how does he know what went on? Sounds like another fine mess, probably.

dont just stand there

Anyway, it's just the fact that 'Way Out West' pre dates all of the sixties spaghetti westerns, that shows were Clint got his cowboy and gunfighter skills and craft. You can just imagine the young Clint completely starstruck as his father introduces him to the worldly concept of Hard Boiled Eggs & Nuts.

SMALL PRINT: Sorry, Clint, this is only my bumbling opinion.

It's no coincidence that both Stan and Clint share the common bond of the headwear in all of their movies. It's more than enough proof that 'Make my Day' translates very easily into 'Perfect Day'. And there's more evidence in the obviously shared chin structure. I've seen the DNA readings myself. I know it to be true. It's a revelation that Darth Vader would be proud of. He IS the father!!!

SMALL PRINT: Actually, I could be very very wrong about all this. Sorry, Clint.

another fine mess

I dont know of the cads that began this nasty rumour. Was it those well bred intellectual sect of the National Enquirer? Or maybe the gutter Press of the United Kingdom. But someone did indeed notice the facial similarities that tie our Clint and Stan together forever. Something to be proud of, as I idolise Stan as much as Clint, although I practise none of his moves, like eating my own hat.

SMALL PRINT: Actually, I could be wrong about all this. Sorry, Clint.

Another similarity is in the cigar smoking. Too often is our very own Stanley Laurel seen smoking cigars in his movies. Not a pipe or an ordinary cigarette, but cigars. Isnt this a dead giveaway? His son and hier was quite expected to emulate his father's ways and go on to bring cigar chewing to the masses. Splendid. I'm convinced now. Are you?

SMALL PRINT: Right or wrong, this is a very moving story, and moves me to tears.
I really really hope it's true. Sorry Clint.

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