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Romanxx Cattery
A Manx Cattery breeding and showing MANX CATS in CFA since 1991. 
Manx doesn't mean tailless cat, it means cat from the Isle of man.
"Romanxes, Mice-teries, and Cat Tales"

Welcome to Romanxx - thanks for looking in!
Romanxx Cattery has been breeding and exhibiting Manx cats since 1991.  I remain true to the traditional Manx standard, and my goals are to continue to produce loving, beautiful, healthy Manx according to that standard and to encourage and support other breeders who are striving to do the same.

My kittens are born into my hand, and raised in my bedroom.  I don't have a large number of litters a year, and often have a waiting list for kittens before they are born.  I have both longhair and shorthair kittens.  I prefer dilutes, but often have dominant colors as well.  In many cases, my kittens are already spoken for when they're born, but check my kitten page to see any that I may have for sale throughout the year.

Romanxx kittens are guaranteed healthy, free from genetic defect, and well-socialized.  They are all my pets first, and so ready to become someone else's when I let them go.

I occasionally have a retired adult for adoption to an approved home.
GRC Romanxx Lil
dilute calico van LH.
Sire: Romanxx Zee Panda Bear
Dam: W'stern's Caramel Sundae of Romanxx
Miss Lil completed her grand at the Roanoke, VA. show on June 29, 2002, collecting 141 points (she only needed 9).
Lil was CFA's 2nd Best LH Manx, and Southern Region's Best LH Manx for 2002-2003.
Mother of GP Romanxx Rock Star of Briar-Mar, CH Romanxx Cold Fusion, and Romanxx That's So HOT!!
and CH Romanxx Little George (now of the British Isles, and siring lovely kittens).
I LOVE my Lil!  (And, there MAY be some more Lil-kittens in the near future!)
Scroll on down for pictures of Romanxx cats.
Visitors - thanks for stopping by!
Contact Me:
S. Jean Brown
GP NW Romanxx Rock Star of Briar-Mar
CFA's Best SH Manx Kitten - 2006-2007
CFA's 2nd Best in Premiership - 2007-2008!!!
Congratulations, Omar & Gary!!
See Star's Page...

At left:
Romanxx Jake Delhomme
otherwise known as the laughing cat, who now resides in Finland.
The News From Europe:  Jake (called Mini at home) has achieved a spot in CFA's LH Manx winners for 2008-2009!
CONGRATULATIONS to Tuija Aaltonen and Mini!
We are VERY proud of them at Romanxx!
CH Romanxx Vantage of Sansq (at right).
Sire:  Romanxx Zee Panda Bear
Dam:  W'stern's Caramel Sundae of Romanxx

Van is HOME!!

Marj and Jim Baker of Sansq Cattery made the decision to scale back and "retire" Sansq Cattery, and generously sent Vantage back to me.

I take Van showing, and he does LOVE to go!  Hoping he will grand.
Notice how very much he looks like his sister, Lil.
for MORE cat pix!

-year-old retired queen
Spayed and ready for adoption!

Contact me for details.
CAT SHOWING with pictures and information!
Above is Romanxx Hope & Glory again, in her favorite "cute" pose.
See more Hope pix on the Cat Showing page.
GRC Romanxx Hope & Glory
Sire: W'stern's Mountain Storm of Romanxx
Dam: Sansq Melia of Romanxx

Brown patched tabby SH
2nd Best SH Manx in the Southern Region - 2004-2005
CFA's Best OMC SH Manx - 2004-2005
Produced her first litter in July, 2005
Abbey and Lewis are Hope's babies!!
NOW Showing (below):
Romanxx Corazon
Sire: Romanxx TomTom Terrific
Dam:  CH Romanxx Abbey Road
DOB:  5/27/08
Red Tabby and White female
CH Romanxx Abbey Road & CH Romanxx St. Louis Blues
Sire: Mistysprings Adonis
Dam:  GC Romanxx Hope & Glory
DOB: June 29, 2005
Red Tabby female / Blue Tabby Male
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Below is CH Romanxx Cold Fusion.
Fusion will go out showing again in the spring, to try for his grand.
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