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The M.S.C. congregation started the mission in South Korea on February 17, 1985 with the arrival of Fr. Pedro C. Arguillas and shortly after, of Fr. Danilo F. Ceniza. A year later, Fr. Raymond T. Sabio arrived and in 1988, Fr. Michael Paradela. After several years of formation, first to be ordained were Fr. Joseph Kim, MSC and Fr. John Park, MSC on Feb. 2, 1991.
With the subsequent perpetual professions and sacerdotal ordinations of the Korean Members, the Korean MSC Section became a Region on April 29, 1999. They are present in Seoul, Inchon, and Pusan.

Fr. Jules Chevalier founded the M.S.C. congregation to proclaim the boundless LOVE of God in the face of the serious ills of the world: egoism, selfishness and indifference. He laid the foundation on Dec. 8, 1854 in Issoudun, France.
We see in the Sacred Heart of Jesus an emergence of a powerful "Spirituality of the Heart" which can effectively generate a true conversion and renewal in the hearts of those who have grown cold in their faith. 
In the light of this, in our various kinds of apostolate in Korea which include the following: formation work, giving of retreats, spiritual direction, parish work, promotion of justice, peace and unification, hospital chaplaincy, chaplaincy to foreign workers, and chaplaincy to seafarers, we strive to proclaim the unfathomable Love of God in and through the Sacred Heart, inviting everyone to respond wholeheartedly to God's call in faith and in love.

-- Fr. JOSEPH KIM Jong-kee, MSC (Ord. Feb. 2, 1991)
-- Fr. JOHN PARK Chang-il, MSC (Ord. Feb. 2, 1991)
-- Fr. PAUL JI Hyun-bae, MSC (Ord. Dec. 5, 1994)
-- Fr. JOHN HWANG Ji-youn, MSC (Ord. Dec. 8, 1994)
-- Fr. AUGUSTIN KIM Jong-oh, MSC (Ord. June 7, 1995)
-- Fr. BALTHASAR AHN Chang-ho, MSC (Ord. May 25, 1996)
-- Bro. JOHN CHAI Sung-gyoo, MSC (P.Prof. June 2, 1994)
-- Fr. MATTHEW PARK Jong-hwan, MSC (Ord. Jan. 30, 1999)
-- Fr. JUANITO JANG You-sung, MSC (Ord. Apr. 28, 1999)
-- Fr. DANILO F. CENIZA, MSC (Ord. Dec. 29, 1981), REGION SUPERIOR
-- Fr. RAYMOND T. SABIO, MSC (Ord. Dec. 20, 1971)

-- Bro. PAULO KIM Sang-sik, MSC (1st Prof. Feb. 1999)
-- Bro. THOMAS KANG Bu-cheol, MSC (1st Prof. Feb. 1999)
-- Bro. PAUL KIM Dae-seon, MSC (1st Prof. Feb. 1999)
-- Bro. BENDICT KO Moo-chan, MSC (1st Prof. Feb. 1999)
-- Bro. DAMASO SHIN Hyun-cheol (1st Prof. Feb. 2000)
-- Bro. PAUL YANG Sung-uk, MSC (1st Prof. Feb. 2001)
-- Bro. GASPAR LEE Sung-woo, MSC (1st Prof. Feb. 2001)

We share our Charism and Spirituality of the Heart with the Laity. Through a period of formation, the members become our MSC ASSOCIATES. We consider them our family members and partners in our apostolate. There are 20 members with Perpetual Promise; and 45 with First Promise.  They hold a monthly meeting under the guidance of Fr. John Hwang, MSC.
We earnestly request you, our visitors to include us and our MSC Associates in your prayers that our MSC Family will continue to grow and be of service to the local Church in Korea, and later on, also to the Church in the North-east Asia area.
Our challenging motto and inspiring prayer, given by Fr. Founder is:  May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere, now and forever. Amen.

(This webpage is prepared by Fr. Raymond T. Sabio, MSC)
AoS Chaplain, Inchon, Korea
His Grace, the Apostolic Nuncio to Korea, Archbishop Giovanni B. Morandini, JCD, DD presided over the celebration of the Holy Mass in memory of Fr. Founder's Death Anniversary on October 21, 2000 at our MSC House Chapel in Seoul, Korea.  After the Mass, "Plaques of Appreciation" were given to our MSC Benefactors.  Rev. Fr. Pete C. Arguillas, MSC was our special guest, coming all the way from the Philippines.
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