Pele Baby Puppy Pics

6 weeks old

pele0751sm.jpg pele0762sm.jpg pele0753sm.jpg

I'm the cute little red/white girl 3rd from right.

Me and my black sister.

Looking for trouble.

pele0758sm.jpg pele0759sm.jpg pele0756sm.jpg

Whee! I can fly!.

7 weeks old

pele0773sm.jpg pele0780sm.jpg pele0781sm.jpg

Learning my show pose.

Now check out this side.

pele0783sm.jpg pele0771sm.jpg pele0769sm.jpg

This is getting boring.

I'd much rather hang out with sis.

This looks like fun!

8 & 9 weeks old

pele0814sm.jpg pele0823.jpg pele0805sm.jpg

Me and my Mum.

Some people think that I'm named after Pele, the soccer player.

I can still fly!!

10 - 14 weeks old

pele0832sm.jpg pele0847sm.jpg pele0863sm.jpg

I'm busy chewing on a leaf.

Wearing my car harness

Digging at the beach.

pele0868sm.jpg pele0882sm.jpg pele0883sm.jpg

I love chewing toilet rolls.

Me and my brother and sister.

Wesley, Pele and Clare - 14 weeks.

pele0884sm.jpg pele0889sm.jpg pele0899sm.jpg

Giving a "High 5"

16 - 19 weeks old

pele0931sm.jpg pele0933sm.jpg pele0942sm.jpg

Look, my ears are finally up - 16 weeks.

I won "Best Tricks" at the Amstaff Fun Day and several other prizes. I'm only 16 weeks old!

Those ducks look yummy!

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Created 16th May 2005

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