The little details
The wires were soldered onto the speaker terminals, then electrical tape was used to secure the wires to the brace. It plugs into the jack of the amp with a 1/4" miniplug.
The speaker grills were purchased for a dollar at a yard sale. I know..they say Pioneer. I couldn't get the logo off. :(    The grills were for 5 1/4" speakers, but for the price I didn't argue. I painted as much of the shiny metal woofer frame and light colored wood that was exposed behind the grills with flat black paint. I also painted the port tube with flat black to cover the white.
Finish details. The paneling was from 1975 when the house was built. I found an extra piece in the attic. I glued it on with Liquid Nails. Corners are cut @ 45 degrees. I sanded out any imperfections in the corner, then wiped the whole thing down with stain. The cheap plywood top doesn't look too bad with walnut stain and a couple of coats of water- based satin urethane on it.
That's it for now. The satellite speakers sound terrible now that there is decent bottom end. That will be the next project I guess. I'll have to find some small 4 ohm full range drivers for the satellites. I've kept my eyes open, but haven't seen any yet. The amp seems to cross over the speakers around 150-160 hz, so whatever I put there, it will have to go down that low. I've been looking at 3 1/2" car speakers.
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