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We offer chainmail jewelry, all natural soaps, ritual oils, and powdered incense. We are adding new products all the time. We take custom orders for all of our products and bellydancing bras and belts. We can add beads, pendants, and bells to any chainmail. Order your one of a kind bra and belt now!

Our ebay store is here: 
Serpent's Tongue

When you join our newsletter at our ebay store you get a FREE GIFT! We are also having a grand opening sale of 10% OFF all merchandise!

All of our soaps, oils and incense are all natural. They have no artificial colors or scents. They are made with herbs, resins, and essential oils. The ritual oils are in an olive oil base. The soaps are in shea butter, glycerin, and goat's milk bases sepending on the type of soap.
Visit our ebay store at:

Serpent's Tongue
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