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Hello my name is Thunder Vly's Brittani Von Vrindavan.  But you can call me Roxie!  In the picture above I am 13 weeks old.  My proud parents are Doug and Kathy Burris of Cranberry, Pennsylvania.  I am a AKC registered Rottweiler.  You can click on my pedigree below.

Let me tell you alittle bit about myself, I was born December 17, 1999 in Florida at Thunder Valley Rottweiler's.  My brith Mom is Blackriesen's Jani Von Evman, Jani is co-owned by Joan B. Foote & Vrindavan S. Graham.  My brith Dad is CH Evnam's Thunder Von Legende, Thunder is owned by Joan B. Foote.  I had 2 brother's and 5 sister's.  I want to send my Hello's and hope everyone is doing good to my family in Florida.

I love to go for car rides, playing catch, stalking leaves, digging holes, playing with my new friend's, (which you will be able to see in my Photo) My new friend's are Tigger ( he is a German Shorthair), Holly (she is a German Shepherd), Spudzie (he is a cat), Spanky (he is a mixed dog that my parent's got at a shelter), my new sister Brittani (by the way I was named after her) she is 4 and my new brother Zachery he is 7.

My mom is planing on sending me to obedience classes and maybe even a show or two.  She is new at this, so will have to see how everything goes.  But I am SURE cute enough for show.  Hee....Hee...

I hope you enjoy my site and come back often, to see new picture's of me.  Watch me grow up with my parent's.

Woo Hoo my mommy put some new pictures of me up!!!!

Don't forget to check out my littermates. Great NEWS my mommy just started a Halloween Page!! so you will have to check that out... just to see what I will be... and to find out if I get any goodies!!! *smile* Also here are some of my Links.






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