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Do You Make These 7 Poker Mistakes?

6. Not Adapting To The Skill Level Of Others

Everyone knows that some of poker's greats
are most frequently beat by BEGINNING players
at the card table.

A lot of professionals refuse to play with
"newbies" because they know there's such a
high risk of losing and being embarrassed.

So how exactly can these beginners beat these

It's simple.

The pros are SO MUCH BETTER at poker, that
they are actually FOOLED by how BAD these
new players are.

The pros are USED TO playing against other
pros... which makes it difficult for them to
even "remember" how to play against beginners.

Every card table is different. You need to
learn how to adapt your game to each different

Sometimes you'll have to increase the
complexity of your strategy. Other times
you'll need to "dumb down" the strategy
and only focus on the habits of the players.

7. Not Getting Help.

You weren't BORN knowing how to play Texas
Hold 'Em. You were TAUGHT how to play.

The problem is, most players never bother to
take their skills to the NEXT LEVEL, by
getting professional instruction.

In less than a few hours, you can increase
your skill at this game TREMENDOUSLY.

You can win more pots... night after night...
and discover the secrets to making tons of
cash playing poker in your spare time.

I've been playing this game for over 13 years,
and I can show you the way.

But it's up to YOU to take the next step.

Grab my e-book today... for a special low price,
and start winning more poker games starting

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Rory Monahan

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Do You Make These 7 Poker Mistakes?
By Rory Monahan

In my time as a card player, I've found these 7 simple mistakes to be responsible for TONS of lost pots and lost money...

Ultimately, if you make them, you'll end up like the rest of the "suckers" out there.

Either that, or you'll give up at poker (claiming that it's based on "luck"), and never play again...

So, here are the seven mistakes to avoid:

1. Getting Too Emotional

Don't let your emotions come out at the
card table!

It's easy to get "into" the game, but you've
got to practice self-control!

By staying cool, calm, and disciplined,
you'll be able to concentrate on your
strategy and winning the hand.

2. Focusing Too Much On The Cards

Remember, poker is about the PLAYERS
rather than the HANDS. Sure, what cards
you have is definitely important, but the
only way to consistently WIN Texas Hold
'EM poker is if you are able to "read"
the other players at the table.

Study their habits, watch their faces,
observe their peculiarities... and THEN
focus on your own hand.

3. Folding Instead Of Checking

Don't fold if you can check! Unless it's
part of some "bigger strategy" you've got
going (like the ones I talk about in my
book), then it's silly to fold a hand when
you can just check instead.

4. Trying Too Hard To "Fool" The Opponent

Many beginners try to deliberately "fool"
the other players by "acting" a certain way.

This usually backfires.

Most people are good at reading body language,
and your pretending will only give you away.

A better strategy is to let your ACTIONS
fool the other players. Keep your poker
face straight and calm and let them fall
for the bait by making bets or placing action
in ways that will confuse them.

5. Being Too Consistent

The easiest way to win easy money at the
poker table is to just study a person's
habits for awhile, and then take advantage
of them hand-by-hand because they're so

Don't be this kind of sucker!

If you make the same moves and same bets
at the table every time you play, other
players will pick up on it so fast that
you'll be out of chips in no time.

Be "spontaneous" in a calculated way, and
be unpredictable. It will frustrate the
other players... and you'll win all their

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