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Name: Christina Grace                 

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"Beautiful, you are mine.’
‘You don’t know anything about me.’
‘You are my woman.’
‘I’m different.’ I am drowned in you, your mystery desire  come in to me in waves until I sink form the weight of my desire of  loving you. No one owned me now. ‘but you’

 I want you not being buggered .

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.........I am a trainee  in a Secret lesbian Catalog, but I didn’t dream, to be a sexy doll for rich widowers with unconquered sex drive. I can think that I am smiling just for my lovers, and that I come here, because I was invited to serve in ladies gathering.   But everyone knows that lesbian Secret catalogues are designed for the eyes of women who want young girls to make lesbian sluts. They wanted naughty young girls with wet lips and worn panties ? I didn’t let my innocent appearance fool them , I wanted to offer a decent service; not erotic fantasies. ...........They wanted me to be a slutty girl , cunt worship ,  and unlimited fantasies I can barely offer. They wanted me to be their secret porn pussy, to fulfill unconquered virtual desire, their slut and much much more !!! I have to be  horny as my Mistress wants. I always do what ever they says ... She started to caress me for always being on those live date  lines. They had toll free numbers, free naked pics of me, live chat, and I was trained to masturbate till get lost in fantasy and telephone fuck until My young pink cunny had a hard orgasm.

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I was dressed in a long silk blue dress, it was slit along the right side from thigh-to-hip. It had a plunging neckline, which revealed the creamy tops of my breasts. The back was cut just to the crack of my bare bottom. my strawberry-blonde curly hair was swept up onto my head and soft wisps framed my face. I wore pale blue shadow on my eyelids to make my eyes sparkle and shine. In fact, it had made my blue irises the color of the sea. my pouty lips were painted a pale pink to capture the innocence I was displaying for all to see: a sexy sensual very much aware of her own sexuality. Two small diamonds adorned my ears and my 3" heels wrapped around my ankles. my fingers and toenails were a pale pink matching my lips and I was wearing my favorite perfume, completing my look of seduction.

     My Mistress instructed me to be outside my hotel at 10:00 p.m. sharp, a car would be waiting for me to take me to my destination. Furthermore, She had given me specific instructions on how I was to dress and if I were late, there would be the devil to pay. I was taken to a very exclusive hotel where I was instructed to wait in the dimly lit bar.

As I slipped onto a stool, my eyes adjusted to the light and I saw Her, sitting at a corner table, watching me closely. The bartender came over to me right away and took my order. She paused, wringing her hands, and pushing them firmly down her thighs, as though in an attempt to smooth the pleats from her skirt. I leaned over just enough so he could plainly see the swell of my breasts, I asked her very timidly, but politely for a martini. She brought me my drink and lingers, carefully looking at my long, bare legs as my dress splits to my hip when I cross them. I glance over to the corner and "my Mistress" who just nods and smiles. I could see She was pleased I had followed Her instructions. Then, slowly I turn on my stool, spreading my thighs so "my Mistress" can see I am bare underneath my dress--She proudly smiles!

At this time, She tells Her friend good night and gracefully stands and elegantly walks over to where I am sitting. Her friend is very beautiful. She is petite with long dark hair, and is impeccably dressed in a black leather skirt and a white see through blouse. I could see Her dark, erect nipples through Her shirt and began to tingle between my legs. She walked over to me and She sought my eyes, but I have been trained properly not to make eye contact and keep my head slightly bowed. She ever so slightly nods Her approval letting me know I have pleased Her. "my Mistress" then leans down and whispers my name and tells me to go with Her.

 Now!! She moved very close to me, reaches down my dress and pinches my right nipple hard. The bartender stopped pretending to shine glasses and stared open-mouthed at U/us; "my Mistress" was again pleased and giggled ever so softly!

I followed Her upstairs to a room with burning candles and a large king-sized bed. Laid neatly on the bed were a crop, a paddle, cuffs, nipple clamps and a strap-on. The lady stood before me with Her hands on my hips and told me to strip, She wanted to inspect Her slave. I let my dress drop to form a blue cloud around my ankles and stepped back from it. I stood naked before Her, my legs spread wide, arms behind my arched back, head and eyes down as She slowly circled me.

My client moved in front of me and put Her hand on my pussy, telling me I was beautiful. Next, She plunged two fingers deep inside me, removed them and then made me lick my essence off of them. She re-inserted them, worked them in and out of me and then tasted my sweet nectar Herself. She giggled and told me how sweet I was.

She leaned close to me, opened Her blouse told me to take Her breast in my mouth. I hesitated, never having done that before this way; I didn’t move fast enough so She grabbed my hair and pulled me into Her breasts. I took a nipple between my teeth and sucked it into my hot mouth, enjoying the soft wonderful feel of it! I ran my tongue around it and then kissed my way over to the other one, tasting and licking and sucking. This caused "my client" to moan with pleasure.

 As I sucked Her tits, She lowered Her hand to my swollen clit, pinching it between Her thumb and forefinger, sending me reeling to the edge of orgasm.

Abruptly, she pushed me away and pulled my face down over Her lap, reaching for the paddle. She told me I had a very spankable ass and, raising the paddle, brought it down hard across both cheeks. She laughed as my ass turned a nice shade of pink immediately and continued the spanking until it was red. Swollen and throwing off a marvelous heat. I writhed with pain and want, I needed to cum so badly. Sensing my state, She turned me over on my back, got on Her knees and kissed my thighs, my shaved mound, my clit and finally burying Her tongue deep within my folds! I climaxed almost at once and she sucked all of me until the shudders stopped.

      As I lay on the bed catching my breath, She picked up the crop and whipped me across my breasts making me scream. She told me that next time I would wait for permission to cum. Then proceeded to lay the crop, across my nipples four more times. She moved down and whipped my clit and pussy lips another 10 times making me sob with pain, but I was more determined to please Her. "my Mistress" then removed my cuffs and straddled my chest on the bed.

       Her pussy was trimmed to a small patch of hair and I could see the shimmer of Her arousal between Her pink lips. She told me to service Her now and if I were a good girl, She would let me cum again. I was nervous and yet so excited as well, wanting--no needing to taste Her. She lowered Her hips toward me and I kissed Her while I slid a finger into Her wet pussy. I pulled Her clit into my mouth, sucking and licking as my finger worked Her cunt. My other hand moved up Her crack and played with Her ass, pinching two fingers  Her tight ass. She moaned and bucked against my mouth and I plunged my tongue into Her sweet pussy, sucking Her essence into my mouth, feeling Her muscles contract around my probing tongue. She  came in great shudders, and I drank Her greedily, licking Her sweetness from my lips as She left me.

      She proceeded to strap on a 7-inch dildo around Her waist, and She instructed me to get on my knees and took me from behind, hard and fast. She reached under me and pulled hard on the nipple clamps and told me to cum. Now! I screamed and came in waves, not knowing where one orgasm stopped and another started, until I was spent and we lay sprawled together on the bed. She removed the clamps and massaged my nipples , took me in Her arms and kissed my lips, the softest kiss I had ever felt. She told me that I had done well and She was pleased. Then, She kissed me and gathered me up into Her arms,  rocked me back-and-forth, telling what a good girl I was. I fell asleep against Her shoulder dreaming of angels and feeling very loved.

Note : I have always been powerfully drawn to women of strength and intelligence, Women like You. I have been submissive to such women - to all women, really - my entire life, always putting their needs ahead of my own. Now I wish to take the next step. What can I offer you to grant such a boon? It is easy for me to write words like faithfulness and obedience; to pledge to obey your every command and indulge your every whim, but my words are no less true for the ease with which they come. As for any talents I may possess, I would be happy to present samples of my work; and even if you do not choose to accept me as your lesbian love, I would always be willing to accept commissions from you for no charge. For myself, I ask only for the opportunity to learn and to serve at your desire It is not that I have no specific desires of my own, I do, but my strongest desire is  merely to please you in any way that I can, no matter how trivial or mundane. Should any of my other needs be met in the process, then I shall consider myself thrice blessed. There is one thing you should know: I am not a masochist, a sadist. My chief desire is to serve and to learn. I am prepared to endure such servitude, brings you pleasure. I have never been more serious about anything in my entire life. I am deeply appreciative for whatever consideration you have given me thus far, and for whatever thought you may yet give.

     I attach few samples of my servitude in this web site for your  consideration of me as your affectionate girl .


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