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2003 Reunion - Memphis, Tennessee

The Smith Family

Wesson, Mississippi



The Smith Family Association brings together descendants of Lucinda Jones Smith and her husband, William Yancy Smith, Sr., who lived in Wesson, Mississippi.  Wesson is a small town located about 40 miles south of Jackson in Lincoln County.


Lucinda and William had 10 children:  Ida, Otha, Ollie, Rose Ella (known as Ella), Damon, William Jr. (known as Yancy), Virgil, Estella, Ardell and Velma.  While all 10 are deceased, their offspring live on in various parts of the United States with large concentrations in Champaign County, Illinois, and Hennepin County, Minnesota.


This website is designed to link, connect and inform family members about events, programs and services. It can only be successful with your assistance.  As such, I am looking for photos, stories, poems, news, announcements . . . anything you would like to share.  You can send your items to me via email to ssmithro@hotmail.com (photos must be in .gif or .jpg format only).


Biographies on this site were written by Wilfred O. Fisher, Sr.  They were compiled from information he received from our aunts and uncles over the years.  If any information is missing or incorrect, please contact me and I will make the necessary changes.




Susan Smith Ross

Granddaughter of Yancy



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