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The  history of the Bullmastiff began in the 1850s when the breed was developed  by crossing an Old english Mastiff to a Regent Bulldog (which resembled a boxer) it has been formulated that the modern day Bullmastiff is made up of 60% Mastiff & 40%  Bulldog.
The breed is populary said to have originated as a result of the efforts to produce a gamekeepers ideal dog
At that period poaching in britain was rife 7 poachers would be known to shoot gamekeepers without compuntion rather than give up their spoils or they would run the risk of being caught.
Liviing  7 working in fear for their lives the gamekeepers desperatley needed  an efficient dog to gaurd which could if necessary fight of intruders from there covers.
Mastiff, though undeniably courageous ,tended to be to slow in catching poachers & thus the
Bullmastiff was developed (after a number of trail breedings with other types of dogs)
& thus this dog came to be known as the gamekeepers night dog.
The breed has lived up to it's expectations proving to be fast,silent mover with considerable powers
of endurance,7 capable of holding a poacher on command without mauling him.
Bullmastiff could be counted on to be absolutely 1obedient and loyal to it's master
Although the breed was initially employed in the field,
Bullmastiffs were later adopted by breeders interested in standardizing this breed.
The first Bullmastiffs were shown in about 1900 although they were not  recognized as a breed until
1924 by the Kennel Club.
The first Challenge Certificates were awarded to
Bullmastiffs in 1928
Todays Bullmastiffs although different than that of there ancestors still have that spirit  of being
Noble,Regent & Loyal to its Master.
" A  Bullmastiff Is In The Dog World
                    A True King Amongst Kings"

Bruin Lord Brother Richard 
Bred by J. & R. Klok Bruin Kennels
New South  Wales
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