Changing Gender Between Incarnations

Changing Gender Between Incarnations

Maintained by Richard Holmes

For people who have multiple incarnations as one sex and then change to another, there can be some difficulties adjusting. Some experiences are submitted below to illustrate this:

I think the first time being Female really pissed me off was when I was little (I used to know the drill commands and would get my mum and brother square bashing in the front room) and my father got fed up because he didn't like my mother joining in and yelled at me, telling me i couldn't be a soldier--when i asked why, his reply was "Because you're a useless GIRL!!!!"

He also used to get very annoyed that I wouldn't play with dolls, dress properly etc--I used to play football with the lads at school and he kept me in one whole summer holiday as punishment!! I just didn't have interest in embroidery and knitting etc--which in his eyes were the things girls did. I knitted with a hammer and nails instead, loved motor racing and tree climbing. My mum used to be a Tom boy, so she just accepted it!

I can't wear my hair long--it drives me nuts and feels wrong once it starts growing over my ears! I don't have to have it quite so short now, but at one time it wasn't far off the tradit. military hair cut--Ok except when little old ladies hold you hostage in toilets while another calls the police cos they think you're a boy!! And of course, all the people lacking an imagination who think that short haired girls must automatically be lesbians... I'm not but one thing I've been told is that my sex drive and that i get turned on by visual stimuli is very male--I also have a very dirty mind.

The worst part is understanding the species--i totally agree with blokes who say women are baffling! eg, when lads fall out, they have a fight, settle the issue then its done with: girls drag it out with catty remarks for days, ignoring the person, getting everyone else to ignore the person....then, if they stop sulking enough, the Cat Fight---WHY don't they just punch each other???? I find cat fights hilarious...And when they get 'in a snot' why do they not just tell the person they're annoyed with the problem instead of snide remarks or talking behind the person's back...

If I'm male next time, you could almost expect i'll understand women more because of this life--but i don't think i will, or not very much anyway!


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