At the "controls" circa mid-1970's. . . .
Hi - I'm the 'Head Honcho" of the Cedar Creek and Western Railway.  I've been interested in model railroads and railroading in general since I was a young boy growing up in Northern Indiana.

My earliest recollections included "hanging around" the Baltimore and Ohio rail yards that was located in my hometown of East Chicago, Indiana.  For several years, my family lived a few blocks from the BOCT yard and roundhouse on the north end of town.  A short distance west of our home were tracks leading to and from the oil refineries in Whiting, Indiana.  In addition, there were a large number of storage tracks there that normally were quite filled with reefer (refrigerator) cars, and other assorted rolling stock.

My first railroad job was as a yard clerk for the Monon (The Hoosier Line) in their South Hammond yard.  This opportunity did not last long, however, as I was laid off shortly after hiring on.  I then went to work for the New York Central Western District as a telegrapher/operator, and for the next four years traveled from west Chicago as far south as Schnieder, Indiana on the Danville Line to Willow Creek on the old Michigan Central line east of Gary, Indiana.  I finished my railroad career as the regualr third trick operator at HC (Harbor Canal) Tower, which in addition to the usual block station/interlocking duties, had the added drama of being the operator of the massive vertical and drawbridges to allow lake ore ships access to the steel mills.

From the railroads, I gravitated to manufacturing lift trucks and engines for Allis-Chalmers Corp. and a more normal 9 to 5 existence!  Shortly thereafter, I met and married my life partner, Marilyn and we proceeded to have three boys within the first eight years of marriage.  Eventually, little league and a stint as Director of Frankfort Square Baseball League took most of our spare time.

After AC went out of business, we moved the family east to Dublin, Ohio, again in the lift truck business.  After several years, my carreer led to the conveyor business from which I retired in 2004. Currently, I am a volunteer at the
Hocking Valley Scenic Railway in Nelsonville, Ohio.  I also volunteer with the Columbus Chapter of the American Red Cross.
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