~Dean, Dave, Jay, Craig, Tim and Tyler, TO trip~
Tina, Anne and Jim, 1 of my favs!
Tina an Twona havin fun!
<<DM an I givin Twona some lovin!!! HAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!
<ET phone home!! DM an Tina with the boyz..BALA BALA BALA..RED COUCH!!!
^DM, me,Tina, Dri and Kristen at Lee's Palace, TO
^Twona, DM an Anne at The Opera House, To...O WHATTA NIGHT!!!^
^Tina an I, sing it with me...O SO HAPPY!!!! Mmwaaaaahh!!
Look at them down there, HI DRI AN KATIE...U CAN"T HIDE!!!!!!!!
^Now there's a classy chick! Poor Jay!!!^
^Jay, Tina, Dan an DM girl!!!^
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