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  Spike  the foreman who is also armed with a hammer.  He will try to make your demolishing a harder job than it already is

  Gotchawrench Jr.  do not underestimate this small monster's size.  If you get too close to it when it's walking the other direction it may turn around

  Egplant Man  whenever this monster walks near a ladder it climbs up it know matter what!  it only moves in one direction

  Gotchawrench  not as smart as Gotchawrench Jr.

Fireball  if you stay on one part of the board for too long this enemy will appear and zoom across that level of the board


1.  this structure falls at one blow

2.  this structure falls at two blows

3.  this structure falls at 4 blows

4.  Ladder Wall  falls at one blow and can be used as a ladder

5.  Drum  when in the way you can't go forward

6.  Ladder

7.  Dynamite  this can be used to blow down some structures

8.  Floor  watch out when the floor is missing

9.  (not shown)  Door  hit it once to herd enemies inside

10.  (not shown)  Pillar  hit this once to let whatever is above fall below


1.  Dynamite several walls in a row to get super high points

2.  If Foreman Spike is on the other side of a wall, hammer the wall to get him out of the way temporarily

3.  Stand still in front of dynamite and hit it;  this is good when you are attacked by monster from all directions or need to escape from the fireball

4.  Hammer open a door to herd monsters inside

5.  If you are far away from a door and want to open it, hit a dynamite

6.  You can walk across drums

7.  If there is a drum atop a pillar, hit the pillar and let the drum drop onto an enemy to capture them alive.  You also get more points

8.  Sometimes there are holes in the floor and a drim beneath; lead an enemy into it and they are trapped

9.  If you can find the letters of Mario or Luigi's name you get an extra life


10.  Level Select  On the begin screen you can choose a phase to begin by pressing A or B

11.  Am I in space?  move toward the edge of a platform, swing the hammer, and slowly move off the platform, keep D-pad in that direction to walk in mid-air

12.  Upgrade the Hammer  hit the bombs on phase 6 in this order:  lower right, lower left, top left

Game Genie Codes

SXGXGL     Infinite lives--player 1

SXIXZL     Infinite lives--player 2

PELXYP     Start with 1 life--both players

PELXYO     Start with 10 lives--both players

YELXYO     Start with 15 lives--both players




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