alternate cat and bat
Batman, Catwoman, and all related characters are property of DC Comics and are used respectfully without permission. 
     Welcome to the site dedicated to the coolest couple, the Feline Fatale and the Dark Knight! He's often thought of as a loner and she is a fiercely independent woman, but together, they are the stuff of legend.
     Throughout the decades the on-again, off-again relationship of
Batman and Catwoman has been anything but dull.  They have fought against each other, alongside each other, worked together, flirted, embraced, and kissed.  Across rooftops, she likes to be chased and he enjoys doing the chasing.
     Even without the masks,
Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne have also been romantically linked.  But, alas...always tragically seperated.  Maybe one day they can make it work.  Batman and Catwoman somehow seem...made for each other. 
     Take a look around and revisit all the exciting and passionate moments the
cat and the bat have shared.  Here's to many more...
Launched August 10, 2006
news & updates:
Caught in the In-Between by Abvj (R)
Dreams by Icharus_Chained (PG-13)
added gallery 16
Obvious by Goten (PG-13)

* Detective Comics #850 on sale Nov. 12
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