Past Life Memories and Experiences

How People Recall Past Lives

Maintained by Richard Holmes

People who submit experiences to the Reincarnation FAQ sometimes have used special techniques to get in touch with what may be past life events. Below are some of the ways these experiences have come through.

Reference#682 - Julia (see memories)
My own past live memories began entirely spontaneously. I don't know why except I realize now that when began recall as a teenager it had only been 20 years since I was this other person! Not all that long in cosmic terms. But because of those first memories, I began paying strict attention to my dreams, especially very vivid ones. Then I began to meditate, and paying attention to imagery that came during those times. Finally, after many years, there came the point when I would just "know" something! But that took a long time.

I am convinced that other people have past life memories, but ignore them. My mother, for example, told me that when she was a small child, during a life-threatening illness, she clearly saw herself on a ship. She could hear the sloshing of the water, and actually see the deck of the ship, the ropes, etc. She associated this imagery with a hubbub of people talking and fear. She was amazed that she could have known about these things when a small child. I put this together with the fact that my mom had told me many times of her fear of water, and inability to learn to swim, and told her that was clearly a past life memory. I suspect she was remembering a shipwreck. But she wasn't interested. Something I just remembered, too -- when was a small child, my mother bought a antique silver ship's captain's whistle and used to call my sister and me in from play by blowing on it. And she blew it correctly, too, as I realized when I watched a movie recently set on a ship. Can you beat that?

I would advise other people to pay attention to dreams, imagery during daydreams and meditation, and sudden, passionate, and spontaneous interests. People often have periods of history they are very interested in, watch movies about, buy books, etc. Or just things like my mother's buying the captain's whistle. Joining a Civil War re-enactment group. Things like that.

Reference#716 - Kerry
Well, it all started when I was a captain in Ft Riley, KS. I meet this woman who was teaching extention classes on hypnosis and past life related subjects for Kansas State University. I had a private reading with her. She told me about several past lifes that were effecting the present one. One was a Roman centurian (biggest influence), one as a Buddist monk, and one as a German soldier in WW2. She had stated that I had died in a wooded area of Eastern Europe around 1942.

I could take this only at face value (she could have been feeding me a line of BS and was a fake or nuts for all I knew). But this all felt right with me. I wanted to experience it for myself. So, the next session, she taught me how to do self-hypnosis with cyclic breathing (deep breath through the nose and exhale through the mouth. As I was lying there on the floor, she was there holding my hand and guiding me through this. Suddenly, I started getting very cold. It got worse and worse. I could barley speak my mouth was so cold. I didn't see or hear anything. All I felt was cold and fear. I felt as though I was dying. I was freezing to death. She asked me if I was seeing buildings and street lights. I saw nothing. She brought me out of it. She said that she had seen a European looking street. All I felt was cold and fear (this is why I believe I froze to death).

Later, I met a couple of other people who were teaching and giving regression sessions. We decided to experiment by having both of them use their different techniques of hypnosis on me at the same time. This time, I saw a clear dark night in a small rubbled village. There were burning vehicles and bodies everywhere. It was cold. I saw a halftrack with men lying around it. One of these men was me. We were dead or wounded and waiting to die. We knew ther Russians would be there soon and that they would probably kill us if we did not freeze first. I felt abandoned and as if no one cared of our fate to the Russians. That was it.

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