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Everyone has a Shining Light,
Or two, or three, or four,
Everyone has a Shining Light,
A few, or some, or more.

This site features just a bit,
Of the Lights of the Life I lead,
Fun, games, spirit, friends,
And weights that I have carried.
Shining Light - click to break frames Everyone has a Shining Light,
Or two, or three, or four,
Everyone has a Shining Light,
It lies just beyond that door.

Open your eyes, see the world,
Do all the things you like to do,
Thanks for stopping by to visit,
And thanks for being you. around my little place......gbook......let the light guide you home......view

Opal's favorite web/net hangouts.
Wee Ones. Realm of The Site Fights.
Hidden Clover
Magikal Kingdom of the Leprechauns. TSF.
Spirit Garden
Golden Oldies. Team at The Site Fights.
Flower Garden
Bloomed spirit flowers from TSF.
The MBF. We love DBoards.
My 50x50 graphic bubble requests.
Friends of Opal. Under Construction.
Leprechauns. My TSF fighting team.
My TSF fighting supporters.
Browser Skins
Browser skins for Internet Explorer.
Ocean Secrets
Atlantis - The Lost City. A team at TSF.
Zine Circle
Sponsoring & help from a former editor.
Page Sets
Backgrounds and such for your site.
Message Board
My new Ultraboard from Home Page Tools.
Globes, globe tubes, and links (soon).

Monday, June 5, 2000
Please vote for me in Shamrock Field 3!

Wee One Doodlebug 6.17.00 Fairy Treasure 6.23.00

icq..........thanks for visiting my shining light..........please come back

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