LAYOUT PHOTOS - 1970's and '80s - PART III
These photos were shot during construction of my next layout in 1986.  The plan was based on a John Armstrong track plan.  It was to be a large multi-level HO layout which was to occupy one-half of my basement in Frankfort, Illinois.  As luck would have it, the layout reached the stage these photos depict when my employer, Allis-Chalmers, announced they  would be closing our plant at the end of 1986.  My attention turned to job hunting and when in late 1986 I was offered a position with the new firm in Columbus, Ohio work halted on layout construction.
As shown at left, background sky is painted and some upper level roadbed in in place.  This layout was also open grid, "L" girder construction using 5/8" plywood and homasote board.
As shown at right, this was the engine facility and yard at Cedar Creek.  Note the mirror in the far left of the photo gives the illusion of more distance.  A hidden staging yard was located below this view.
Left, this view shows the lower and upper level roadbed and sub-roadbed and the line leading to lower staging.  Most of the track on this layout was Atlas NS code 100 flex.
Right, this view shows the engine facility from the opposite view as shown in the second photo at right.  The upper level trackwork in the background included a wye.
Prior to the sale of my home and relocation to Ohio, this layout too had to come down.  It was with a saddened eye that I took the crow-bar and saw to my work and piled the remnants of this version of the Cedar Creek & Western in my driveway to be hauled away to the landfill.  I did, however, donate usable pieces to some friends in the area who were in the process of building their layouts.
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