Pepe Jaleo Flamenco Guitarist
Pepe Jaleo first entered my life at the start of 2003.  I didn't know his name back then but I could sense his presence, looking over my shoulder, interrupting my thoughts, always around me whether I liked it or not.

My name is Nick Sherreard and this website is my homage to a man who, by turns confounds, charms, irritates and horrifies me, a man who can make me laugh until I cry and frustrate me until I can only lash out at those closest to me.

Over the coming months and years this website will grow and develop into something close to Pepe Jaleo's vision.  That vision basically comprises setting up a resource for the few UK based flamenco aficionado's, providing a comprehensive list of links to the many excellent sites dedicated to the art and ultimately aiming to promote Flamenco music to future generations.

Welcome to the world of Pepe Jaleo.
Yes that music really is me.
How I got here
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