Audrey's Creative Crafts
Hi my name is Audrey and I have been a crafter for about 15 years now.  I love to craft and do all kinds, like cross stitch, needlepoint, sewing, handpainted floor cloths, and my personal favorite Faux Metal crafting, it looks like metal (copper because that is my favorite metal) but is lighter and won't rust.
Here are the pictures of my Faux Metal pieces. Want to know more or would you like to have one , just email me at
Sitting Cat
You can almost hear him purrr.
9 x 5 in.  
This barn yard king is striking in his majesty over the roost.
14 x 14 inches
She is just looking and
waiting for her baby
SOLD13 x 10 in.   

sm   9 x 7     
Oval Cross with PrayingHands

This piece is truly uplifting.
#5024        20 x 15 inches  
#5025          8 x 12                        
Please check out the site below as it is one of my favorite sites. Hand Made Glass Beads (Lampwork)
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Watch this guy strut his stuff
with his long tail.
#5019    10 x 17 " 
#5020           9 x 7"                 
Hope you have enjoyed my crafts. Please come back again as I continue  to add to my line.  I use a lot of wood crafting patterns.  Check out page 2 & 3 as I have more photos there.
The Calf
Hungry little guy looking for his mom so he can eat.
#5004     9 x 6 inches       
The Frog
This little frogy is just sitting on a cattail waiting for his next meal.
19 x 13 in.    
Framed Praying Hands
#5034           9 x 12           
Please check out page two and three for more pictures of my crafts.
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