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Peru  is South America's third largest country, covering 1,285,215 sq. km., and can be divided into three distinct geographic regions.

The best known of these is the central high sierra of the Andes, with its massive peaks, steep canyons, and extraordinary pre Columbian archaeological sites. The Andes are still one of the world's most unstable mountain ranges, with frequent earthquakes, landslides, and flash floods. Despite such instability, the Andes are also the site of the most fascinating pre-Columbian cities of South America-like the great city of the clouds, Machu Picchu.

When to Go Peru Travel
The seasons in
Peru  are the reverse of those in the Northern Hemisphere. The best time to go to the Andean region is May through September. On the coast, the months between December and March have the best weather.

The Types of Peru Travel Trips
Tourism Vacation:
Peru is one of the top tourist destinations in Latin America. One reason for this is that Peru was once the center of the mighty Incan Empire, a civilization of prestige and advancement. The backdrop is stunning as well, with incredibly diverse landscapes such as the Andean peaks, tropical rainforests, and virgin coastline.

Peru Travel Nature and Ecotourism: Peru  is one of the most bio-diverse planets on earth, containing 84 of the 104 different life zones on the planet. The Peruvian Amazon covers half the country and contains the best-preserved rainforests in South America, making it an excellent place to discover nature and all of the diverse ecosystems it contains.

Peru Travel Family Vacation: South Americans adore children, so you'll be warmly welcomed in Peru. With all of the exciting things to see and do in this amazing country, your children will be left with great memories. Traveling with children does require some considerations, however.

Peru Travel Group Travel: Peru is an excellent place to vacation with your friends or colleagues. Much like family travel, group travel involves taking care of many logistics, a process that is not trivial. A travel agent may be very useful and actually save your group money.

Peru Travel Sports Vacation: Peru  has many options for sports adventures. Their coastline has some of the longest waves in the world, which are located around Lima, particularly in Punta Hermosa. You can also find the best whitewater rafting in the world on the Urubama and Vilcanota rivers near Cusco.

Cruise: Taking cruises is also a popular way to see the country, especially since
Peru  is home to the mighty Amazon River as well as the many offshore archipelagos along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Cruises are also offered to the Galapagos Islands and the glaciers of Patagonia.

Peru Travel Vaccinations: Most places in Peru don't require vaccinations, including Lima and its vicinity, the coastal areas south of Lima, the highland tourist areas (Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca), and the regions of Arequipa, Moquegua, Puno, and Tacna. However, it is recommended that you visit your travel health clinic prior to your departure.

Money: Credit Cards and ATM machines are widely available in Lima and many other cities. Banco Continental has branches all over Lima but only accepts cards linked with Visa. Banco de Credito, Banco Santander, and Interbank accept all cards. Currency exchange is available at P&P: Avenida Benavides 735, Miraflores.

What to Bring: Make sure to pack for South America's extreme differences in temperature, from the cool Andes to the sunny beaches and the steamy jungles. If you forget something, pharmacies are widely available throughout the country.

What Regions to Visit
Peru Travel The most interesting regions in Peru to visit are described in detail in the Regions in Peru  section. It is recommended that you stay at least one full day at each destination.



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