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Back in 1988, I was a junior in high school and was looking for my first car. Because my father was a Service Manager for a local Ford dealership it was only logical that my first car would be a Ford.

There were only two choices for me, a Mustang or a T-Bird. At the time my dad and I were just starting to get into NASCAR and Bill Elliott’s T-Bird was leading the pack (World fastest stock car 212.809 mph @ Talladega 5/97). I guess this might have swayed my decision and as you see here, I purchased the Thunderbird.

Through my college years, the car remained in stock condition with the exception of a Ford Motorsport front mounted intercooler and duel exhaust from a 1988 Turbo coupe. Upon graduation, and my first real job the finances became available to begin the modifications.

The modifications started out small, first were rims & tires then an aerodynamic body kit. One thing leads to another and before you know it just about every aspect of the car was modified from the engine to the suspension. Even as this page is published, the car is still evolving.

Feel free to view the site, as I learn more about how to use the internet it will be updated.

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