What's new at the Reincarnation FAQ?

What's new at the Reincarnation FAQ?

Maintained by Richard Holmes

Because it can be a bit difficult for people to see what's been added since they last looked at the Reincarnation FAQ, this page has been created to record the additions made over time.

15 November 2004
  • The articles page was added a while back and now there is a link to Stephen Sakellar's audio and video interviews - including an especially good one with Roger Woolger, author of Other Lives, Other Selves .
  • 15 August 2003

  • Added several more past life experiences that people have submitted to the Past Life Memories and Experiences page. Add link to Jeffrey Keene's book Someone Else's Yesterday: The Confederate General and Connecticut Yankee, a Past Life Revealed which has finally been published (see the books section).
  • 12 April 2003

  • Added more past life experiences that people have submitted to the Past Life Memories and Experiences page.
  • Added a link to an article on the Baal Shem Tov, mystic and founder of the Hassidic movement and includes a story about his perceptions of reincarnation under the heading A Deep Understanding
  • 25 November 2002

  • Added mention of the Army of Mary, a sizeable Catholic sect which has fallen foul of the Vatican by pushing reincarnation, amongst other things. Also added a link to J Rainsnow's website and his excellent book - The Journey of Rainsnow: One Man's Past-Life Journey. This is a brilliant and heartfelt book, perfect for anyone who would like to know how much regression into past lives one person can achieve (ie a great deal!) and the insight which can be gained. Very well written and cannot be recommended enough.
  • 16 October 2002

  • Finally add several more past life experiences that people have submitted in the Past Life Memories and Experiences page.
  • 9 October 2002

  • Added new section on self-regression CDs and tapes available plus add another couple of books and reformat that section.
  • 28 March 2002

  • Added a new Bible verse analysis for reincarnational content - John 3 "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.". Unfortunately this doesn't appear to support reincarnation as many people suppose, though what it does appear to be referring to is arguably much more interesting!
  • 4 March 2002

  • Added a new question under Common questions about how reincarnation might work - What factors decide where people are born in their next incarnation?. Unfortunately this is getting into the realms of speculation so only a brief start is made here.
  • Added a reference to regressionist Anne Barham's personal experience with healing via regression question under Healing via Hyponotherapy.
  • 31 January 2002

  • Added a new section called Common questions about how reincarnation might work which was up until now a glaring omission from the site. Questions added here are "Are people supposed to look like their past life self?", and "If people remember a past life as a foreigner, why can't they remember their past life language?" with more to come soon.
  • Added a new question How many people believe in reincarnation?
  • 17 January 2002

  • Added a link under Books to Echoes from the Battlefield : First-Person Accounts of Civil War Past Lives by Barbara Lane - a well recommended book on regressions which appeared to uncover past lives in the American Civil War.
  • Added a link under Books to How to Uncover Your Past Lives by Ted Andrews (part of Llewellyn's How To Series). An inexpensive but very worthwhile book which covers the general concepts of reincarnation and karma, soul-mates etc and then goes into past life mediation, self-hypnosis, dowsing for past lives, and proving your past lives. (Rated 5-stars at Amazon.com)
  • Added a link under Books to Children's Past Lives : How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child by Carol Bowman
  • . A memoir of Carol's discoveries after she witnessed past life memories in her own two children, and a guidebook for parents. Since 1997 it has been widely available in the United States and in nine foreign editions. (In 2001 she published a follow-up book, Return from Heaven, which explores cases of children's past life memory in the same family.) Click here for excerpts.
  • Added a link under Christianity to Christian reincarnation - the long forgotten doctrine - exploring the place of reincarnation in early Christianity
  • Added a link under Christianity to Reincarnation - The Key To Christianity by Allan Cronshaw Jr. The prologue to his upcoming book on the lost early belief in reincarnation by the Jewish followers of Jesus. Plus various articles including Did Jesus teach reincarnation and the pre-existence of the soul?
  • Added three new links to Civil War personal past life memory pages under Personal past life memories on the web
  • 22 January 2002

  • Added a section called Can past life regression be used for healing? as this is a significant aspect of past life regression which was only mentioned in passing in another section. More needs to be added here though.
  • As they were already mentioned, a link was inserted to an article by Dr Karen Ralls-MacLeod outlining what the the Cathars were all about.
  • Added links to the IARRT Directory of Professional Members for people who want to find a past life regressionist.

    Early January 2002

  • Added a link under Books to Swedish author (and former child-prodigy poet) Barbro Karlen's book And the Wolves Howled based on her sincere belief that she was Anne Frank in a past life.
  • Added a link under Personal past life memories on the web to General John B. Gordon/Jeffrey Keene - an Assistant Fire Chief's journey to discovery of his past life as a senior confederate figure - who was also involved in fire-fighting.

    December 2001

  • Added a link under On-line Discussion Groups to the excellent www.reincarnationforum.org plus some new past life web forums (hosted by Yahoo).

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