THE APOSTLESHIP OF THE SEA - INCHON, KOREA.    Catholic Chaplain:  (Fr.) Raymond T. Sabio, M.S.C.  
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The Apostleship of the Sea -Inchon  operates under the Rome-based Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People.  It is responsible among other things, for promoting and coordinating the pastoral care of maritime people.
The Bishop of Inchon, Most Rev. William J. McNaughton, M.M., D.D. has appointed Fr. Raymond T. Sabio, M.S.C. as full-time Chaplain of the A.o.S. within the Diocese of Inchon as of February 18, 1991. Fr. R. Sabio is a member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (M.S.C. Korea Region).
The Apostleship of the Sea will assist the Harbor Workers' Apostolate for a more effective and fruitful Christian pastoral ministry.

1) Ship Visitation
2) Holy Mass on board; Prayer Service; Blessing; etc.
3) Availability of Sacraments
4) Visitation of Hospitalized Seafarers
5) Counselling and possible assistance to emergency needs
6) Introduction of foreign seafarers to the Korean Culture
7) Sunday English Holy Mass at 4:00 P.M. in Tapdong Inchon Cathedral for the Seafarers, Factory Workers, Trainees, Expatriates, Foreign and Local Residents of Korea.

This Korean name means: "Harbor Workers' Apostolate." It is a lay association founded on July 20, 1988 by the then Diocesan Pastoral Ministry Director, Rev. Fr. Choi Gi-san Boniface (now, Co-adjutor Bishop of Inchon Diocese) in order to promote Christian life among, and pastoral service to the sea-based and land-based workers of the Inchon Sea-port.  The Officers and Members hold a monthly meeting. (Fr.) Raymond T. Sabio, MSC is the Spiritual Director of the Hangman Sadoho-e.

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In Corde Jesu Christi,
(Fr.) Raymond T. Sabio, M.S.C.
A.o.S. Catholic Chaplain
His Excellency, Most Rev. William J. McNaughton, MM, DD (Bishop of Inchon), Fr. Ray T. Sabio, MSC and Fr. Dan F. Ceniza, MSC with the Officers and Members of the Harbor Workers' Apostolate (Hangman Sadoho-e), celebrating the Songmo-e Pam (Evening Holy Mass for Mary) in the Port Area of Inchon.
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