Welcome to the first ever site that has two of the world's greatest Super Heros around! The Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon)  and the PowerPuff Girls! Take your time and click around if you are a fan of the either girls! Don't forget to link me, sign my guestbook, or if you have a site, apply for an award.
     14 year old Serena's life was turned upside down when she stepped on a cresent moon bald spotted cat! The cat, Luna, told her she is the new champion of justice. Her mission, to find her fellow Sailor Scouts and stop the never ending battle between good and evil! But she still has to get her homework done on-time!
    Super Powered toddlers who have a mean punch! Professer Utonium was on a mission to create the perfect girls but, bumped into the Chemical X container, spilling it into the mixture of Sugar, Spice, and Everything nice creating The Trio known as The PowerPuff Girls! Saving the world before their nap!
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