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Kimball Family Genealogy
This site is dedicated to
William Lewis Kimball
of Minnesota and the finding and recording of his Ancestors and descendants. 
William Lewis Kimball & Della Elizabeth (Williams) Kimball
The focus of this page is primarily on the descendants and the ancestors of William Lewis Kimball.  William was the Grandson of Horace and Lois Kimball, and the son of William Harrison Kimball and Ann Elizabeth (Stevens) Kimball. William L Kimball was born at Ottertail County, Minnesota on April 15, 1882.  He married Adaltha (Della) Elizabeth Williams at White Oak Township, Akeley, Minnesota on April 6, 1905.  William worked as a logger and sawmill worker as his primary occupation, although he also had been employed at many other jobs such as farming, working on the railroad, grain thrashing crews, and he had also driven a stage coach.  In his later years he was an expert sawfiler and sawmill owners came from all over to obtain his saw filing service.  William and Della had nine children together but, July 11, 1941, they separated and Della moved to the state of Washington.  They remained separated the rest of their lives but never divorced.  William remained in Minnesota, although he did make at least one trip to Washington to visit.  William died at Bagley, Minnesota on January 18, 1960 and is buried at Park Rapids, Minnesota.

Adaltha (Della) Elizabeth (Williams) Kimball was born October 2, 1891 at Eagle Bend, Minnesota --- The daughter of Jacob Williams and Altha Lucinda (Roberts) Williams --- Della died November 14, 1971 at Cottage Grove, Oregon and is buried at Grays River, Washington.

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~ The descendants of William Lewis Kimball - Revised
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~ The ancestors of William Lewis Kimball
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~ Kimball Family Pictures
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~ The family of Laura Luella (Harris) Kimball
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~ Harry Bradford Kimball
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