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Nintendo DS
"Nintendo released their Nintendo DS (Dual Screen or Developer's System) handheld game console first in the United States on November 21, 2004, then in Japan on December 2 2004 and later on March 11, 2005 in Europe.

The Nintendo DS features two backlit LCD screens, the bottom of which is touch sensitive, which can create a unique style of gameplay (see Kirby: Canvas Curse or WarioWare: Touched!). It also features a built in microphone and the ability to connect up to 16 Nintendo DS systems together wirelessly via Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming. It can also play software designed originally for the Game Boy Advance, but without multiplayer abilities, as the Nintendo DS lacks a wired extension port.

At the Game Developers Conference, Nintendo announced that they would be launching an online service for the Nintendo DS, allowing multiplayer gaming over the Internet." -from Wikipedia


Super Mario 64 DS
New Super Mario Bros.
M & L 2: Partners in Time
Metroid Prime: Hunters
Metroid Prime Pinball
Kirby: Canvas Curse



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