Past Life Memories and Experiences

Past Life Memories and Experiences

Maintained by Richard Holmes

While experiences suggestive of reincarnation are not as rare as might be thought, often people who have such experiences don't share them very widely at all for various reasons - either fear of ridicule or simply unwillingness to sharing something so personal. Although some experiences may not have anything to do wit reincarnation, I do feel that the common threads which run through these experiences make up a pattern which cannot easily be explained away as fantasy or wishful thinking. People often daydream about different things on a regular basis, but these sorts of experiences appear to be very different from mere imagination. For the people concerned, they are totally out of the ordinary - even life-changing. Whatever your point of view, they are definitely food for thought.

Submitted past life related experiences (sorted with newest at the top)

John (6-Sep-2007)
Around the age of 50-ish, I started to suffer a series of terrible nightmares, always the same, gabbling prayers and crossing myself aware of a black horror about to descend upon me. In desperation I went to a regression therapist who put me into light trance (cutting a very long story short). I found myself on an obscene wooden bench/table, bound to it by wide leather straps except for my right arm which I was waving back and forth, totally overwhelmed by terror at what was to come. I was praying hysterically. I then opened my eyes and said to Di, the therapist, "this is my nightmare !" She said "I haven't brought you round yet !!" But I had done it myself. They, the inquisition, were about to crush my right hand in a wooden tourniquet - I think for writing heresy. Anyway, I was wide awake and never had another nightmare to this day. As far as I can make out I was a young priest in the South of France, perhaps Provence. When I was recounting this to a friend, she started to cry. She was a healer. She recognised the story and had, as a young girl, been responsible for inadvertently telling the inquisition where I was. She had been my niece. She told me that she felt a sudden lifting of weight off her memory when I told her the story.

John (12-Mar-2007)
One day, in a woodsy Seattle park, I was pushing my 3 year old son along in his stroller. We seemed to be the only ones there. He was very quiet, but at one point along the trail he got out of his stroller and picked up a stick. He pointed it towards the brush and yelled, "boom, boom, boom!" This really surprised me, we didn't own a TV and were very careful about what he was exposed to. I had never seen him do anything like that before. I asked him what he was doing. He yelled "I'm booming with my boomstick!" (he was a sheltered child - he didn't know the word 'gun') "What's a boomstick?" I asked him. "It booms you and makes you dead. I want to boom those bad men that boomed me and made me dead and boomed my house and made it junky." I was very surprised at this point and he was very emotional. "When did they do that? When you were little?" "No Daddy, before when I was big!" His emphasis was on the word before. He tone suggested that I was not understanding something obvious. "Who were the men?", I asked him. "They were bad, bad men in blue clothes, Daddy. I hate them!" He ranted a bit more about the men in blue and then put down his stick and climbed back in his stroller. I was deep in thought on our way back down the path towards our house. Had my southern-born child just been yelling about Union soldiers?

He's nine now and has absolutely no memory of this conversation.

Kati (30-Sep-2006)
I have had a reccuring dream since the age of about four years old. My given name is Kathryn but I go by Kati. I have never liked the name Kathryn because of the reccuring dream. In my dream I am a child in a one room Irish school house that's held in what looks like a white church from the outside. Each time I have the dream I'm sitting in this old school house and right the date Aug, 23, 1825. I turn around and talk to the person sitting behind me and a nun named sister Kathryn scolds me for talking in class, pulls me up front of the class and starts slapping my hands with a ruler. Now...the people in the dream continued to change throughout my life to be people I know in this life...and I don't know who I am in the dream - my name or anything. All I know is I hate sister Kathryn. I am now 28 years old and have not had this dream since late in high school (so over 10 years now - of course I don't remember most dream any more when I wake) but I still think about it. I'm not Catholic...and at the age I started having the dream I wasn't even in school yet. And for that matter I don't even know if there were rulers back in 1825. My parents when I was a child if I got in trouble would always use my full name and I hated it. Kathryn just gives me a flash back to the nun...I seem to have this hatred for nuns even though the few I have met seem like nice people. I've joked since I was about ten that this happened in my past life. But while I joke to people, on the inside I've always wondered if it's true and since the date never changes and I wake up mid beating I wonder if I died that day.

Catherine (4-Feb-2006)
I have two memories that I believe are past life memories. I don't recall how I came to remember them as it was a long time ago. Both these memories are very short. I tried to extend them and remember more, but I wasn't able to.

The first memory I want to tell you about was probably my most recent life. I think this because of the clothing I was wearing-mid to late 60's. I was born in 1967 .

I remember I was a young woman standing in a cave on the beach. It was one of those beach caves that was very shallow-no more then ten or fifteen feet deep with a wide mouth. I was standing in one of those caves and looking down at my hands. My nails were done and I was quite attractive(in a typical sort of way). Anyway I was looking down at my hands and feet and when I looked up a guy was standing in the mouth of a cave and as I looked up..he lifted up a rifle took aim,,,and shot me.

That is all I remember. I have no idea who that was or why he shot me. I hunted around for stories of women found shot dead in beach caves in the 60's but came up empty. I am not much into newspaper archives though.

the other memory I have was much earlier ...sometime in the 1940's I think. I just remember looking at a calendar that said the date..and I was married but my husband was was a pretty uneventful existence I am gathering..but again I only remember a moment of it. This memory, like the other one was for about 30 sec.

Stephanie (31-Jan-2006)
I'm not someone who's ever believed in reincarnation or past lives, but I had an experience that makes me question my former skepticism. I've recently become interested in the idea of meditation, though I haven't gone very far in any kind of practice. One night I was reading a book about meditation, and had gotten as far as the introduction when I became sleepy. I shut off the light and tried to meditate a few minutes before falling asleep. My knowledge of how to meditate doesn't go beyond trying to empty the mind, so that's all I did.

Suddenly I saw an Asian army marching in formation. Everything had a sort of green tinge, as if I were looking through goggles. Then I was piloting a plane that was plummeting straight down toward a city. I remember that I didn't feel any fear or panic that should have accompanied being shot down. Instead, I felt a calm sort of bracing myself. Then I had the sensation of hitting the earth and going through it.

At this point, my eyes opened up. I immediately thought I'd just seen something through the eyes of a WWII Japanese kamakazi pilot. It was a very out-of-left-field vision. I hadn't just watched the History Channel, nor have I ever felt a particular fascination with that time period. When I studied history in school, I don't remember feeling a special pull during the part about Japan in WWII (though sushi is my favorite food). Furthermore, I abhor war and have nothing in common with warrior types. I am a 35 -year- old mother of three young girls, and I detest George Bush and his war junta.

Just this weekend I had another strange vision. I was lying in a tanning booth, severely sleep deprived thanks to aforementioned young children. I dozed off for a split second, and during that fleeting moment I saw a naval warship on an ocean. I had all but forgotten my first experience, but this felt linked to my previous vision.

I can't help wondering if I'm having some sort of past life experience. As I said, this isn't something I was fishing for; I didn't even believe in past lives until now. If I did come back, was it to learn compassion for the innocent people (particularly children) I may have killed? An interesting thought...

Jeanine (11-Jan-2006)
I am a 59 year old female, who was born & have always lived in the western United States. While playing in the fields as a young child, I would see rows of tents & men on horses in my peripheral vision. I would also hear strange bird calls, and smell wood smoke. It happened many times, and seemed somewhat connected to a particular weather condition & time of day. At age 10, I opened my US History book & almost fell off my chair. There were my men & tents - The American Civil War. From that point on, I KNEW I'd been a confederate soldier. I was a 'girlie' girl, liking everything pretty & clean. A male soldier was the last thing I would have fantasized being. Over the years, I had several regressions and remembered much more. I often 'knew' facts I'd have no way of knowing. Also more telling, were deeply emotional reactions to events having nothing to do with my current life or the area I lived in. Eventually, 14 years ago, I visited some of the places I remembered. I saw & heard many familiar things on this journey, including those unusual bird calls in the woods of Northern Virginia. This was very emotional and quite surreal, but also strangly liberating. I have never had a doubt about the validity of reincarnation. Even as a child, growing up in a religion that DID NOT believe in it, nothing could ever have changed my mind. I KNEW what I saw, felt, & remembered.

Reference#762 - Kris (10-Aug-2005)
I was nearing the end of Army Basic Training in 1986. We had already come through the worst of it and were more relaxed than in the previous weeks. I mention this because I don't believe my experience was some kind of stress-hallucination. One day we were in a cold air-conditioned well-lit classroom, seated in uncomfortable classroom desk-chairs watching a corny training tape on first aid. The tape played and the last of the three bandaging techniques demonstrated was on treating an open abdominal wound. Very corny; three soldiers in clean uniforms. Two soldiers stood over the third, who was on his back with fake plastic guts laid on top of his (clothed) belly. Very fake. Seeing this, I immediately blacked out. I had a vague/dark/smoky image of looking up through a forested area, as though lying on my back (this was the only image I recall). Someone was huddled close over me, not at all like the image presented on the tape. I felt a sense of great fear and danger as though we needed to stay low (overhead small-arms or machine-gun fire perhaps?) The person over me yelled something to someone else like "We have to get this guy out of here RIGHT NOW."

It was at this point that I felt the most wonderfully warm, comfortable wave wash over my body twice, followed by pins-&-needles. The thought then occurred to me, "You just died." Initially I was furious then felt the most sickening feeling of loss and remorse because I had just left a wife and child and kept wondering to myself ďwho will take care of them now?Ē In 1986 I was 17 and single with no children.

I then detected a presence that had already been there but had just become known to me, like someone speaking up when you hadnít realized they were in the room. This person or whatever, said something like, ďYouíre upset, but being upset isn't going to change this. (then verbatim:) Itís time to move on to what is next.Ē And we went.

Then there I was sitting in the classroom again and the tape was still running. Immediately I was scared because several weeks before a drill-sergeant had caught me nodding off in a class (and I paid dearly). I looked around but the drills were still standing along the walls watching for offenders. I asked the guy next to me if I had nodded off and he said he hadnít noticed anything.

Reference#730 - Phil (25-Jan-2004)
I had what I believe to have been a flashback about 40 years ago. After my first marriage broke down I was left to bring up seven children on my own as my former wife did not seem to care about them. I was ironing their school shirts (now I hate ironing shirts although I'm not bad at it.) when a most peculiar feeling come over me and I appeared to see a very posh shirt with a frilly front. I had the feeling that it was 1855. The sort of shirt front that would have really required goffering. I absolutely hated ironing that shirt it was my husbands best. All this shot through my mind in an instant, then I was just an overworked Dad ironing the boys shirts again. I must have looked peculiar for my youngest came into the kitchen just then and asked me if I was alright. He said I looked as white as a sheet.

Reference#729 - ? (15-Jan-2004)
My experience was as a witness to a past life memory. My boyfriend had an accident which resulted in a trip to the emergency room and stitches. The doctor gave him a mild pain pill and sent him home. As he was starting to drift off to sleep, a fly buzzed around his head. I knew that he had a hatred of flies but had never thought to ask why. Now I asked him "Why do you hate flies so much?" He opened his eyes and in a voice I had never heard said, "Because when I was out in the field shot and couldn't move the flies were all over my face and in my mouth." I nearly fell over. This wasn't his voice or even the way he spoke. I said "Who are you?" He told me his name was Billy and that he had been shot in a battle. He was very angry at having to fight in this battle because he did not want to leave his little sister, Sara. (Who I believe is his daughter now) Billy was shy and awkward and obviously not well educated. He had a soft southern drawl. Not anything like my boyfriend's voice. When he awoke, my boyfriend had no memory of this happening and got annoyed when I tried to talk about it. I believe that he was in an altered state and I just happened to ask the right question at the right time. I just wish I had had a tape recorder!

Reference#728 - Nneka (8-Jan-2004)
I was walking in my local mall several months ago. It has a sunroof in one huge area and all of a sudden amidst the crowd of people I saw this man who I'm sure I used to know in the 50's. He pretty much stopped me in my tracks because I knew he was on his way to bet on the horses (the location of the mall used to be a race track back then) and although he wasn't wearing a hat there in the mall among all the other shoppers I could see him as clear as day as if he were wearing the style of clothes of 1955. I was so amazed by this and couldn't stop looking at him. I even turned around to stare at him as he walked away. And what made it stranger still is that I'm black and he's white and I'm not sure what the racial relations of the neighbourhood were back then. Maybe I was a white woman at the time.

Reference#718 - Bev (4-Dec-2003)
I am a minister and was raised to believe that reincarnation was a myth. (I am also a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 5.) Around the 1990ís I began a research on reincarnation in the Bible. I was scared of the subject; therefore, I kept it to myself for a while. I prayed and asked the Father to reveal the truth me, as I wanted only to believe truth, and if reincarnation is true, then I wanted to know. I had a strange thing happen to me one day that made me believe that reincarnation is true. After much research in the scriptures I also found that even the Bible teaches it, but it was covered up by the translations.

Here is my experience: I was standing in my kitchen getting ready to prepare a meal. Suddenly I was a young man in my early 20ís. I was slightly over weight and tall. I was dressed nice, but not elaborate. I had a mental problem. I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but couldnít get my words to form.

A man entered the room and I was real excited about something and wanted to tell him about it. My actions frightened him and he stepped back away from me. I became desperate to tell him and tried to tell him again. My arms were going in waving motions and sounds coming from my mouth where not words but mixed up jumble. My voice was loud because I was excited and I couldnít control my voice like a normal person could. The man thought I was attacking him. My mother came up behind me and took my arm and pulled me away. She was talking in a soft voice assuring me that everything was fine and for me to come with her. My mother was red headed and spoke a different language than English, yet I understood her. I was so frustrated because even my mother didnít really know me or understand me. I wanted to express myself just like she did, but couldnít.

I could feel my feelings. I realized that I could think and reason, but I couldnít express my thoughts. I also realized that people that are mentally challenged have more intelligence than most people realize. I also had the feeling that I didnít live much longer.

All my life, I have had a deep love for those that were mentally challenged. When I see them, I hurt. I have sometimes even cried for them even though I have never met them before. I couldnít understand why until after my experience.

Iím glad that the Father has made a way to develop and find truth, for if it is in this life only, we are of all men most miserable. Surely each person has his or her on order and will all come into the pure light of truth; if not in this life, in the life to come. For more information about Biblical truth of reincarnation I invite you to our Web site. The article on reincarnation is found here.

Reference#717 - Michael (29-Nov-2003)
This is an unusual dream I had a number of years ago, that I have never forgotten. I dreamed I was a little boy playing outside a rough wooden shack. My mother who was cooking dinner inside, called out for me to come in. As I entered the shack, I could see she was cooking over a black stove, the kind that used wood for fuel. I asked her where Daddy was, and she replied he was working and would be home soon. With that the dream ended. What made this dream stick with me all these years was the fact that I am a white male caucasian, and the little boy and his mom where black. As an aside, a few years after this dream, I had the pleasure to work in Jamaica for 3 months. As soon as I arrived there, I felt that I had arrived home, and it was with great reluctance that I left that country.

Reference#714 - Marni (24-Oct-2003)
I have vivid short memories of a past time in an old house, near the coast of either the US , or Nova Scotia and of fog, and of a dress of the period.

I have recollections of Poland or Germany that do not make sense. It was before the second world war. I was born in 1937 ( this time). Somehow the word Beltzen stands out, and I just heard it the other day. except the person was talking about a place in Germany and I suddenly remembered this name. I both detest and watch some things about Germany as my husband watches the history Channel .I get really upset when I see the swastika. If this remembrance in true it would explain many of my attitudes.

While On Midway island 1958-1060 I had a dream or remembrance of being a Catholic nun where there were few Catholics in the mountains of turkey or some such country. It was so vivid. and I was a very good person.. the only color of while I ever saw was in the egg of a chicken. I wore a tannish habit etc. I think I was killed by the invading people .

There after I read in time or Newsweek about a nun who was made saint and it was the same story.

I don't and I would like to know, but you know life is complicated enough without tiring myself apart over this.

Reference#713 - Jeff (24-Oct-2003)
I have never told anyone this, but I have had what I can only call a past life memory. Some years ago, in a state of relaxation, I had a rather sudden and jarring memory of myself as a young man (about 20) in the early American West. I was engaged in a sort of unexpected duel with a friend who had become angry with me and who suddenly shot me. I remembered vividly the shock I felt at his action, and the surprise and sadness I felt realizing that I was lying on the ground dying.

Maybe it was simply a dream, but it was distinctly different from any dream I've ever had. I can't really explain how it was different, except that it felt like a memory rather than a dream, even though my body was different, and certainly the time period was over a hundred years ago. I can even recall the feel of the clothes I was wearing, and the hot dry dusty day. Oh, an interesting sidebar to all of this. I am a 37 yr old gay man, but in this memory I was heterosexual, and my girlfriend was there beside me crying as I lay on the ground.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share this.

Reference#712 - Steve (22-Oct-2003)
I have a past life remembrance of being a German officer (lieutenant) in the SS Totenkopf regiment. This all happened when I had gone out to a night club, and I was having a quiet drink with mates, when I was approached by a guy I had never seen before or had ever met! He said that he knew me but not in this life but another (I thought he must be an odd ball or something as I didn't really believe in reincarnation), but I listened and he told me we had met in a bar (I think in France/Paris) and I shared a table with him, he had been a young officer in the Wehrmacht (artillery) and he had found my past self a little arrogant and full of my self, he said he had not liked me at all, and he left the table. As he was saying all of this it was if a tv screen opened up before me and I could actually see the view he was talking about! So I asked him certain questions about what I could see (what colour were the gloves I had taken off, rank, and regiment, etc.) and he answered every thing correctly! I felt numb and staggered after this encounter! He also told me the girl friend he was now with was a woman he knew from the second world war past life as well, except she had been a prostitute in that one but he had fallen in love with her, as he had also done in the here and now. He refused to take my phone number or the offer of a drink, but spoke of alternative universes, he then departed my presence, never ever saw any thing of him again after that or in other visits to that night club. After this encounter with this stranger, I started to have vivid dreams about various scenes from this life, I learnt that my father was a government official (even before the war) and that he had become a Nazi party member, I had been in the Hitler youth, and then my past life father tried to get me a commission in to the other Waffen SS regiments, but it seemed I didn't meet the stringent criteria, and he got me in to the Totenkopf regiment instead. Then after passing my training, I worked as in an office (I feel was situated in Paris) I think I was some sort of adjutant to the high ranking officer in charge there. I also remember being dressed in my officers mess dress type uniform and being present at an opera hall/theatre, before the show I was having drinks with other high ranking officers including the one I was working for in the office (I think my past life father was also there). Once when going to work in this life (Had just got a job in an office for the local government) I was walking across the town square to work, one snowy morning, when the scene completely shifted and the surrounding changed to that of russian architectural ones, also my clothes completely changed to that of a uniform, it felt very real indeed, this shift lasted only a couple of seconds and it left me confused. Another shift happened on a bus going home a while after the other happening, i was nodding off on the bus when the hum of the buses engine started to sound totally different with the drone of a much larger engine sound and the squeak of the wheels moving like tank tracks would make. Other visions started taking place, and one scene was of me being in Russia in a panzer tank, and I seemed to know that i was in the Totenkopf 3rd panzer division, (I thought that the Totenkopf ss never had a panzer division, so I checked on the internet and it was revealed that they did!!!!) The tank scene seemed to be set around 1942 in spring time. I know I was about 22 yrs old when I died, the tank got shot at I think perhaps by an anti tank gun or something, but the scene I saw was of a burning tank, I know the driver was quite incinerated and I had somehow got out the tank quite badly burnt, and as I was dying, away from the tank I heard Russian voices and then blackness. But I also remember some atrocities I committed to (which brought on an asthma attack on in this life)! It was of a few of us in the panzer division, clearing out a village, and we had got out and we were shooting people (adults and kids in the head and laughing about what we were doing........sick)! But these visions/impressions are a lot less intrusive as they were before, and I think I'm back to live a fulfilled life, and to live my life to its fullest in a much more beneficial loving way than ever before. I am neither a neo-nazi sympathiser, or white supremicist/racist, (even though I am white of French ancestry on my dad's distant ancestor side) (I can't stand fascism either!!!!) and I have been a peace protester against nukes, I have anarch-syndacalist sympathies (a political philosophy that fights against fascism, as it did in Spain against the fascist Franco army) and I am married to a woman She is quarter Czech (whose grandfather was a Czech air man in the RAF during the second world war), I am not racist and am peace loving with a beautiful family! I would not like to be the person I once was! And my auntie married a Jamaican man, whom I loved a lot before his death, as i do my my uncle and aunties family. And I thought I was the only one to have had such weird experience such as this, I have not told too many people about it either.

Reference#711 - Rosenwyn (8-Oct-2003)
I've had several visions all very very real. I forgot when it started - a few years ago.

Now first one was: I was on the floor next to a rock, in front of me was a Japanese man in armour behind him was a pagoda on fire. I then saw my hand with blood on it, there was a women kneeling down washing my wounds. I think it was early dawn.

Next one was just a flash dream where I saw a woman with fear in her eyes - Korean woman I think. She had blood on her face, very scary. And also I was in a forest - there was a lot of Korean or Japanese soldiers charging on horses.

That's all I remember. I've had a lot of other strange dreams like that. Day dreams.

Reference#710 - Sharon (6-Oct-2003)
I have three experiences to share - Two recurring dreams and a multi-level progression experience.

As a young child living in Michigan of 8 or so years old, l had a recurring dream of a "snapshot" of a place. Nothing really happened, I was just there. I was in a small wooden rowboat in a lake with a lot of vegetation in the water - Trees grew out of the water and they had "hair" hanging from them. It wasn't until I first visited New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou in my mid 20's that I recognized the lake and vegetation to be the bayou, and of course, the "hair" was Spanish Moss. No bayou's in Michigan - no idea what Spanish Moss was when I was 8. I also felt a kinship with New Orleans - not necessarily the city, but the area when I visited. I have been to New Orleans three times since, but nothing was really familiar, just comfortable.

As a teenager I had a date to see the movie "The Thin Red Line" - a war movie that came out in the 60's. In spite of the fact that I was practically raised on the TV re-runs of old WW II movies from the 40's, I could not sit through this film. I was almost hysterical - crying - and had to leave the theatre. To this day I will not watch a war movie - cannot - without getting extremely upset.

Several years later I visited the home of a couple who described themselves as "Christian Spiritualists". They were friends of my grandmother, and lived across the street from our home. So, I jumped at the chance to go on a "multi-level awareness" session with them guiding me through a meditation. They played a cassette tape of the "ohm" sound and we all sat in their living room, me with my eyes closed and breathing deeply to relax. Almost immediately I had colorful visions of a brilliant purple "blob" that pulsated in front of my face, then moved off into the distance. No sooner did it disappear into the "void" when another just like it appeared in front of my face and floated off in the distance. After this happened many times, the purple pulsating blob came back at me and burst open to reveal a starry night sky and a big eye. This eye shocked me out of the meditation, and I "woke up". I told them what I had experienced, and they said it was rare to see the eye the first time - so they suggested seeking past lives.

In the meditation process, they spoke to me telling me to first visualize the home of my early childhood. To go to my favorite place there - I did - then to imagine myself rising high up into the air and then flying backwards. After I flew backwards a short time, they guided me to slowly land down to the earth and look at my feet, then look at myself and my environment. I had black combat boots on and a beige uniform. I was in a forest and saw a bi plane overhead through the trees, then a huge explosion of light. It went dark, and the next vision I had was a clearing, my perspective being from the top of a hill looking down at a large, red, wooden barn. I do remember being unsure about the barn - a hesitancy to go there, although it appeared peaceful. From this I gathered that I may have been killed in a war - and this would explain the reaction I have to war movies since I was a teenager. I am an artist and have a series of paintings about war. Unfortunately, there is always new material to draw from.

In my 40's I had a recurring dream that was more dangerous - twice the first night. I was in a city that I felt was New Orleans. I am alone driving my car or riding on a bus at night on a deserted street dotted with single story businesses, grey utility poles and shabby buildings that was either a shortcut or an unfamiliar road. The road connected to an intersection on an angle to the other more heavily traveled streets. Somewhere near this intersection I was outside of my car, standing on a concrete driveway in front of a freestanding wood garage. Figures emerge from the side of the garage - I am gripped with fear and I wake up. In the second dream, I saw more detail. The driveway was lower than the road so I drove down an incline to be there - and there were four figures and one had a knife. But, in my second dream I jumped away like Superman. I have found myself on that road many times in my dreams but not again in the driveway.

I don't know it all means, but it is fascinating. I am impressed with those who actually remember names and have real information to investigate.

Reference#706 - Joanne (2-Oct-2003)
When I was in my 20's I read an article in the newspaper concerning a woman who fell from a ferry . I commented to my mother that that brought back memeories of our experience of the woman who fell from a ferry when I was a child. She said, that that must have been a dream because that never happened. I rarely remember my dreams for any length of time and this was so real to me , I had thought about it off and on throughout the years , as being a terrible experience for a young child. I have never had this happen to me , before or after. We discussed it at length and my Mom assured me that this event had not occurred. In retrospective thought , I could see in my mind these events unfolding and realized that everyone concerned had , which would have been considered to be, old fashioned clothes on ( very old fashioned ), which as a child I had probably not have seen , or certainly would not have thoughts about. When the woman fell , her hat ( which was also vintage ), floated in the water. I remember people crying out and going to her rescue and no more.

This may indeed have only been a dream , but I have thought about in on and off throughout my life, and it is something that I have questioned. I am in my 50's now.

Reference#701 - Gordon (22-Sep-2003)
While listening to a live concert of big band music in October, 2000, I was absorbed in the music and suddenly the following images, impressions, and feelings emerged on their own.

I got the sense of being a decent young man about 6í0", who was born in 1921 and grew up in the midwest before joining the Navy after high school in 1939. A name, James Cochran or James Garner (not the actor) came to mind. I volunteered for submarine duty, maybe the USS Shark I (An online search revealed no crew records available for this boat, so no way to verify. As a teenager in this life I had a fascination with the Navy and submarines and read books about submarine warfare during World War II).

I get an image of going to a restaurant in downtown Oakland, CA in 1940, Travis restaurant? I sense being stationed at Alameda before going out to sea. As I continued to listen to the concert and the song, "Stardust," was played, I felt sadness, and got impressions of leaving a girlfriend, name of Ellen Reynolds comes to mind, to go off to war, after a last dance to "Stardust" in a ballroom. The next day, I ship out from California, and stop over at Pearl Harbor (USS Shark I left Pearl Harbor for the Philipines on 12/3/40). I see myself alone in another ballroom watching a big band play, while on shore leave. The next morning I would ship out and never return to the States. I get the sense of being the rank of seaman, and have a close buddy whoís just out of training and has a wife and baby back home. Later on, the submarine comes under a depth charge attack and everyone gets scared. I try to comfort my buddy after a depth charge goes off too close and water rushes in, the lights go out. (USS Shark I was reportedly lost through a depth charge attack sometime in February, 1942, near the Celebes). I feel the sadness of the families of the crew members who were lost, as well as my girlfriendís loss, which brings me to tears, and this was more painful than the actual death from the depth charge.

This spontaneous past life recall seems to have been triggered by listening to music from that era, and "Stardust" seemed to elicit a particularly strong emotion. The big band music served as a bridge between time, but I think your subconscious mind has to be ready and in the right state before this will happen, as I've listened to big band music before without having the memories come back.

I think this past life served to teach the importance of love for family and friends, not to take that for granted, as we never know how long we'll be around to be with them.

Reference#700 - Lori (19-Sep-2003)
My name is Lori and I have flashes of memory(?), dreams and things I can't label. In my past life I was married to an Admiral and I was very prissy, prim and proper. I didn't work, my job was to make my husband's life easier. He told me what and when I could do. I had no animals and lived on a base. We spoke English (don't confuse with American English) There were no children but I understood that I was to have children by this man. This is all I know for sure. I can't say whether I do or don't believe in reincarnation, but I have an open mind and have tried to understand. But nothing would come. I found that if I just forgot about it and lived my normal life, these sessions came easier and more frequenly. This past life is very strange to me because, I am very far from prissy, prim and proper and I love animals and can't imagine me with out animals. I also don't like children and will never have any. I live in the USA. I let no man rule my life, suggest and ask fine, but my final decision. But my brain tells me that if it were reincarnation, there shouldn't be any connection with past and present life. Luckily my husband is very supportive of my "past life" and encourages me to seek further answers to my obvious questions. He makes an effort to ask me questions and help me piece together. The era would be right, a lifetime for earlier than I was born. We have tried to figure out what countries would have Admirals and speak english. It will come, you can't force it. It is also nice to think about a future life, however common sense doubts I can have any control over my future.

Reference#699 - Doug (15-Sep-2003)
I have very little memory of my childhood. Due to family situations and other aspects of life I have blocked most childhood memories before age 5 or 6. However I have had a dream that I recall from the earliest days and the dream occurred at least once a month until I was almost 30.

In my dream I see myself carrying a very young girl into the woods. There I place the child on her side in the fetal position. Then I place a board over the grave. I can only see her, my feet which are in moccasins and the earth and a little of the surrounding forest.

Since I can remember, I have had that dream and for most of my childhood I thought that I must have done something terrible as a very young child.

I told my wife abort the dreams when we married.

Finally I learned how to do past life regression. Over a period of time I saw several lives, but of the most important, was the one in which I was a native American Indian in the south east US along the coast. In it, I had no memory of white people. I was what was called the tribe's "dreamer" In my regression I saw the village with women and children playing and working. I saw my self take a dead child with her family into the woods and bury her.

Then I saw myself go along the coast to a lean-to. Once there I was given food and drink by two older women. I then went into a trance and left my body. In spirit form I joined the young girl and helped her cross over. That was my role in the tribe or culture.

Since then I have never experienced the dream again.

As an aside, in my youth, 8-9 and up I often purchased chamois to sew up Indian dress, I new or was interested in dances and stalking animals. As I grew older some of these interests faded, but I was always linked to the eastern style of dress and life of the Indian cultures.

Reference#698 - Greg (4-Sep-2003)
Thank you for having a web site about reincarnation! I have been very resistant in telling others of my visions/and past life experiences. Most of my friends and family think I am crazy and anti-Christian for having these so-called "thoughts". But deep in my soul I know about several past lives that I have had. I have experienced the memories of my past lives through meditation, yoga, and visions. I have sat with healers who have showed me the way to access my memories. Since I was 7 years old I have challenged many religious thinkers. (and no I am not out to say that religion is bad, or not good, to each is his/her own belief). I remember getting kicked out of Sunday school classes for challenging the teacher and questioning the teacher about Heaven and Hell. I would often ask about reincarnation. My thoughts were that Heaven must be crowded if there is no reincarnation occurring. And of course each teacher that I would say that to, would kick me out of class. Most responses were fear based, as I think I caught many teachers off guard. Anyway, several years later I have had many pronounced dreams and visions about two of my past lives. I have felt, heard, and visioned myself in these lives as myself/them. One memory that I have is that I am a young man fighting during the crusades in Europe. I am fighting to keep Christianity going and I am the warrior to do so. I remember riding a majestic horse. I have a shield, sword, and the color of my armor is gold. I also remember that an Eagle would follow me throughout my battles, and often he/she would fly around me acting like a protector. My feelings during these battles is of much anger. I feel that I have killed too many people that need not to die. I have mixed emotions that I do not wish to kill these men and that life is precious, but I have this job to do. I wanted to be with the Eagle instead of being on the ground as a man. I remember my death. I was stabbed and I remember that agitation that I felt as I was in pain. I do recall that I wanted to die to relieve my human bondage to this life. (maybe I was remembering another life during this death). In this life currently, I have been told that I am an old soul. For I have been born under the Scorpion sign, and my aura color is gold. Many healers have seen this in me. Many healers have explained to me that this is the reason I am compassionate in my current life, and a healer in my own right. I have also accessed another life. I remember being a very young woman on the Titanic. I have seen that I had long, dark, brown hair that was placed in a bun. My dress is of dark blue and it's length reaches the floor. I have wealthy parents and that this trip was supposed to be a vacation for the family to America. I can see terror in my eyes, as I know that I am not going to make it. I can see the ship disappearing and I am going with it. I don't want to die tonight, but I do. I do have a peaceful death as I give up and relax as I will end up okay. I have had this vision and dream since I was 10 years old. This memory has been a difficult one for me to explain to others, as most people cannot believe that I was really there. I am wondering if most folks out there have had that experience, that as they explain their past lives, that others look at them in confusion, and disbelief?

Reference#697 - Lyn (28-Aug-2003)
Ten years ago when I was twenty I was standing at the sink in my new apartment washing dishes preparing to make dinner for my boyfriend who was coming over. I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and suddenly a plate in the sink tilted and splashed hot water on my stomach. I dropped the cup I had been washing and for some unknown reason I grabbed at my stomach. For a brief moment, maybe only seconds, I was no longer in my kitchen but instead I was a man (in my thirties) on a hillside in the middle of some sort of battle. I remember smelling smoke and the sky was grey. I looked down and I was clutching my stomach and blood was leaking out through my shirt. It felt warm, but it didn't really hurt. I knew that someone had come from behind me and skewered me with a sword and I remember being completely amazed that I had let my guard down and that I was going to die.

I was very full of myself, and I must have been a rather good warrior because I had never actually thought anyone would get the best of me. The memory of the ego of this guy/me amazes me even now. I died, and I remember feeling a great deal of annoyance at this while it happened--almost as if I'd experienced it before, and had known that I was going to come back again. I don't remember seeing a light or anything like that, just more of a feeling of being pulled away from my body.

Then, just as suddenly as the experience had happened I was back in my kitchen, holding my stomach and realizing that I had spilled water on myself. I was pretty dazed after this, and hesitantly told my boyfriend about the experience when he arrived later. He completely believed me because I'm normally very practical and level headed, and not into mysticism, crystals, etc.

Anyway, since that experience I've looked at life and afterlife in a completely different way. I'm still rather scared to death of dying because I sense that there can be a lot of pain involved - and I hate pain - but I'm completely convinced that I'll come back again as someone else (whether this is good or not I haven't yet decided). I now have a reason for why I've always been scared of other people holding sharp objects to close to me, which I always thought was a silly phobia. And I have a good understanding for why I've loved history since I was a small child (no one else in my family is interested) and swords (I use to play "knights" and "war" as a little girl, around age six, and make my own swords and shields, my mom thought this was strange and kept throwing Barbies at me).

Reference#695 - Hazel (14-Aug-2003)
I can remember when I was first two years old thinking what am I doing here? This is not my body - I died.

A smell of bonfire crossed with engine would bring the memory vividly back to me. I am small, I am not sure if I am a child or an old lady ( I am sure I am female) but I am lying in a bed in what I am sure is a gypsy caravan. There is a lovely middle aged women ( quite plump) and I have great love for her, and with her a smaller older lady. The plump lady is dressed with long skirts and an apron, her straggly but loosely tied hair upon her head. A fire is cracking in a grate. She feeds me medicine or something similar from a spoon and says to me " It won't be long now". She smiles warmly at me and I know I love her very much ( I do feel she was my mother and I am a young child), All goes black and cold.

I used to tell my mother of this since the age of 2, and she would say I was mad and to tell nobody else or they would lock me up. I didn't heed this and am very open in sharing this with friends. I have always questioned who am I? and feel that this body is not mine just borrowed but the essence that make me Hazel is still the same.

Reference#694 - name withheld (14-Aug-2003)
Hi. I'm writing this to you because it's like sending what I'm going to say out into the ether and I get to tell it but still remain respectably anonomous. (My husband and I share this e-mail and this topic really isn't his 'thing'.) I've had what I suppose may be a 'flashback' - twice. The first one happened when we had just moved to this house and I was cleaning out cupboards. A boring and monotonous job - I was doing it like an automaton - my mind very disengaged. Suddenly I had such a strong image of myself doing exactly the same thing but I was a different person - but me. When I say 'image' it's actually inaccurate - it was more like BEING that other self for a few moments before 'reality' brought me back to myself. This sounds so trivial and hopelessly inadequate - but I knew that woman. I knew her life. I know it was during the war. I had another 'vision' of her also. This time she was standing in a room that had lots of potted plants in it. She was alone and I could feel her depression. She was older in this one. It was her but it was me. I'm sorry that these incidents are so trivial but it felt good to 'tell'. You see these very benign moments had a powerful effect on me and they are now two small incidents that I often recall and wonder about. Thanks.

Reference#693 - Tom (8-Aug-2003)
I was b.1946, @ age 11-12 I started running away from home, I always woke up around 1-2 am for no apparent reason. @ 11yr.old I would leave home, my destination was just OUT WEST, from Nashville, Tn. I would hitchhike or walk. I did not know why, I was happy at home I just wanted to go out west. I did this about 4 times, and got as far as New Mexico, or Oklahoma before I was brought home by the law. @ age the urge hit me again , this time I hoboed on a train for about two weeks and got as far as Elpasso TX. At that the Hawshaw [RAILROAD] detective caught me, and locked me up for about 2 weeks. That was all that I did until about 14 years later. I just met a girl and we were going to leave Nashville, to start a life. We didn't know where we would go so I pulled out a road map of the U.S. and looked at it then closed my eyes and pointed. Well my finger pointed to Rapid City, South Dakota. So we were off. About 8 days later I was driving late at night and looked and saw buffalo. We were in Custers Natl. PK, and I dont remember going that direction. We spent a lot of time out there,

Now I will explain. In 1978 my mother passed away and in 1994 I got the family pictures from my sister. in the pics was a photo of John Frakes, at Fort Meade South Dakota. on the back it said Uncle John Frakes. I have never heard of John Frakes. So in the last few years, I have done the Frakes family research. I have found that John Frakes was my Great Grand Father. And he was at Fort Meade, S.D. and at Wounded Knee, the photo was takes at the fort in 1890-91. I now have his complete military history: the Indian wars from 1886, Spanish American war, Phillipino insur. war, and WW1. And he is buried across from the unknown Soldier in Arlington Natl.

You see we were never told abt. John Frakes, because he is not listed as the father of my Grandmother Pearl Frakes. Joseph Frakes, John's brother was. I have facts to prove this. Also John Frakes promised never to marry on his enlistment papers. Also John Frakes 4th g. grandmother was Naticoke Indian.

I have a lot of pics with John Frakes and we both stand the same way with one arm resting on something with our right leg crossed over. The pics of me were taken befor I knew of John Frakes. Also we both have a damaged little finger on our right hand, and many more likes. Now I know why I had to go to South Dakota. to tell the truth to our family, of who John Frakes was. I have found that my mother and Pearl Frakes stayed with John Frakes every summer. but no one in the family ever heard of John Frakes until now.

Reference#692 - Larry (13 July 2003)
As a young child, I had recurring dreams for many years, of running through the streets of some European city or village with a women. It was wartime and we were running for our lives from German solders. I was dressed in a uniform, later on I discovered was British. We were eventually were caught and murdered on the spot. I remember shielding the women and could feel the bullets enter my body. Many years after I was discussing this with a female friend who gave me a startled look, saying she had the same type of dream when she was a child. I have loved all things British, and when visiting London one year, I felt a sense of coming home.

Reference#691 - Millie (25 June 2003)
Let's see, I'm not really into Reincarnation, mainly because I don't know much and come from a Christian background, but lately I have been really interested, here's why.........

I'm 15 years old and ever since I was little I'd always look away into the horizon and wish that I could go far away, to a place far away from Australia, it was like a feeling of yearning. I was always really attached to Europe. After I had a certain dream (which I will tell in a second). I began to think that it was certainly not an English speaking country. Sometimes I can listen to the English language and not even understand. It is like I can hear English from a foreign person's point of few, this happens very rarely. (But if I want to I can will myself to do it.)

I had this dream of this girl, who I knew for sure was me, but I wasn't in her body, I was looking at her [me] from the outside, I was about 17-19, slightly dark hair or light brown, but not a too dark complexion. We were a very close-knit family. I had a father (who had a mustache), a mother (who I couldn't see clearly), and 3 sisters (I'm not sure if they were older or younger, though I think at least two were older then me, or maybe all of them were..................) I also had a younger brother who was the youngest of us all. I remember calling one sister a nickname, which was Titi? or Tity? Something like that.

The first part of the dream was of me smiling, my mother and sisters were all wearing white, my father a darker colour like navy, we were at a very nice place, which I am sure was home.

The second part was of my family at a different place. At this place I had a feeling of dread, although I felt slightly brave, and I was smiling. The place was cold, or cold at the time, we were all wearing warm clothes, though they were plain, they were also uncomfortable for some reason. We were all together, then suddenly I remember seeing me being put in a grave. It was a very inproper burial, even though I hadn't seen my death I knew that my whole family and I had being executed. My grave I think looked like it was in a forest or some kind of greenery of some kind. Not all of my family were put together.

I then remember floating away to an airport, at the airport I saw my current family who said, "Hurry up, the planes leaving." They seemed kind of rushed, then we left for Australia . The strange thing is that the dream of me being executed (as I can remember) was from around the time period of 1914-18. Yet if this really was really one of my past lives it seems as if I leapt from 1914-18 all the way to 1987. I'm certain nothing happened in between these dates in my dream. I just floated from 1914-18 to 1987.

Reference#690 - Frater Ego Esse (8 June 2003)
At the age of four, I had a remembrance that was very complete. I remembered that I was a German soldier in the First World War, and that I was guarding and area near the front lines. I left my post and went to the tents that we were staying in and suddenly I was knocked off of my feet in a brilliant flash of light and an intense but short lived pain. I remember awakening in a hospital gurney and a doctor looking over my leg. He was about to amputate, and had already put the saw through a portion of the flesh when I screamed that he was not to take my leg. I begged him not to take my leg, and Willed it that it would not be so. Though I was not paying attention to it, the sounds of war were all around us, and as I was praying to not lose my leg, the tent was hit directly by a bomb, and all I knew then was Light.

This incident had many interesting after effects on my four year old mind. In this lifetime, from the age of five through eight, I was raised in a Jewish home, and at the time of this remembrance I was staying with my Jewish aunt. (My mother was raised in a Hebrew home, having been adopted by a Hebrew family in rural Manitoba: friends of her estranged father). From that point on, for about two years, I could speak fluent German with my Aunt Effie, which was quite shocking to the rest of the family. (It became unused and eventually lost as I grew older, even though many phrases become quite clear).I showed a remarkable level of intelligence, so much so that they could not understand my inability to play with the other children for a period of about two years. From this point on I am entirely aware, remembering every moment through my life quite clearly, having gained twenty years of maturity. I read books that were far beyond my grade level, and though incredibly bored in school, passed with above average marks (the learning was quite below me, and everything was more a re-education than cold learning).

Since this time, I have been a practising magickian (ritual, not stage) and have learned to keep a deeper touch with my spiritual self. I am highly aware of the nature of the mind and its limitations, as well as the infinite levels of potential growth available to each and every person, when properly trained. I have remembered several excerpts from many different lives, complete conversations, relationships, and developments. Entire schools of learning are quite available to me, even though I might have had no prior training in this life. I have become an incredible artist despite my never having painted before. Above this, realizing that this machine body is not ďIĒ, I have learned to see beyond such mortal existence and am trying to develop a level of consciousness beyond that of the common mind. I have been lead to the path of Buddhism, yogic philosophy, ayurvedic medicine, magick, spiritualism, kabbalah, and many other mystical paths of enlightened awareness. Miracles have become a daily occurrence. Death is no longer a function in my life, in the lives of my wife or my children. It is merely the winter of our lives, and a spring to follow shortly thereafter. I take Joy in the Dharma of the moment, and wish the same to you, whether or not you remember your own yesterdays, or your own tomorrows.

Reference#689 - Rose
Several years ago, I had a very vivid dream. I was in a wooded area. Wearing a long black dress with some sort of a white apron or bodice and white at the cuff of the long sleeves. It reminded me afterwards of the Pilgrims. Like the Thanksgiving people :-) I had a little girl with me. She was all dresses in white. Kinda looked like sleeping clothes. She was very blonde and fair. About 3 years old I would think.

We were running from something or someone. We cleared the woods and were in a small meadow with lots of dried leaves on the ground. I looked over my shoulder and saw some men coming out of the woods behind us. One man who seemed to be the leader was very tall powerful looking. He had a long rifle type weapon that was fluted at the end like a trumpet.

I told the girl to run ahead and hide in the bushes. She started to. I saw her. Then the man raised the rifle and shot me in the kidney area and everything went black and I woke up. Interestingly enough, I suffer from frequent kidney stones and infections in this life.

Reference#688 - Tony
Several years ago after a argument with my parents, I went off in a strop and sat on some steps near my home. I sat there wondering how to resolve the problem when suddenly, and this is going to sound absurd, I was back in the, what I call, 'Robin Hood" days. I found myself peeking from the back of a tree at a group of people sat round a rough looking table. The colours and smells were absolutely brilliant. They spoke a language I couldn't understand yet I knew to be English. They were dressed in what appeared to be like a hessian sack like cloth, but very soft unlike real sack cloth. The colours of their dress varied from light brown through very dark brown, to grey. The sun was very warm on my back and the whole experience was very comforting in the sense that I knew what was happening was real and that I wasn't going silly!!!!!. The whole thing only lasted a few seconds, but It seemed a lot longer at the time. All this is true I swear before god. I think what I experienced was some kind of flash-back.

Reference#687 - Mark
I don't know whether I believe in reincarnation but I do have a recurring sense of having done something 'before where I am currently'. I do not have any particular religious beliefs.

This is essentially an Empire military 'memory'. I have a sense of squatting down in a large open savannah area in the sun on dry earth, perhaps north central Africa, perhaps the Sudan or Egypt, and wearing early 20th century British military uniform, or perhaps safari gear. I am carrying a rifle and my senses are on edge. I am either hunting people (in battle) or being hunted. I also have a great repulsion for the feeling of being held captive or of holding others captive and either of inflicting cruelty or having cruelty inflicted on me, (even writing this makes my heart race and generates a sense of fear/repulsion/questioning and physical tension). I am sure that I was imprisoned or imprisoned others.

The feelings associated with this are much stronger and clearer than the actual 'memory'.

I do not have any other clear or distinct 'memories' or sensations of the past.

Reference#686 - Jill
I read a few of the posts in your reincarnation page, and realized that I DO have something to share. First, let me introduce myself briefly: I am 52/Female currently living in CA, although I have lived in many states, Europe, and travelled extensively (military families). My dream/ meditation journals date back to age 20. My mother destroyed all my many writings when I was 13, a horrific experience which destroyed my love of writing for many years. I was abused by my parents in other ways - sexually, physically, and worse - emotionally. I am NOT complaining. My experiences have propelled me into understandings of my reality that I feel many folks are too complacent to explore.

My reincarnational insights occur in dream or hypnotic states. However, the "flavor" or "feeling-tone" of what I have come to recognize as *"other lives" is very different from my other dreams. *I prefer the term "other lives" to "previous" or "former lives" - to me, before/after is a time concept limited to physical realms. Time is simultaneous (again in my opinion), therefore there is no limitation to how many lives we may live during one 'historical era' such as the renaissance or the present.

The "feeling-tone" (have others coined a better term?) I've come to recognize on the infrequent occasions signifying other reincarnations is actually one of NO feeling or emotion. It is as if I am a camera, just watching. I have had similar dichotomy when looking at myself in a mirror, as if I am watching dispassionately over my own shoulder while, for instance, getting ready for work. There is no emotion involved in these dreams or experiences, which is in stark contrast to "regular" dreams, which I record according to emotional content.

The following scene (#1) is graphic. If you feel you may be offended by sexual and violent abuse, please scroll to #2 or click next and do NOT read. I have NO desire to offend anyone.

1. My first, a shocker when I awoke, was of myself as a male warrior in a command status. The historical period seemed to be during Mongol invasions of Eastern Europe in the mid 1200's. My invading forces & others like them, would overrun villages, pillage, loot, and destroy with celebration - no compunctions. A close friend in my present life was a co-commander, or of similar rank.

Unfortunately, the pillaging/ celebration involved not just destruction and looting, but continuous rape and murder. The scene in my dream was actually quite "short," and yet all this detail easily devolves off it. The scene - I and fellow soldiers are searching the rooms of a peasant village. I am standing upright while using both hands to rape a small child, which dies, and I throw it away in disgust to grab another. There is much commotion and activity, including the screams and begging of the peasants, yet I FEEL nothing except USING them and moving on to conquer more. Sex, victory, wealth yields no emotion.

I awoke with a terrible shock, and an already existing recognition of the connection between my life/dream and the sexual abuse of my childhood.

2.) I was a female dancer, using many veils and diaphanous costumes (pastel colors). The "dressing room" was very crowded, and the lesser dancers (myself included) had to wait for some sort of polished metal 'mirror' in order to check the copious kohl (?) around our eyes, & other makeup applied by fellow dancers, + finish preparing our hair and dress. My "inner" geographical placement was of an area that is now Pakistan or western India. [note - I am VERY attuned to locations. MANY of my dreams begin with hovering over map-like representations of earth, then zooming in on specific areas. Often, I will return to such a view to review my dream progress during long travels.] I got little in this dream to place historical time, but would guess 1500-1600AD.

3.) I am a 'virgin' priestess in an early Egyptian temple of Isis. The healing priest and I have a torrid love affair, and he 'magically' restores my virginity before leaving my bed after each tryst. During these dreams (I have had several), I felt NO emotional attachment, but felt great longing upon awakening and recording them. I think the time period was about 300BC -100AD??

Reference#684 - Keitha
About eight years ago, I began having this recurring dream. Personally for me, anytime I dream I always imagine me as me...Keitha. The person who I am today. I've never seen myself any different in a dream. But this dream I had I was in a totally different body. I was a Spanish lady of modest means. It was right around 1865, was the feeling I had. Oddly enough, the body and person I was "in" didn't seem foreign to me at all. This character, this Spanish lady felt like me too. But I was feeling like I was me (now, Keitha) watching me (Spanish lady). I was living in modest dwellings near a river. Our entire community had be ravished by disease, which disease I can't be too sure. My entire family had been wiped out other than my youngest which was still a baby. Not all of the dream was totally clear on every detail, but I promise this is exactly what I do remember. My baby was sick further on into the dream and the baby died in my arms. After that I burst into tears and decided I was ready to die. With my dead baby still in my arms I went to the river and drowned. In this life, I now have pretty tough problems with breathing. I have asthma, strong allergies, and I wake my husband up now (without knowing it) breathing really strangely & loudly. Nobody else has noticed this behavior, but he's the only person I've ever really shared a bed with. I had this recurring dream over the course of a few months about 8 years ago when I was 16. The funny thing is at that time I was totally baffled by the dream. At that time I was extremely involved with the Freewill Baptist Church I attended and wouldn't even consider the thought of reincarnation. I'm older now and my ideas about, well, the universe have changed dramatically. Looking back, I wonder if that was a recall of a past life.

Reference#683 - Gabrielle
For many years as far back as I can remember and as late as 15 years ago (I am 56 years old), I had a recurring dream of me around age 3 to 4 years old sitting on a front stoop of a house. There were black iron railings on one side. I would sit on the stairs by myself, and the ocean waters, like a tide would come up and surround me. I felt very lonely and scared. I was born and lived near Stuttgart, Germany, and there is no ocean near there. I am also afraid of water. I could never learn how to swim, I always felt like I couldnít catch my breath and would get heart palpitations.

Reference#682 - Julia
I enjoyed reading about the past life experiences of other people. I began remember several past lives when I was a teenager -- I am 52 now. Some came first as sleeping dreams, only very vivid and real, and some as waking visions.

I remember living in a place where the snow was very deep. I see paths cut into the deep, frozen snow, and little huts made of brown planks. They are arranged around a frozen lake, and it is night-time, but we are all awake. I can hear voices out on the snow echoing in the cold air. I go around a hut, and can see the narrow, flat, horizontally laid planks that it is made of. To my right there are steps cut into the ice down into a sort of underground room cut entirely out of the ice. The room is full of big frozen fish stacked like cordwood. I believe they are codfish. In a later vision, I saw myself dressed in Laplander costume, a red hat and fur trimmed coat. I see a big wagon with wooden wheels, pulled by two hairy oxen, and what seem to be thousands of reindeer! I knew that my husband in this life was there with me. I got a book about Lapland, and just looking at the pictures I knew what we wore and where I lived. The book showed lacy aprons and caps, and I knew I didn't wear those. The missionaries made us wear those. The book said that the Lapps of the Kola peninsula in Russia fished for cod and built little houses on stilts that sat on the lake to fish from. Later, in National Geographic, I saw an article about Lapland in which codfish were stored in rooms cut into the permafrost! Exactly what I saw in my dream.

My most vivid past life memory is of my most recent past life, a lady from India. I know that I lived in England part of the time, and went to South Africa. I also remember other people I knew in that life, and I know who they are in this life: my husband now was a dear friend in that life, an Englishman, whom I loved but did not marry. I know who my husband in that life was too, another good friend in this life. I have seen myself in a vivid dream, in a bright red and gold sari, with a red spot on my brow, dressed for my wedding. I know I was very patriotic and loved my country, and had something to do with its independence from England. I wrote poems and knew artistic people, just as I do in this life. I believe I was present at the funeral of Gandhi. I remember the flames on the river, many yellow and orange flowers, and a multitude of people surrounding the river. I remember my feelings: somehow concerned that certain ceremonies be properly conducted for the great man. This is all very clear, as if it were simply an extension of this present life, which I believe began very shortly after my death in that life.

I know this is hard to believe, but I even remember my name, or rather my nickname. I remember having a car wreck in a t-model ford, and my intense fear! I remember being refused admittance to a large museum in London because I was not white, and my horrible humiliation.

And I remember bits of other lives. I am an artist, and the first time I ever painted on a wall I knew positively that I had done this before. I remember the coolness of the plaster against my hand, and how smooth it was. I have seen flashes of ancient Egypt and Mexico (amazing how bright and shiny everything was - color and flowers and feathers everywhere.)

Reference#680 - Anna
I'm a 21 year old woman, who migrated to the United States from Russia in the early 90's. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been having these horrifying dreams that I was in WWII, when the Nazis invaded Russia in the 1940's. Almost every dream I had was different, but I vividly remember being a little girl, with a family, mother, father, brother, etc. While the war was going on we were on the run, trying to get away from the Nazis. I remember being hungry, and really dirty, and I could smell the burning barns that the Germans burned down. At the end of every dream I remember that we were caught by the Nazis, and they killed us all, execution style. I still get those dreams every now and then, and when I die, I wake up from it. I don't know what it all means, all I know is that it felt real, it seemed real, I could hear the Nazis talking in German, and I definitely remember when the bullet penetrated my head. It's almost as if I lived another life, but can it be that I was reincarnated? I hope I get some answers one day.

Reference#675 - Barbara
Hi from Australia. When I was 11 years old, and living in an era when Asians were prohibited from migrating to Australia, with the result that we never saw anyone from that region of the world, I had this sudden, overwhelming belief that I actually WAS Chinese! It happened in the classroom during some boring lesson, and I was flooded with this conviction. After that, I wore Chinese clothes at every opportunity, taught myself to eat with chopsticks, and went to the public library every Saturday to teach myself the language. A couple of years afterwards, a Chinese who got into Australia by marrying an Aussie, taught me the spoken language - except that I felt it was more of a recovering of language rather than learning it, and I felt inexpressibly happy whilst speaking it. It only took a month before I was constructing fluent sentences.This conviction of being Chinese lasted 24 hours a day for several years. Occasionally I had "flashes" of peasant life in China, and knew that once I had led a very impoverished rural existence as a woman. The time period seems to be in the 1920s-1940s and I have a strong hunch that I was killed by the invading Japanese. Interestingly, I have three large moles aligned in an almost straight vertical row on my back. In Buddhism, it is believed that the wounds causing death can leave imprints for the body to inherit in the next existence. Just a thought....

I also have flashes of life as a man in ancient Rome, and of my father helping me to don my first toga. Interestingly, from the time I started school, I had always chosen Italians only as my school chums, and later, as an adult when I visited Rome, I felt a sense of home-coming.

The other experience was when I saw "Barry Lyndon" - Stanley Kubrick's gorgeous re-creation of 18th century life, and I remember vividly the jolt I received when the film was first released - as though a memory was struggling to the surface. I had always adored the harpsichord, and the clothes and architecture of the mid to later 1700s, and this film re-activated that love with a vengeance. Imagine my astonishment, years later when I consulted a wise woman about something quite unrelated for the first time, she informed me that I had died in the mid 18th century shortly after childbirth, and that I had been young and....ITALIAN!!!! There was more stuff, but that's the main point. Interesting isn't it?

An acquaintance told me today that she had a flashback of being a baby in a tepee, calling out for her mother to return from whatever task she was doing. She said she vividly heard herself speaking in an unknown tongue, and later found that her words were Cherokee, and the Indian who translated it said that she had been saying "Come back, mother, I'm lonely without you." Astonishing, don't you think? Regards from Barbara.

Reference#673 - Greg
I'd like to share a "memory" that I believe is from a past life.

When I was a young boy, I recurrently had a dreamlike experience which was unlike any other dream. It would always occur when I was in the state between sleep and wakefulness, after I had just started to open my eyes. The memory was very vivid and intense. I am playing pool in what seems to be a bar or tavern when something absolutely intense and frightening happens to me. I am flooded with emotions unlike any others I have ever experienced. It seems to be fear primarily, but with a strong physical component in it. And that's it. I believe I was either murdered or viciously attacked from behind, but this is adding an interpretation. I haven't had this experience since I was about 11 years old, but I remember having it many times from about age 6 to age 11.

Reference#672 - Laura
...this is kind of _strange_ for me to say this, as I'm not really _sure_ it was a "past life" thing... ...the image was so vague, and very brief... just a flash, really.

I was talking to my sister one day, standing there staring at my feet. And, for some reason something was said about how painful it must be to have your knee shattered... and when that was said, I saw myself in a soldier's (gray?) uniform, holding a gun in my right hand... then, my left knee is hit by something and is shattered... the pain, while not as strong as when inflicted, was too intense and could _not_ have been created from nothing at all... it was like I was _remembering_ just how much it hurt...

this image was 5 seconds at most...

...that was a year or two ago and I had forgotten about it until a month ago, when my left knee started having problems... it hurts _really_ badly sometimes and I can't put any kind of pressure on it without some pain... sister said recently that serious wounds can scar the soul and that they can carry over (or something to that effect)...

Reference#671 - Mary
A number of years ago, I had a flash-back to a previous life. I was a young Jewish woman who was part of a group held in an enclosed courtyard. The only person I recognised was a small boy who I believe was my son in that life. He asked me , "Why do they hate us so?" I looked toward the building a saw a row of Nazi soldiers with their rifles resting in their arms. I thought they are the Nazis, we are the Jews and we are going to die. Suddenly, I was back in this life at the school where I had gone to meet my child's teacher. When I shook hands with the young man I knew he was the little boy I had just seen. The young man is Jewish. I am not in this life. I have had other flash-backs and dreams which I believe are memories of that Pl.

Because my religion did not accept reincarnation, my experience caused me a great deal of concern. After years of research and thought, I can accept that reincarnation is real and that it does not have to contradict my religious beliefs.

Reference#670 - John
Hi, my name is John and I've had a strong, strange 'memory' since childhood. It's very short, and in vivid color, if that makes any difference.

I am riding horseback with some men, and see a group of dark-uniformed men around some cannons in the shade of a small copse of trees down a slight slope from us. We turn toward the other men, and I have a feeling of exhilaration as we break into a gallop ... and that's all there is.

My gut impression is that this is a cavalry charge during the American Civil War, and the men in the trees are Union soldiers, which would put me on the Confederate side. I don't know if reincarnation is supposed to follow family lines, but my direct ancestors from that period were Southern soldiers. I do know that one was in the cavalry under J.E.B. Stuart in Lee's Army of Virginia.

Reference#669 - Sue
I experienced a "dream" on August 21, 2002 which I believe to have been a past life memory of a life of mine in Egypt. This dream was very vivid and I have read that this is usually a flash of a past life. I remember from the dream that I was standing next to a very large dark silver/metallic object that was making a "humming" noise and was shaped sort of like a ladies modern-day blow dryer. It also seemed to have hieroglyphics written on it. In my mind I knew this to be what people have called "anti-gravity machines". I could also hear men next to me talking, although I don't remember seeing them, saying that the hieroglyphics were poetry that people must learn about people from other worlds coming down to this world, strangely enough. About two weeks after I had this dream I was scanning through a book by Charles Berlitz called The Bermuda Triangle. Towards the back of the book was a picture of an Egyptian wall carving from the Temple of Hathor which showed two objects very similar, if not exact, to the object I saw in my dream. I had never seen this wall carving in my life, and never knew anything about Egypt really. In the wall carving one man is beneath a machine lifting an object, beneath the second machine two men are setting an object down, these two machines are connected by cords which run to a platform with another man sitting on top who is balancing an object in the air above his head without touching it. This almost seems as if these men are portraying the labor of what the machines do, but this is just my opinion. I have no reason to make any of this up, and I am absolutely not the type of person that wants or likes to appear crazy or foolish. I know this is going to make people laugh but I am very interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced dreams similar to my own. You may also post my email address so people may contact me to share their experiences if they wish. Thanks for letting me share this, Sue.

Reference#668 - Jill
Just wanted to drop you a note regarding my past-life experiences, as I've enjoyed reading your webpage so much -- I agree completely that hearing about others' experiences can be very reassuring when everyone you know thinks you're crazy for remembering a past life.

Ever since I was seven or eight, I've wanted to go to England. When I was nineteen, I was finally able to make the trip to London for the first time, and everything in my life changed after that. I felt as if I'd been down every street before, and instinctively knew my way around every corner of Bloomsbury, Holborn, Chelsea....When I returned home, I visited a hypnotherapist, and the first of my memories began at that time: I was a young woman in the 1780s married to an Irish musician living in an English country house. Encouraged by the first flashes of memory, I learned from books how to "hypnotize" myself through guided visualization; I found this was much more effective, as there was no one but myself to put ideas in my head. Subsequently, I began to receive very real, emotional images of that life: my husband dying around the age of thirty, how we met, the things we enjoyed together, our children, my brothers and sisters and parents in that life. I've kept very detailed notes and drawings of everything I've seen and felt, and now, sixteen years later, I know my name in that life and all the details have been confirmed via historical research, which is very satisfying, given I now know I've not been crazy all this time. And the more I've learned about that life, the more I understand my life today, the more comfort I have in knowing the things I don't possess now -- husband, siblings, children -- I did once have, and might one day (in a future lifetime) have again.

I've had 2 interesting experiences through dreams. I had a dream in high school that I was a little girl. I could tell that I was wearing a bonnet and I was outside somewhere cold--yet dark and starry. I could see my breath. I was saying goodbye to someone--I feel like it was another little girl or someone my height. I was telling the person that I would see them later, but I knew that I would never see them every again. Someone picked me up and I woke up. Years later, I went to see Titanic and when the scenes on the deck came on, I instantly remembered my dream. I'm pretty sure that I was a Titanic survivor in a past life.

I had the second dream when I was in college. I had seen Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront" and "The Godfather" but other than that, I didn't know anything about him . I dreamt that I walked into a hotel room where there were many extras from a war movie. The footage was on in the background. Marlon Brando was there--he was black and white. I lay down and made out with him for a while. Afterward, he got up and walked across the room where he started talking to some other women. A woman walked by and said "If you date Marlon you always have to know that there are so many others."

Years later, I was watching the biography of Marlon Brando. He was in a war movie---that's not that impressive. But an older woman--his ex girlfriend--came on and relayed how she used to endure his womanizing. She said "If you date Marlon, you have to be Ok with the other women" or something of the like--nearly exactly what the woman said to me in my dream.

Reference#665 - Patsy
I had a dream a number of years ago that was one of those dreams that was so clear it sticks with you forever. They say when you have one of those it could very well be a past life memory. I dreamed I was male, young and I seemed to be in uniform and hiding in a barn. It was war time. Had to be first world war as I was born in 1936 this time. I was very much afraid because I knew that the enemy was approaching the door and when they opened it they would see me and kill me. I had no escape. When they opened the door I woke up. It's as real to me now as it was when I dreamed it.

Also since my early teens I have been fascinated with England set in the time of the Kings. I have all my life read every book I could find in that era. I seemed to feel comfortable with the descriptions of the areas and life styles at that time and seemed to be more suited to the peasant type of person. I still to this day look for books set in England.

That's about the most clear one I can think of at this time although I have had other dreams as well. I have studied reincarnation for many years and have read all the books I can find about hypnotic regression. Books like Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, We don't die, Messages from the Masters etc etc. My first breakthrough that has been practically my bible for 20 years was all the books of Messages from Michael. Reading these books has made such a difference in my life and I believe that if you study and realize just what life is all about you can handle anything because you know pretty much why things happen and that nothing happens by accident and it will all turn out right in the end so you don't have to go through life being so stressed . You just figure every thing that happens is just another experience to live with and/or through. But as the old saying goes it will all come out in the wash...

Reference#664 - Jodie
Count me amongst those who never thought they'd actually tell their story to anyone... but here it is. I don't know if I believe in reincarnation or not. But one night a few years ago I had a dream that was unlike any dream I ever had before or since then. It didn't feel like a dream at all. When I woke up I had a profound sense that this was a memory, and not a dream. In the "dream" I was female (as I am now, born in 1965) and I must have been about 16 years old. I was walking in a park with my older and younger sister, and a group of people all in our age group. My older sister was dressed in a very pretty white dress, she was carrying a parasol, and she was wearing her hair up. This was a big deal to her, and I understood her personality to be of someone who always worried about what other people thought about her. She appeared to be snobby, but I knew she was insecure. My younger sister and I were dressed very similar in everyday dresses. We were about to walk down a long flight of stairs in the middle of the park, and there was a stair rail running down the middle of the steps. I suddenly got the idea to jump over the rail (like a tennis player jumps over a net). I did it because I knew it was very un-lady like and it would really embarrass my older sister. So I did. My younger sister often did whatever I did, and so she jumped over the rail. When she landed, she broke her ankle. The dream skips then to me riding in a carriage with a boy who was with us on the walk. I could never see his face clearly, but I knew he was my best friend, and that someday I might even marry him. My father was driving the carriage, and he was lecturing me about being too irresponsible and care free. We pulled up in front of our house, and there stood my mother on the front porch, glaring at me, with her arms crossed in front of her. That is where the dream ends. I have no idea of what my name was, nor any of my family member's names. I have no idea what year it might have been. What I do know is what our personalities were like, and that even though my parents were very angry at me that day, they did love me very much, and I loved them as well. There was something very unusual about our front porch. I was aware that my father had designed it, and he was very proud of it. I have looked in books and on the internet on occasion to see if I can find a home like it, or clothing like we were wearing to figure out an approximate year or location. My father was a tall, thin man with black wavy hair and he had lambchop sideburns and a moustache. He was wearing black pants, a black jacket, and a white shirt with an unusual tie. My mother wore her hair up, and she was a very plain looking woman. She was wearing a long grey dress, with pouffy sleeves. Our house was a two story house, white, maybe traditional in design. the front door was in the center of the house, with tall windows on either side, the second floor had three windows on top with black shutters. The porch is difficult to describe, but I know this dream is the only place I've seen anything like it. If you were in the air, looking down on the house, the porch would be shaped like half an hour glass. The front steps were half circles. There were tall white columns, and a half circle roof over the front door. I've wished I could find the house. Then I guess I would have reason to believe that reincarnation might be real, and my dream really was a memory. It would be great to know if anyone has seen a house like this one. I couldn't begin to guess on the location, but it was warm and sunny that day, and there were very tall pine trees behind our house.

Reference#662 - Ray
While on holiday in Arizona November 2001, we went for a drive through the Salt River Canyon. At one vantage point, we got out of the car to take photographs and I looked down and saw to my surprise that my arm was bare and encircled with a leather band to which a feather was attached. I am a healer and occasional medium and at this point my guide's voice said "Yes, you have been here before" and I later found out that it was an Apache reservation area. On another occasion, I attended a demonstration by a psychic artist who gave me a drawing of a young man. She didn't know who it was but again my guide provided me with the information that it was myself in a former life. At this point, I became aware that I was a very young German soldier in the 1914-1918 War and saw myself blown up. I also saw a young man perish alongside me whom I knew to be my friend during National Service in the 1950s.

I am an empath and have been experiencing greater and greater clarity through meditation and writing. I have a few spirit guides who have made themselves known to me gradually as I progress. Last week I was driving at night and was crying a little as I'd had a bad day. I felt a presence in the car with me, someone there to offer comfort. I tuned in, trying to decipher who was with me, thinking perhaps it was Isobel, one of my spirit companions. I felt, however, that this presence was male. Suddenly, without really knowing why, I cried out, "James!" and broke into fierce sobs. "I don't know if I can make it without you." A physical memory of leaning on the chest of a tall man wearing a white shirt of rough muslin, open a little at the neck, flooded me. I instantly knew this was a man with whom I had lived many lifetimes, one who had offered companionship and guidance. The sorrow I felt at not having him with me in this lifetime was overwhelming. I knew instantly that I would not be connecting with him in the physical during this life. I have been experiencing a grieving process akin to what people experience when a loved one dies. It has been an immense help to have the information. I know my lesson is to learn to be active on my own. I am an artist and have many projects which I plan well, but execute poorly. I have had a sense of "waiting" for guidance, waiting for someone who will help me make my creative ideas into concrete realities. I know this was the role James played in my life, many times. This time, however, the message is clear: I am here to learn to do it myself. In my love life, I have felt a longing, a desire to "find" someone specific. Finally knowing who I have been searching for and knowing I will not find him helps me see each new person truly as themselves, not as "hopefully" someone else. It gives me the insight to let the old lifetime teach me and heal me, but not to hold me back from what is new. To James, and to others who are with us, I offer my love.

Reference#657 - Colleen
For a few months now, I have been having dreams/visions about a man who comes to take me travelling out of body. One time he actually succeeded in getting me out of body, but I resisted, because I was afraid.

A few days ago, my best friend was doing chakra therapy on me, and she placed the healing stones on the 7 chakras,. My 3rd and 6th chakras got very, very, warm, as she swung her pendulum over me. While she was doing this, I had a feeling that there were people standing over me, and she said she felt as if my guardians were present in the room. At that point, my whole body began to shake, I don't want to say violently, because it wasn't unpleasant, but I was trembling so hard, I actually lifted of the bed. And then an older man, who I believe is Japanese, came to me. I recognized him immediately as the man who had been coming to take me out of body. I also recognized him as my best friend from a previous life, my only friend. We lived on a very northern Japanese island, and somehow I know we are Japanese, but we don't look like modern Japanese, somewhat coarser and with harsher features. He showed me a boat we had built together, how we had been friends since we were little boys ( I was a man in that life) how the others in the village ostracized me because I would go into a trance like state and have visions. I was a rope-maker, and lived on the outskirts of the village. I never married. We spent hours on the boat at sea, and he showed me the day we bought a red sail and hoisted it, drinking lots of home-made wine in celebration (sake?). He told me that I was a seer in that life, and in this life I was blocking my visions,( hence the blockage of my 6th chakra) because of fear of rejection. He also told me he would protect me as he had always done. We were brothers, but not birth brothers.

I also remembered how, when he had died before me, at an old age, (we both lived to be very old,) his wife would not allow me to attend his funeral, and I was turned away by the others. I died of old age, very lonely without my friend. Thank you for letting me share! Colleen

Ever since my son was three years old or so, he would dance and sing strange (what my husband and I thought were nonsensical) words to his favorite Native American CD. The music was mostly instrumental.

At the age of six, while he and I were discussing our favorite music, he mentioned that his favorite kind of music was the kind on that long-forgotten CD. He said that before God let him come down to the be the boy he is, he was a a Native American - and that he had had to kill himself. Needless to say, it was shocking.

The next eye-opener was when he attended a frontier reenactment and was able to correctly identify all of the trapper's pelts right down to the marmot.

I recently spoke with a clairvoyant who said that he had indeed been a Native American - part of the Lakota Sioux Tribe - and has a very, very old soul. She said he did kill himself when he was backed into a corner because, to him, it was the only alternative. I've done a little research and suspect it might have been during the massacre at Wounded Knee, where the Lakota Sioux were betrayed by the Whites and either killed or captured.

Reference#655 - Patricia
When I was 8 years old my mother died. We had very few (approx 3) photographs of her which were put in a tin with many others of the family photos. When my son was about 4 years old I dug out the tin and was going through the pics which fascinated him and which he was scrutinising with great interest. After a while he came across one of the photographs of my mother "I know that lady" said Chris. "No" I replied "You cannot know that lady, she died before you were born." He continued to insist that, yes, he did know the lady and the more I told him that this was not possible, the more upset and adamant he became. Finally I said "NO Chris, you cannot possibly know this lady" He turned to me and looked me in the eyes and stated "Oh yes I do, Mummy. This is the lady who brought me to you". I went cold and was unable to move for several moments but could no longer doubt what my small son was telling me.

Reference#654 - Lauren
This subject has been of interest to me for some time (almost all my life (30 years old), actually) for many reasons, the strongest one being that I truly feel that I have been reincarnated and the problems that I "suffer" in this life are, I think, caused by my "baggage" from a previous existence - does that sound weird ?

I was born in Belgium and have lived in South Africa for all my life, so I have never experienced Europe in any shape or form. My suspicions of a prior existence were piqued when I developed a sudden passion at the age of 10 for Gothic style churches (style Notre Dame) - extremely strange as South Africa has none of these and I am not religious at all, so I could not have developed any knowledge of these - I have carried this passion still to this day, inexplicably. I eventually did visit Europe and felt completely lost except in France where I somehow knew where I was going (even without a map) - I certainly knew where all the Gothic style churches were (not having studies up on any of these, I can assure you).

I was born with a congenital heart problem and was very sickly as a baby - I was pretty much condemned to die as technology could only help me so much. My mother has also told me that they lost me for a few minutes during one of the operations (have had 4). I miraculously survived and got better almost immediately. The interesting bit that applies to you is this - in those few minutes that they lost me, I am almost convinced that the original soul that was allocated to this body "died" and was replaced by another - the soul of me today - DOES THIS SOUND REASONABLE, in your experience ??? I have always carried around a feeling of not "belonging"...I am carrying around a lot of guilt and sadness, although nothing in my early life would suggest traumatic experiences (no child abuse, parents still together, happy home life)...but yet I still carry around an almost excessive amount of sadness and guilt !! I went to psychic (for the fun of it) the other day...what she told me blew my mind - she told me that I am an old soul and that I chose my family and that I should accept it ! She said that she sees a twin soul next to me at all time as well. She asked me why I was carrying all this guilt ???? She tried to take me back (psychically) to the other life and, in my mind, I kept on going back to an old-style church. I saw a knight standing in the church and had the feeling that I was him and that I had killed (whom I don't know)...she said that I was here to learn to let go...she said that this was why my mother was cross with me...I also thought that I had killed my brother's soul somehow...

Reference#651 - Wendy
I can't believe I'm even researching this subject, because I have been raised with traditional Christian beliefs. This is not about me at all, but instead, my children. I'm the mother of 1 son and 3 daughters. They have all talked of when they "died before". It has always been before age 4 that they've spoken of this and have no memory whatsoever after approximately that age.

My third child actually pointed out a grave while were visiting the cemetery, a few years ago and stated, "that was me when I was a boy." I laughed it off, but still walked over with her and sure enough, it was a very old grave of a young boy. I didn't recognize the family name.

My grandmother died a few months back and I have been having a rough time coping the past few days. Today, my 2 year old informed me that it's OK, Mackey (my grandmother) was there to get her when she died before. This is a child that can't even get her own name out clear, but this was very clear. She said that the fireman tried to save her, but couldn't and Mackey was there to get her. She claims that they put her body in a car, but she didn't go with it.

I'm totally freaked out and don't understand.

I wanted to recount something that I had experienced when I was younger. When I was a child, I always would rock an imaginary baby, not a baby doll, just cradle my arms as if I was rocking a baby. I would only do this around my sister, or by myself, never around any adults. In my "imaginary" story line I was a wealthy Indian woman married to a person named Sudhir. Don't ask me why the name Sudhir. I remember being sad because I couldn't rock my baby anymore and missing my husband. Isn't that a weird feeling for a 6 year old to have? When I was young I was immediately attracted to anything on television that was related to Indian culture/India. I grew up in a small town in Indiana with absolutely no Indian/Pakistani people in it so it was sort of weird to feel this connection to India. As I got older, I often wondered to myself why did I have this imaginary scenario and to me the name Sudhir was so foreign, I wasn't even sure if there were people who really had that first name.

Reference#650 - Teresa
Hello there. My name is Teresa and I wanted to pass something by you once to see what you thought. First off, I have often felt as if I lived before as a pioneer wife. In the time of wagons and horses. I don't think I was anyone famous. I can't recall a name I used or how I died. As a child I would play "pretend" with my sister and always chose the name Jennie but never knew why the name appealed to me. I had no girl friends named that. I just liked it I guess. Well over five years ago, My husband started work at a local factory. I took him into work to drop him off and one of his co-workers was in the parking lot. I told my husband the mans name before we actually parked and he asked if we knew each other. He knew me as well, but to this day, neather of us can recall how or when we met. Even though we both knew very personal and detailed things about each other. (not sexually) We never went to the same schools or had mutual friends. He grew up nearly 50 miles from where I did. A female friend of my husbands once looked at me and laughed. I asked her "what?" thinking I had something on my face. But she simply said "you are a survivor. You lived before and Steve was your child." She held my hand and kind of freaked me out because she then said that I lived on the prarie and that I had 5 children. All boys. She then told me that I had met 3 of my children already. And that my husbands co-worker was my husband in a past life. That was why we knew each other now. What freaked me the most is that I never told her that I felt like I had lived before or about the man Steve worked with. I have never had a "flashback" or dream, just the feeling that is hard to explain.

Reference#645 - Lynn
At around the age of 9, I began to have strange waking "dreams" of being other people in past times, I might have discounted these as simple childhood fantasies, if not for the fact that they often contained accurate historical and cultural details, which I had no access to at the time, (but later was able to validate). Having lived a very sheltered life, with any suggestion of mysticism being highly frowned upon by my mother, somehow I still became a strong believer in the concept of reincarnation, at the age of 9, in spite of the fact that I had never heard of it, at that point in my life. Also, around that age, I became utterly obsessed with visions and images of a black stallion, and began asking for a toy that would exactly match the image I had in my mind, of this one particular black stallion. My mother brought home toy after toy, but none quite matched the image in my mind, I rejected them all, in great frustration, and often in tears. I felt I had to find that one black stallion, for no logical reason. Finally, my mother found a cast iron statue, that closely approximated what I was dreaming of, and then I was content, and no longer was plagued by dreams of this particular horse. Many of my "dreams" have contained images of Arabs riding horses, and I suspect this "stallion" may have had some important significance for me, in a past life. I have continued to have dreams of being another person, (actually several people) in what appear to be Middle Eastern regions, of riding across deserts on spirited stallions, of engaging in swordplay, and also became obsessed with pirates at about that age, as well, and read nearly every pirate novel ever written, to satisfy my obsession. (Many years later, I learned that the first original pirates, were actually from the Middle East) Strange obsessions, for a girl.

I have been practicing Meditation for some years. Eight years ago, around 4:00 AM I was in a trance. I felt I was flying over Southern France. Don't ask me how I know, I just simply know I know. Golden wheat fields were below me, the sun was warm, the air quite refreshing. Then I saw a young woman walking down a street in a city I knew was Vienna. She was good-looking, lovely body, filled with joy of living though worried at the time. She kept looking up to the skies while walking hurriedly down the street. I felt such a feeling towards her that I knew she had been me. Then I heard the noise of large planes, the noise of near-by explosions and saw a light in front of me. At this time I was one with that woman and saw the building falling hard on me. I knew no more.

I was born in 1954, i.e. 9 nine years after II WW ended. I have a deep attachment to German Language. As a matter of fact I started studying it 9 years ago and found it quite easy. I love Classical Music from Central Europe. Cole Porter is one of my favourite composers. Literature from the 30s is especially liked by me. I think this was my immediate past death.

I am a female who wishes to remain anonymous but will be open about very real past life memories. Since a young school age child, I felt distinctly as if I was a boy. I rejected dolls & wanted a train set (which I never got). As an adult, I sought past life readings, never mentioning this. In different occasions, readers that never met each other all said they perceived me as a gay male in the past! And I sensed my 2nd husband was one of my male lovers. I visualized a life with him in a past century in France, our first time alone when we ran for cover form a thunderstorm. I also disocvered why alcoholics were so prominent in my present life, despite the fact I don't drink: because I was an alcoholic passenger, killed in a car crash. Lastly, this also explains why to this day I'm afraid to drive!

Reference#635 - Louise
My name is Louise, I was in town one Friday, I was standing still when all of a sudden I went all dizzy, I felt my body go to one side, I remember closing my eyes and having a flashback, but I couldn't work out what it was at the time. So I thought nothing of it. I went home and watched the film The Mummy Returns - and a couple of days later I started getting flashbacks of being in a gold temple like the one shown in the film!!! Now I'm getting them most of the time, which is freaking me out, but the strange thing is I have to find the 'Book of The Dead' and read it but I don't understand why!!! I've told my Mum about it and now I want to go to Egypt's Cairo city museum to see if they have found it...

Reference#634 - Mandy
I was regressed by a professional nearly 4 years ago and although I could see 7 'doors' to other lives, we only had time for 3.

My first life was as a scullery maid in a large country mansion in England. My Mother was the lady of the house's chamber maid. As I was born out of wedlock (my Mother was caught out by a travelling man) the lady of the house kindly kept her on and I worked from a very young age. I made notes on my regression session and was able to trace the family and house through Who's Who.

Another life was a small holding miles from anywhere with my parents and sister and two brothers. Our home was log built and we had cows, chickens and horses. My Father would sometimes take me to the settlement on market days to help sell our goods. I was fortunate to marry the butcher who lived in the settlement. This was a really lucky break for a poor farm girl. I have not been able to trace this life but after the next life discovery I may have a starting point.

The third life was as a Red Indian squaw. This 'life' I doubted because from very young I have been fascinated with their life and culture. I was very old and had lost my husband and two sons in the fighting. I helped the young squaws with chores and children. Until a fortnight ago I didn't credit this life because I thought it was wishful thinking. However my cousin is having my maternal side of the family traced. They have found that a great great grandfather emigrated to North Carolina and settled within a community made up of emigrants and Indians of the Lumpee tribe.

My initial interest in after life started when I was nursing on geriatric wards and some patients had experiences that were interesting. After reading several books and finding out more it has been an interest for 20 years or more. I will be regressing again to follow up my Lumpee life.

Reference#632 - Linda
Lets start with the year 1920.. Everything and anything relating to this time period, I feel very close to.. Commercials, Coca Cola themes, Victorian dresses, furniture, and so on.. I experience this overwhelming feeling of great wealth.. Yet, I am just a "middle class" citizen striving to make it from pay day to pay day.. I feel like I am a Beautiful woman who lavishes herself in the finest of Victorian clothing.. Not counting the diamonds on every finger of both hands!!!! So, who is this woman that lived in the 1920's?????

Several years ago, I had a dream.. In this dream, I was stabbed 40 times.. Brutally, over and over and over... Mind you, I felt everyone of the stabbings!!!! When I awoke, I was screaming at my husband telling him of my dream when I noticed blood on my hands, arms, legs, and feet.. My poor husband was petrified and didn't know what to do.. He helped me into the bath tub.. I could hardly walk, I hurt so bad.. However, when I washed myself there were NO cuts or wounds on my body... I never bleed like that again.. So, where did this blood come from??? I was wondering if maybe I had been stabbed in a previous life...

If you have any suggestions would you please email me and share them with me? Where do I start to ever research something like this? I tried typing in: Homicides 1920's but didn't find anything.. Then I typed in Rich and Famous woman and still didn't find anything... I might add.. I told my Mother about this dream prior to her passing.. She was hysterical and told me she had the very same dream about me but in her dream all she could do was stand there and watch!!!! Since then, I have had other dreams of those who have since passed away.. They were alive and well... 20 years old, living in another world...

Reference#631 - John
I have always had an strange feeling when I heard a helicopter, this goes back as long as I can remember. When I was 16 or 17 I had a dream that I was a soldier in Vietnam. I was in a large "hut" structure. and their were people inside. We were trying to get them out because there was a battle going on. I was on a pole ladder, I heard a helicopter very close, I looked up through a hole in the roof and saw a helicopter crashing on the building. I was killed, along with a woman, and two kids.

I don't know if this was just a dream, or if I was reliving something.

I have been puzzled for years over "daydreams" I had as a child. I'm in my 20s now and the visions have stopped, but let me tell you about them. The first vision was of me being a fieldhand in some midwestern state, harvesting wheat or barley or something. The sun was hot overhead and there were other people in the field with scythes. I seemed to be a woman in my thirties who was harvesting this crop for money. There was a little shed with white peeling paint where the boss was, and he paid the workers for whatever amount of the crop they gathered. I always got a feeling of hostility from the other people when I saw myself there. I've lived in Georgia most of my life and never grew up on a farm, so I have no explanation for this memory of harvesting, except that perhaps it was a past life.

Another vision I had as a child was of being in a restaurant seated at a table in a corner. The restaurant was gold yellow and had brown paneling on the walls. There was a big window over my left shoulder and more windows behind me. Tables were set up as far as my eye could see and the doors leading outside were about a hundred feet away. None of the restaurants I have been to in my lifetime resemble this one I saw in my head.

The other memory I had, and this one was strong and lasted on into my teen years, was of me going into a yellow house somewhere in a suburb. The front door and steps were on the east side of the house and there was an iron railing. Weirdly enough, I sensed that the house belonged to an elderly woman and I was her. Yes, I sensed it was my house and she and I were the same person. I never saw the whole interior of the house, only the hall closet ( which seemed to be pretty important because I went back to it time after time) and the kitchen. The mental trips to this house became annoying but I seemed to have no control over it. I'd go there spontaneously and always stop at the hall closet and peer into it. I honestly believe this house exists somewhere in the US but I don't know where. All I know is its painted yellow and the front portion is facing east.

Reference#623 - Audrey
Iím 15 years old, I live in Iowa. Well, as for my "visions" whatever you want to call them, itís very vague, I have two, one of them, Iím very young, probably 5 or 6, and Iím, like, hiding underneath this table, a little table in a long hallway, itís white all around, and glowing with sunlight, I have my knees to my chest, and Iím wearing a white petty-coat type thing, with white tights, on top of the table is a washing basin, itís porcelain, and then I hear these older women...calling my name, but its not Audrey. Itís something, I couldnít really make it out...but I know itís supposed to be me. They want to give me a bath - thatís why Iím hiding, because I saw them carrying towels and soap on a rope. It looks old, and Iím dressed in older clothes. I know you may not believe me, because itís in such minute detail, but Iíve seen this more then once, and I remember the whiteness. I envision really bright whiteness in dreams and such.

My other vision: In Clinton, there is this house, on this little hill, above the road, and I swear I thought I had been in there before, I literally thought that I had been in there before, up until a few years ago, when I asked my dad if we'd ever been there before, or if we knew the people whom resided there. "No" he said, well I imagined being in that house, in a dim musty room, with books, and couches, a small room, and there is a crocheted quilt...I see something ...some sort of quilt, thatís like brown and orange, purple and green, yarn, Iím sitting on an older lady's lap, once again Iím younger, she has short white hair, and sheís heavy set, she gives me a doll, an Indian doll with a crocheted skirt, just like the quilt...I swear, I thought that really happened, I even once attempted to find the doll...

I was born in 1935. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. As a child I would have these recurring dreams of rounding a corner on a country road and seeing below a town. I kept asking my mother if we had ever seen a town as such, she said we hadn't. I was 11 years old at that time. Later when married, we were traveling to Winnipeg, Manitoba. We had to take unexpected detour and lo-and-behold there was the town I had dreamed of. We drove through it and my attention was drawn to an old 2 storey house. Of course, I got very uncomfortable and asked my husband to get away from that town. I had dreamt I had been an older man and somehow that man and that small town seemed linked together. I also have strong feelings of being a small boy in England, where I remember running down a cobblestone road.

I was 17 years old, bored and moping around the house when my father suggested I go down to the local museum - I did. It was an Egyptian exhibit. It was completely familiar to me. Later, reading a Reader's Digest about famous people in history, I nearly collapsed, struck with grief over the knowledge that Cleopatra's children were made to march behind a statue of the Queen through the city - then killed. Even later, I checked out a book on calligraphy, from the local library, and in it I was taken with a line drawing (artist unknown) showing a kiss between a man and woman, Egyptian style of side views. When I was 30 years old, I had a mind's-eye view of my stage that I shared with a male dancer (inside and outside stages) and of the audience that we performed for - Egyptian. The seating was according to rank within the society. I remember it was very important to dance clockwise and never to turn counter clockwise. I remember sitting near the ocean and thinking. A much larger than myself suitor would often meet me playfully asking me if I loved him until I said yes. Unfortunately, the king became angered with me during my obviously final performance and I believe I was killed by knife on stage. His voice rang in my head.

I don't know if this is some form of being reborn but I have places that draw me and feelings that I know I have done things before. I do not feel I were rich or famous but I have seen the picture of myself recently. When I was fifteen years old I saw myself in a large kitchen the walls were of reddish brick and there was a huge fire place; also lots of pans and a large bench, but solid underneath, full of food. I was sat in a large spindle chair. I wore a full black dress and my hair hung down my left side in a plait and I recall scrubbing the stone flags and how heavy my dress felt when it trailed behind me. Sometimes I feel as if I'm still in that dress when I'm walking, and at times I can almost feel myself being held. The name Emrys has always been in my mind and also I feel an infinity with Tudor and medieval things.

When I was little I liked to make drawings of girls with dark long hair, earrings, long skirts...the strange thing is that I never met women looking like that. Later when I was older, the first time I listened to Gypsy music I started to cry. It touched my feelings in a way I could not understand, and always I liked their dances and clothing, it touched my soul, and I never understood why. In the early 1970's was a film series on TV about Berlin Alexanderplatz, and in the beginning of every part of this series they showed the streets from Berlin, and I started to cry, did not know why. But my feelings became so strong of what I saw. Later on I read in a newspaper that in Berlin Alexanderplatz, was long time ago a place for Gypsy musicians. (Very strange)

Now to a very strange thing that happened to me some years later: I was sitting inside an underground train to the city. In front of me were two women talking Polish. Suddenly I felt moved to another time. I was sitting in an old train with wooden benches, I think, and I was lying down in a wooden box or bed...I do not know how to describe it. And in front of me were two women talking the same language. And it felt so real. I know I was not sleeping...and I'll never forget that experience.

As a child (about 8 or 9 years old) I had a sudden, visual memory of being a very old lady, dying in bed. This memory only lasted perhaps half a second, but was intensely vivid. It wasn't frightening and left me just knowing that I'd lived before. I thought it was just me, and I didn't tell anyone of it until about three years later when some older girls were talking about a TV programme on reincarnation that they'd seen the night before. Over the years, I've tried to keep an open mind about this memory Ė which has never recurred - and to explain it away as something else. I've told loads of people in the hope that someone would say, "Oh yeah - that's happened to me, too!" but no one has as yet. Perhaps that's why I'm writing this. It would be nice to know that there are others who have lived with something similar for most of their lives and I'm not the only wierdo!

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