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The Highest Quality Ecigarettes!

The Future Of Smoking!
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The Highest Quality Electric Cigarettes

If you have ever wanted an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, you have just found THE very best and safest alternative that has ever been invented. Electronic cigarettes are a carcinogen free tobacco free way to continue smoking without harming your health.
Many of us have tried to quit tobacco without success. Electric cigarettes make it very easy to say goodbye to tobacco cigarettes forever.
Feel free to enjoy all of the things that you like about smoking without having to worry about getting cancer or other serious illnesses that are caused by tobacco!



Green Smoke is a revolutionary new nicotine delivery system that provides a healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. With traditional cigarettes, the smoker is forced to inhale thousands of unwanted chemicals and carcinogens along with the nicotine. With Green Smoke, this is a thing of the past!

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette delivers only the nicotine. No tar... No carbon monoxide... No smoke or second hand smoke... No ash. Feel refreshed yet? You should because the "Green" in Green Smoke means that the nicotine is delivered in a completely clean and odorless vapor. That's because Green Smoke doesn't burn the nicotine like yesterday's cigarettes... instead it vaporizes it.

How does it do that? Well... its electric. That's right... an e-cigarette! We have e-mail, e-shopping, e-news, e-phones, e-cameras... isn't it time we moved on to e-cigarettes? Now you can throw that lighter away along with the rest of your old-fashioned cigarettes. With Green Smoke, there is no need for a lighter... just pull it out and start puffing... you will immediately enjoy the same nicotine, but you will be healthier and... wealthier!

Green Smoke is not only easy on your lungs, but also easy on your wallet. In fact, Green smoking will save you up to 75% on your cigarette expenses. How much is that? Use our savings calculator to see just how much money you can save.

What is Green Smoke? It's a healthier electric cigarette which contains only the nicotine you want, nothing you don't want. It costs a whole lot less than traditional cigarettes and does not have any odor. It leaves no odor behind on your breath, hands, or clothes, does not cause any second hand smoke, can be smoked anywhere - even in No Smoking Areas... and is by far cleaner for the environment. Oh, and it comes in six flavors including tobacco, menthol, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and cherry. See what some Green Smokers have to say about their new smoke.

Are you still reading this? Stop and see for yourself! Order your Green Smoke now for a 30 Day Free Trial Period! You will be glad you did!


There are two types of people who switch to Green Smoke:

  1. Those who switch from tobacco cigarettes
  2. Those who switch from other electronic cigarette brands.

Both groups have good reasons to do so!

Switching from tobacco cigarettes Tobacco smokers have in mind the following reasons:

  • To avoid toxins, tar, carbon monoxide, and other toxins that are found in tobacco smoke.
  • To avoid lung diseases and cancer associated with smoking.
  • To avoid heart and cardiovascular diseases associated with smoking.
  • Green Smoke allows smoking in No Smoking Zones.
  • To save up to 75% on cigarettes.
  •  Smooth change, easy switch. Easier than 3-piece e-cigarettes.
  •  No cigarette butts or need of an ashtray .
  •  No foul odor on clothes or breath.
  • No yellow teeth, fingers or nails.

And if there are still any doubts, they have the 30 Day Money Guarantee! No Risk!

Switching from other electric cigarette brands Those who already smoke electronic cigarettes have good reason to switch to the superiority of the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. Our engineers have produced 5 flavors, from tobacco to vanilla, with more on the way, that defeat all comers in taste tests of comparable e-cigarettes.The design of the Green Smoke cigarette is more simple and better than other e-cigarettes. It has only 2 pieces, unlike three or four parts in other popular brands. You do not have to maintain a separate atomizer or heating element – it's all included!

Replacing the Green Smoke nicotine cartridge is simple: unscrew the old cartridge and screw on the new one, that's it! To replace or refill cartridges with other e-cigarette brands, users have to follow a more tedious procedure and end up with a messy table and wet, smelly hands. In addition, Green Smoke’s vapor is thicker, which makes it a more realistic smoking experience. Go here to compare Green Smoke electric cigarette to other e-cigarettes brands. So whether you are a tobacco smoker or e-smoker, it's time to switch to Green Smoke. Green Smoking will make a difference in your life. It's a change you can LIVE with!


Our starter kit contains everything you need to Green Smoke.

Green Smoke Basic Starter KitIt includes:

  • 1 Short lithium ion rechargeable electric cigarette battery with Green Tip Lights Red
  • 1 Long lithium ion rechargeable electric cigarette battery with Green Tip Lights Red
  • 1 USB home charger kit (includes USB adapter and wall adapter) (100-240VAC)
  • 5 Nicotine cartridges (Tobacco Flavor/6mg)
  • 1 Green Smoke electric cigarette manual

Green Smoke electric cigarettes only consist of two pieces, the cartridge and the battery. The cartridge contains a solution of nicotine and water vapor. It has a built in atomizer, which means that there is no cleaning or maintenance required. The battery is designed to optimize the perfect balance between usage time and weight. Just screw them together and puff! That activates the heating element, and you inhale vapor with nicotine and tobacco flavor. Each one of our newly designed and assembled in the U.S.A. cartridges should last you about 300 puffs – the equivalent of at least a pack and a half of tobacco cigarettes! You'll know when a cartridge is used up when the flavor becomes weak and it has a burnt taste. You’ll know that it is time to recharge the battery when the light blinks. Just screw off the old and screw on the new. That’s it. The Green Smoke Electric Cigarette specially designed and newly re-vamped two piece technology sets the bar very high for all other electric cigarettes. After trying a Green Smoke ecig you will be very un-impressed with any other brand or style of ecig! Allow 2-3 hours for the battery to charge. Cigarette Dimensions and Weight: Short Battery

  • Length (Cartridge Battery) : 98 mm (3.9 inches)
  • Weight (Cartridge Battery) : 14 g

Long Battery

  • Length (Cartridge Battery) : 112 mm (4.46 inches)
  • Weight (Cartridge Battery) : 15.5 g

You will also get a USB home charger. You can plug it into any outlet or you can even charge it off a USB port on any computer.