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I hope you find this page to your satisfaction.  I try to give people the simple knowledge that I too had to learn on my own.  Basically, I have listed below the main things I have added to this section of my website.  If there is something you don't see here and/or would like to know about, please email me.
Click the links here to go to their respective sections.
Alerts Marquee (IE only)
Blink (Netscape only) Midi's
Bookmarks (IE 4.+ only) Page Transitions (IE only)
Combo Box (Drop Downs) Re-Direct Browser
Links Tag Library
More to come!!!...
This feature is the annoying little window that pops up when you load a page and you have to click "Okay" to proceed, etc.
Using this HTML tag, you can make a selection blink on and off like Christmas lights.  Unfortunately, this feature only works on Netscape internet browsers.
This HTML tag acts as a link.  When clicked on by a user, it automatically brings up the person's Favorites Folder to bookmark your site.  This feature is only recognizable by IE 4.+ browsers.
Combo Box
A combo box is a drop down menu used to navigate through areas of a website quickly.  It can be used with or without a action button.
You can automatically fill out someone's subject line when they click on your email link.
This link is used on this page a lot.  It allows you to put a larger amount of information on one page and the visitor needs only click on the link to navigate through your one page.
Here, you can make your links underline, not underline, change color, etc.
Marquee (IE only)
The marquee can be found on the top of every one of my pages.  It makes a specified text scroll across the browser screen.  I have also used it to do the same with tables and graphics.
This feature is very simple and quick.  Add music to your site with ease and have a personalized feel about your web pages.
Page Transitions (IE only)
You can use this HTML tag to control the way your page loads/unloads, and the time it takes by adjusting the variables.  This too is only recognized by IE browsers.
This is a great trick to add to your web site for when you don't have an index page in different folders on your server. Not having an index page gives the public easy access to your images, pages, etc.
Example (redirects you back here)
Tag Library
You can use this to find out just what you are writing in HTML.  I will not have every tag here.  If you need to see a particular tag, please email me.  Find out here whether or not you work in Netscape, etc.  Just please be aware that this section is currently under construction.  It will be completed within the next week.
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