Our Goat Herd
When we first began planning to begin our little family herd of goats, we began planning to buy some registered Nigerian Dwarfs.  Amidst all the planning, research, and ‘shopping’ for goats; I finally agreed that we just could not afford the high prices asked for the registered goats.  I knew the right ones would come along as the time was right.     

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before our goatie family began to find us.  We have started with a handful of goats and will be building our herd from them. 
Not only do we use the milk from our does for table milk, we also use it to make cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and soap.

Faith, Roadie, and Mocha are all being trained as pack and cart goats as well.
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Our Does

Our Bucks

Our Wethers

Kids 2005
Kids 2006
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