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Here you will find photos from the muscial production.
All the song lyrics from the Andrew Lloyd Webber version.
My favorite quotes from the Susan Kay novel titled "Phantom".
A place to read and submit Phantom Phan Phiction.
Various polls related to Phantom... vote for your favorite actor.
Past and present productions.... including my dream cast.
A list of Phantom Pen Pals.... become a Phantom Pal.
All about the original Phantom... Michael Crawford.
The Canadian National Company's original Phantom, Jeff Hyslop.
Message board for Phans to meet, greet and discuss Phantom.
Signs to show you're addicted to Phantom.... are you a real Phan?
Phantom midi, wav and mp3 files including a few in Dutch.
Links to sites related to Phantom of the Opera.
Learn about the webmistress... all my favorite things.
Tell me what's on your mind... comments, suggestions or to chat.
Thank you to all who made this site possible!
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