Victoria Parker

My name is Victoria Parker and I've been a female impersonator for 12 years. I'm currently a house cast member at Connection Nite Club, downtown Louisville, Kentucky. I also travel the nation regularly entertaining, maybe one day I'll meet you.
I have won over 70 club, city, regional, and state titles. Some of which include Miss Alabama Continental Plus, Miss Mid-Atlantic Entertainer of the Year, Miss Florida USofA at Large, and Miss North Carolina Queen of Queens. This past October I won my first national title Miss Liberty International Plus. What a thrill!!!!!!!
I want to thank all of my friends who have helped me achieve my goals, Amaya, Morgan Richards, Misty Blue, Victor Newman Parker, Latisha Mays, Alexis Gabriel Sherington, Jasmine Perry, Deagra Sherington, Greg Mays, James Tillman, Joey Albury, Nealy O'Haro, Club Spektrum, " Wallace and Erik", The Spektrum Housecast,"Jennifer, Amaya, Morgan, Olivia, Gabby, Ebony, Jasmine, and Monika" and Finally the many people of Fayetteville and the state of North Carolina, who through without much financial support my goals could not have been met.

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