Porsche 928  

The 928 combines the power, poise, and handling of a sports car with the refinement, comfort, and equipment of a luxury sedan. It was produced from 1977 to 1995 and was the first front-engine Porsche model powered by a V8 engine. Through the production run the body design did not change much but the engine was modified and upgraded to yield more muscle and torque.

The 928 was originally intended to replace the company's iconic 911 but ended up being sold side by side with the 911.

The 928 featured a large, front-mounted and water-cooled V8 engine driving the rear wheels. This design marked a major change in direction for Porsche (started with the introduction of the Porsche 924 in 1976), whose cars had until then used only rear- or mid-mounted air-cooled flat engines with four or six cylinders.

Porsche utilized a transaxle in the 928 to help achieve 50/50 front/rear weight distribution, aiding the car's balance. Although it weighed more than the difficult-to-handle 911, its more neutral weight balance and higher power output gave it similar performance on the track.

Although the 928 developed an avid fan following, it never sold in the numbers originally predicted and was discontinued in 1995.

Specifications 1995 Model - Manual 5-speed

Wheelbase Length Weight Acceleration
Top Speed Avg. Fuel
2500 mm 4520 mm 1620 kg 5.4 sec 250 km/h 15.5 l/100km
Porsche 928 interior  
Porsche 928  

Porsche 928

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