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Hello, I am ReikiDave, Dave Scarbrough. Thank you for your interest in my online Reiki Master Class, "Becoming a Reiki Master". 
It has
been proven that online reiki classes work just as well as in person reiki classes.... yet are substantially less expensive.

Following is some of the information you will receive in the online Reiki Master class, "Becoming a Reiki Master":

What will this class cover?

1. You'll receive online instruction
2. You'll receive a manual to study when you aren't online (upon request)
3. You'll send assignments to me online
4. You'll receive attunements for the Reiki Master Level
5. Why become a Reiki Master?
6. What is the Master Symbol
7. The importance of spirituality and meditation
8. Meditation techniques
9. The importance of affirmations
10. Sound therapy, chanting, toning
11. Crystal therapy
12. Color therapy
13. Chakras and the Aura
14. Aromatherapy
15. How to perform in person and distance attunements
16. How to start a reiki business
17. Legal issues regarding reiki
18. How to advertise your reiki business
19. How to teach reiki and be a Reiki Master
20. What comes after the Master Level

You'll receive a certificate upon completion and your lineage. This class
is online, so you'll provide answers to quizzes and assignments online.

Feel free to ask any questions about "Becoming A Reiki Master", or about a free Reiki Level 1 and 2 class which I teach. Click the link for DS Reiki Circle below for details on that. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamballa Master, and spiritual counselor and can answer your questions. You can email me at And if you happen to be a reiki person from Ohio click the link below for details on the Ohio Reiki online group.

Use the link below to get started in the Becoming A Reiki Master Class. My price is far lower than most. Note also that I also offer instruction in alternative forms of reiki such as Karuna, Karuna Ki, and Shamballa. Email me for details.

"Becoming a Reiki Master"

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About me
  • Reiki Master Usui tradition
  • Reiki Master Sai Baba tradition
  • Reiki Master Karuna Ki tradition
  • Reiki Master Shamballa tradition
  • Yoga practitioner
  • Web designer
  • Certified hypnotherapist
  • I also do reiki treatments in Columbus Ohio at Serendipity Center and the Center for Wholeness

Contact me:

Dave Scarbrough

PO Box 14731
Columbus, OH 43214





What a few former students have said about their attunement:
(names removed to protect their confidentiality)

"Hi Dave, Yes I felt a particularly warm flow through my hands and heart chakras, as though they were pulsing. Over the weekend I was detoxing a lot, emotionally as well as physically. I had difficulty getting to sleep last night because the pulsing through my heart and hands was so pronounced. Today I feel much better though. I have been using the Power symbol over my water and on my hands before I do healing treatments on myself. I will continue to do healing treatments on myself every day."


 "Hi Dave, Thank you for the attunement. I have felt different since. I want to share with you what I experienced. I meditated for about an hour before the attunement. My palms started to feel tingly as I meditated. During the attunement my hands really opened and tingled. At one point my head felt pulled forward and I felt a swirling current a bit around my head. I don't know how long the attunement lasted but I laid down after a bit. I went into a trance kind of or something like a dream. I heard a voice coming at me from a distance and say something as it whizzed passed me. Then I saw a deer. It looked at me and came towards me until it was right in front of me. Then I came out of it. I felt a bit disoriented so I went to drink water. I have practiced the Reiki method everyday since." _________________________________________

 "Did not forget.... very interesting.... I was able to secure a quite place. got relaxed before hand. Tingling sensation in my hands, began to get relax more, with in 10 min I felt the same sensation in my stomach. at about 20 min, I was actually sitting, and slow rocking motion took place. Felt a warmth on top of my head , and brief head ache. the relaxed for the next 30 min. The next day, detoxing as if I had taken lots of fiber.... I am drinking lots of water" __________________________________________

 "Dear David, Yes, I could feel a sense of icy cold on top of my head/Crown Chakra... I could feel it about an hour-long and then the sense of coolness is start to evaporate. Somehow it always come and go. I read on some infos about the Reiki method and I tried to practice and when I do the meditation and self healing I can feel both of my hand-palms have a sensation like holding a Tennis Ball ! Thank you, Sir."


"Hi, my hands got warm, my feet did a little. I got a little light headed, felt sick to my stomach for just a moment, and weak or worn out after. My senses feel heightened. I woke up a few times last night( not the attunement), and felt a little tired today, but I feel like there's healing energy behind me. This healing energy is pushing me, helping me through the day. My hands have been warm all day. All The Best," 


 "Hi David, Wow! First, as I was going deeper and deeper into meditation, I could see gold ribbon-like light swirling around my crown chakra and spiralling downward through the chakras, out my feet. Then I became more relaxed and heat, my right hand especially became very warm. And then for about 20 minutes, I didn't feel anything at all, not asleep, just totally relaxed. A lot of healing energy around my heart chakra. And when I opened my eyes, both hands were asleep, buzzing, and there was a ringing in my left ear. Right at the beginning, one of my cats jumped up onto my lap and lay there purring away. She has a hurt hind leg, has been hurt for a long time. I could feel the heat from my hand going through her hip area, and then she jumped down. Other than that, nothing else occurred. Oh, I did see many faces ... I remember an egyptian, a woman shapeshifting into a bear, a native american, and someone ( a man)with glasses. Thank you very much. Blessings," _______________________________________________________________ 

"Greetings! During my Attuenement on Monday I felt like I was sitting under a waterfall, I felt as if drops of water where falling on me and going up and down my spine. I really could tell the difference from just my normal meditation hour and I can feel the energy growing more stronger now." ______________________________________________________________________________

"My hands got hot, left finger tips tingled. Got a headache over my right eye that extented down into the bridge of my nose. The paint went away and then 10 minutes after got pain over left eye. All "pains" and tingles gone, now feeling a mild detox."

Dave, It had been quite the agitated last couple of days type day both @ home and the office. I think that during the attunement that type energy was released and a more calm state seemed to happen. I also felt a water fall effect or like a shiver effect in my legs. I also sleep very soundly through the nite and really didn't feel like getting up this morning. I was very comfortable under those covers. ______________________________________________

Yes, I had what seems to be an unusual experience after reading your other students posts. I felt a brief warmth on the top of my head and then a sharp and shooting pain going down my right arm. _____________________________________________

Tingling in my hands and an overwhelming desire to curl up and fall asleep. Thanks a lot and I'll start my reading for the next one. I'm trying to get in touch with my spirit guides. Maybe they'll visit me tonight in my dreams! Goodnight. _____________________________________________

Tingling in my palms for about a half-hour. Best, _____________________________________________

David, Thank you for the attunement. I did feel very relaxed and i kept seeing dolphins jumping through my mind - they were beautiful. i slept very peaceful and sound. and ever since i've gotten up this morning, i've been really, really hot and kinda have a rash like appearance on my chest, neck, arms & face and they kinda have the same sensation as if my hand had fallen asleep and was trying to wake up. i also have had a nose bleed all morning and that is not normal for me. _____________________________________________

Hi David: Sooo, since you may not have gotten my response to the attunement... My hands got very very warm, my head felt like I had a head cold. Thank you, _____________________________________________

Hi David - thank you that was a lovely experience. I had lit candles and turned out the lights and put on a CD called Music for Reiki and Meditation. At first I sat with my eyes shut and the first thing that happened was my hands felt very tingling. Then it went into my feet and then my feet started to feel very heavy almost like they were attached to the floor - perhaps this was me really grounding. Then I felt this soft breeze go across my face (almost like someone walked by me) and there was a lovely scent to the breeze. I opened my eyes then and the room was dark except for the candles. I just got a new candle holder which is 3 angels standing in a circle holding hands and the candle is in the center. The candle light was reflecting their shadows onto the wall and it looked like they were swaying - very beautiful. Then I felt like someone touched the back of my neck and somehow I knew it was finished. I feel very at peace but also almost a high like I am filled with energy but it is a peaceful energy not the frantic type of energy where you feel like you have to be off doing something. _____________________________________________

Yes, I recognized the Reiki feeling in my hands and about everywhere in my body - my extremeties. I felt very relaxed and I was able to empty my mind. I saw light and colors with my eyes shot. Thank you! ____________________________________________

Yes, in fact I'm still experiencing it! About 10 minutes ago it was like I felt something hit me in the back of the head. I just sat and let the sensation take over. Incredible opening of my crown, heart and solar plexus chakras and also those in my hands and feet. ____________________________________________

I was in a huge cathedral that had several white candles that were forming a sort of pyramid. All the candles were lit and there was a man in a white turban and robe with a black beard standing beneath them smiling. He said Welcome and I noticed that there was also light coming from above like through a window although I thought it was night. My hands still tingle and itch somewhat and the solar plexus is still open. ______________________________________________

I only experienced a strong pressing current on my head and flowing as soon as I accepted. Around lol I feel more peaceful.. Nausa.. but I had that the past few days.. As soon as I reiki myself I will feel better. Thanks Dave. a another link in my path is fulfilled. ______________________________________________

Like I was saying I needed a tape recorder to record all the images that came to me in fast forward during my 2nd attunement. I asked them to slow down but they didn't It began Well .. I had been a little upset and my bling bling..attacked my shep.. mix Danny.. So I wasn't in a good mood. So i put the Cho Ku Rei and SEI-HE -KI in all corners ! for protection and the other for increased effect and I sealed it with HON SHA ZE SHO NEN and Boy did Get Life purpose, vision and a change in attitude. Well I did Hado breathing witch calmed me. Physical; I was immediately filled with a strong current that entered my head and went out my finger tips and jumped out my belly.. It didn't go down to my feet. It happened again with less impact and there was another a few mins later. I awoke with a dull pain that was across my upper chest..chest Like a muscle ake. and the same on the back.. It was hard to raise my head. I was tired and energized. I feel that there was a lot of work done on my heart and throat chakras. What I saw; That I can remember. I saw several animals a elephant, eagle, dragons.. and I tried to find out if one of them was my sprit guide but things were flashing by... I saw a black woman with gray hair standing by herself., 2 different homes... a connected row house found in parts of Brooklyn, and a nice sprawling ranch, tables with object on them, people, very vivid scene of home interiors, urban neighborhoods, nature, it was so running through.. Most of the scenes were dark and some were very very vivid with lots of light. __________________________________

Hi David, I only experienced a strong pressing current on my head and flowing as soon as I accepted. Around lol I feel more peaceful.. Nausa.. but I had that the past few days.. As soon as I reiki myself I will feel better. Thanks Dave. a another link in my path is fulfilled. __________________________________

Dave, Yes, in fact I'm still experiencing it! About 10 minutes ago it was like I felt something hit me in the back of the head. I just sat and let the sensation take over. Incredible opening of my crown, heart and solar plexus chakras and also those in my hands and feet. I was in a huge cathedral that had several white candles that were forming a sort of pyramid. All the candles were lit and there was a man in a white turban and robe with a black beard standing beneath them smiling. He said Welcome and I noticed that there was also light coming from above like through a window although I thought it was night. My hands still tingle and itch somewhat and the solar plexus is still open. ___________________________________________________

Its kind of hard to explain but, when I have my hands in a position, for example, of holding a ball between them, I could feel the energy that I focus to be there. In this position(holding an imaginary ball in front of me), I can literally feel resistence between my hands. Once I feel the energy, I can move one hand inwards and feel the pressure from the energy on the other hand and vice versa. Anyway, I feel there is something going on there and wanted to try to use it as a Reiki practitioner to help others and myself. ___________________________________

Hi Dave, I meditated before the attunement, and I was having a hard time mditating. I would try and then I would have to move. The last time I looked at the clock it said 10:56, so I tried to calm down. I think I could feel when you began, because I felt calm all of a sudden. Like I was in a hypnotic state. It would be too difficult to move much, so I was in that kind of state. Then my body felt like a cloak of warmth or energy just draped over it. I only felt that for a second like if you would have dropped ablanket over me. Then maybe halfway into it, my eyes kept vibrating a little. I had them closed, but they kept jumping a little. I felt the most over the entire top of my head. It was just hot and I felt a little dizzy, but not enough to get sick over it. I kinda felt like I was in a dream state, but awake. I didn't feel all of this throughout the entire process and towards the end I didn't feel as much. Now that I have been attuned, what do you suggest about how I do this? I read that you should practice level 1 for at least a week, but I'm not sure of what all I can do with level 1. I also read in another book that after you have been attuned, you will undergo a 21 day cleansing process that your body does naturally. That I may not want certain foods or things, that my moods will undergo a change, and that my dreams should become more vivid. I don't know if I feel any of that but I did sleep hard last night, and I had a difficult time waking up. =) Thank you again Dave, and I will hear from you soon! _________________________________________

Thank you! Yes I did feel something. I sat in my chair with my hands in the prayer position like you suggested at 10:00PM, and played some soft music (Loreena McKennit, closest I've got to meditational music) in the background. First, I got short pulses of intense heat between my palms. That went on for a little while, then I got a tickling sensation around the outside of my hands, while still getting short pulses of heat. Shortly after that, I felt a huge rush of energy coming at me, filtering through my hands and going into my body and spreading throughout my body. It was like facing a strong wind and having it go through me. My hands tingled with a pins and needles type sensation, and I felt waves of heat go throughout my body. I started feeling strong pulses of energy in my hands, starting low and then becoming strong and steady for a while, then fading away, then starting again. My cat Merlin apparently decided he wanted to help. He jumped up on my lap while I was getting the strong pulses in my hands. He curled his paw around my hands and sat facing me. He's never done the paw thing before. Hopefully his *attendence* :o) won't have any adverse effects on the attunement. All in all, I was in meditation approximately 20 minutes. When I came out, I was pretty dizzy and my head didn't want to lift up. I rested for a minute, then got down on all fours to ground myself. I'm still feeling a little spacey, is that normal? I'm really looking forward to working with the Reiki energy, although I think for tonight I'll be better off resting and start my actual practicing on myself tomorrow. What an experience!! Thanks so much!! ________________________________________

Yes, I did receive my Attunement! It is about 40* here and I was outside in my tent-trailer. I was covered with a little warming blanket, so I can't say about 'warm sensations'..they may have come from the blanket. At the start, the hairs on my arms and neck felt 'electrified..excited', then soon after, I felt a pulsing down from my head into my neck and shoulders..gave me white flashes as it pulsed. At the time that I think was the end, I was flashing a male figure (white light) and then a male Indian with a feather in his headband flashed in front of me once. I saw his right side. I felt very soothed and rested until 8:30 when the cat wanted out and laid back down until 9:00...just in case. When I laid down (after the cat), I saw a few flashes of a very broad-shouldered man with long hair resting in a full-sized chair. Would that have been you? ________________________________________

Yes, I did feel really calm and spiritual. I couldn't move if I wanted to. Also, I was in a sleep like state. I saw things with my eyes closed, but it was too hard to focus. Then it was like I felt like I was in Africa or something. It sounds crazy, but that was the place I was at in my meditation. I didn't make it Africa, it just happened to become that place. It's weird, but that's what I felt. I was really thirsty also after I fell asleep, so I got some water. Then I slept really good ______________________________________

Yes I did, I felt some pressure along my sinuses, I guess that would be considered around the area of my third eye. When I first began, I had trouble staying focused because some of the muscles on face and around my eyes were twitching a little. I also felt "seperated" from my body so to speak, but this is common when I meditate. My legs fell asleep, and towards the end, it felt as though I was wearing a baseball cap lightly on my head, if that makes any sense. Thats the best way I can describe it. Coming out of it, I felt very refreshed and a little disoriented. Other than that, I feel great, I have been under some stress lately and I know I needed this to straighten me out and get focused again mentally. __________________________________________________

Dear Dave, When I got your attunement, I felt fleetness/ligtness (??) lighter than usual, movements easier/lighter, also something as freshness. Same feeling of freshness/cold I felt when I begun to heal my shoulder (something as inflamation there because cold). Of course I felt that my body is warm as usual, but at the same time feeling of cold/freshenss there. Only feeling. something as 2nd order/level feeling, or shadow of feeling. _______________________________________

Hi Dave... great experience... I felt my charkras opening one by one, then I started a strange sensation, as to see a "fourth dimension" all over objects around me, in blue light. Then a funny tingling all over me... and a deep sensation of peace full of love. Now I feel very charged of energy... nice sensation... Thanks..... _________________________________

Hi Dave, Yep I got it last night. At first I didn't feel anything, then I felt my chest and legs get heavy, then my feet seemed to get real hot. After awhile I felt a warm sensation throughout my body. All in all a real nice experience. Thanks. ________________________________

Dave I was mediting waiting, the open hands ,the palms towards the sky I feeled well energy in the hands comming from/to ?the center of the palms. Suddenly something invaded me, like a light veil, I had the impression that something of immaterial takes my hands, energy in the hands became very strong taking all the hands and the wrist the center of energie was now the wrist. I got a pain in the heart for a while. And the hears start to whistle as they do when I feel energie. 15 to 20 minutes after the things go back to normal only the whitle is there but it is due to the computer energie I will go to level II _______________________________

Hello Dave, Thank you very much for the attunement Saturday was very relaxing.... as a matter of fact, do you happen to remember at what time it ended? because I think I was half asleep and all of sudden I "woke up" with a start....I thought maybe that was the end of the attunement....and also I wanted to ask if dizziness could be a detox symptom?? because I'm getting a little nauseous and dizzy....nauseous I know is a symptom but I haven't heard of dizziness...... Namaste, _______________________________

Yes I defiantly did. This was my first experience so I am absorbing the experience still. I noticed a lot of energy..almost with light pressure primarily on my stomach...I felt like my body was almost detoxing the whole time. I could feel a burning sensation on my left leg...most of the time, bottom of my foot. The left side of my body is where I felt most. I was incredibly relaxed I felt almost as if I was floating.... I couldn't feel my weight. I got up after because my grandmother knocked but luckily I could feel like I was done, like I jumped up right before she knocked. The experience was enlightening, I feel a lot of light with me. Thank you it was wonderful. In Light,



Namaste, love and light

Dave Scarbrough
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