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Jumpman  This is Mario's first name before he got his actual name MARIO.  He is the hero trying to save Pauline from the evil clutches of Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong  He is angry because Mario was making fun of him trying to impress Pauline

Pauline  The lady in distress and Jumpman's girlfriend



Oil Can flame  this flame walks around and comes out of an oil can;  it is only found on the first level

Flame  These are creatures that appear from the side of the screen and are just like the first flame mentioned; these are found on the second and third level

Barrel  they are released by Donkey Kong

Spring Board  These jump around in patterns on the third level; they can not be destroyed


  Hammer  pick this up to get extra points and be able to destroy the fire creatures and barrels

  Umbrella  pick this up for extra points

  Purse  pick this up for extra points


1.  On level 2, there are two routes, the bottom route and the route across the escalator and elevator.

2.  On level 3, hit the yellow things in the order on one side and then go to the next.


What happened to my hammer?  on the first level kill a few barrels and drop to the next part of the level.  You will lose your hammer power.

Teleport  On the first level move up the first broken ladder then climb back down; walk to the left and position Mario so that his back is almost touching the ladder; move 1 or 2 steps to the right and jump.

Ladders Restricted  If you go to the top of the ladder far enough that your hand touches the top of the ladder, the barrels will not go down the ladder.

Invisible Wall  On the left end where the hammer is you can jump off of the wall there by jumping against it.

Disappearing Barrels  If you do the third trick described above on the second to topmost nonbroken ladder the barrels will roll off the screen.  (This might not work all of the time)

Game Genie Codes

Donkey Kong

 SXNGOZVG        Infinite lives

PENKNPLA        Start with 1 life

PENKNPLE        Start with 9 lives

Donkey Kong Classics

Donkey Kong

SXYAOP          Infinite lives

PETANA          Start with 1 life

TETANA          Start with 6 lives

PETANE          Start with 9 lives

AEVAVSIA        Controllable jump 

EAKOLSLG        Keep hammer for longer

Codes (may be for arcade version)

Level Select  at title screen press up(2x), down, up(4x)

View High Scores  at title screen press select





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