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Last updated: May 16, 2007

Hello, and welcome to my Sons of Thunder Fan Fiction Page!  For those of you who don't know, Sons of Thunder was a spin-off of Walker, Texas Ranger with a limited 6 week run.  Although it did excellent in the ratings during that time, for some reason, which I'm sure only CBS network executives can comprehend, it was not renewed.  Shame on them.

The show revolved around Trent Malloy (played by Jimmy Wlcek) and Carlos Sandoval (played by Marco Sanchez) as private investigators in Dallas, Texas.  The other two show regulars were their office manager, Kim Sutter (played by Dawn Maxey) and their landlord, Marion "Butch" McMann (played by Alan Autry) who was also the owner of Uppercuts, the guys' local hangout.

First, I'd like to extend a great big cyber thanks to my beta readers, Mary, Anne, Dara, and others who shall remain nameless at their own request. Next, while I'm on the subject, let me go ahead and put a disclaimer here.  No SOT or WTR stuff belongs to me and I'm not making any money off of any of this.  So there you have it.  Finally, A WARNING: let me note that while not "adult", several of these stories contain certain elements which may be unsuitable for sensitive readers.  However, there is no slash and the rest is nothing that I feel you can't go to your local public library and read right off the shelf, regardless of age.  If you're still not sure, all of the stories are rated.  For a list of what the ratings mean, click HERE.

Table of Contents:

Mary Sue- Carlos tries to set Trent up on another blind date.
Mary Sue Part Deux - This time Carlos convinces him.
Mary Sue Must Die!  - Trent falls in love with the perfect woman.
For What It's Worth - A novel.  re-edited June 5, 2006
A Night at the Opera - A snippet.  The guys go not quite undercover.
A Walk in the Park - A weekend getaway turns into a real struggle to "get away."
Without Consent - Trent and Carlos are hired to catch a serial rapist.
Let There Be Light! -Trent and Carlos reveal their "true" feelings about each other.
Against All Odds - Corporate espionage leads to murderous results.- May 16,2007.  All done!  All done!  Finis!  Caput!  It's over!  Bet some of ya'll didn't think I'd actually ever do it.  Well, the fat lady has not only sung, she's left the stage.  Chapters 50, 51, 52, and 53 are up!   

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A special note of thanks to Patt for the use of her screen caps here and throughout the stories.  Please visit Patt's Son's of Thunder Information Page .  There you'll find lots of great stuff and screen caps!  Thanks Patt!  Also, I do not accept submissions to this page, however I am also the webmistress for the Sons of Thunder Fan Fiction Treasury and will gladly accept submissions there.

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you enjoy the stories.  For privacy purposes, I use the pen name Kathleen Hillcrest.  Please remember, all feedback, both good and bad, welcome.

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