This is where you come to find the really good stuff!!!
The tunes, the music, things dreams are made of, and into, as any music lover will tell you. So in the words of Tyler Connolly..."Just sit back, relax" and I say..."enjoy the music"
Put that together and you have a pretty good combination for a sweet time!!!

Wanna hear some tuneage???? Of course you do!!! Click on the links and listen to the boys till your heart can't take it no mo!!!!! HAHAAAAAA!!!
^^small sample of Midnight Rider!!^^

Lyrics to their songs can all be found here:
Some pages you will have to punch in Theory of a Deadman and search.... <<<for the french in ya....Make Up Your Mind au francais!!!!


Scroll down

My setlist from the Chatham show
Tina's setlist from Bala show
Jay,Dan and I at the Chatham show
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