(CHRISTINE moves slowly, downstage, away from the
DANCERS as her dressing room becomes visible.
Unseen by her, MEG also moves away and follows her.
As CHRISTINE is about to open the dressing room door,
she hears the PHANTOM's voice out of nowhere)

Brava, brava, bravissima. . .

(CHRISTINE is bewildered by the voice. MEG,
following, has not heard it. CHRISTINE turns in
surprise, and is relieved to see her)

Where in the world
have you been hiding?
Really, you were

I only wish
I knew your secret!
Who is this new

CHRISTINE (abstracted, entering the dressing room)
Father once spoke
of an angel . . .
I used to dream he'd
appear . . .

Now as I sing,
I can sense him . . .
And I know
he's here . . .

Here in this room
he calls me softly . . .
somewhere inside . . .
hiding . . .

Somehow I know
he's always with me . . .
he - the unseen
genius . . .

MEG (uneasily)
I watched your face from the shadows,
distant through all the applause..
I hear your voice
in the darkness...
but the words
aren't yours..

CHRISTINE (not hearing her, ecstatic)
Angel of Music!
and guardian!
Grant to me your

MEG (to herself)
Who is this angel?
This . . .

Angel of Music!
Hide no longer!
Secret and strange
angel . . .

CHRISTINE (darkly)
He's with me, even now . . .

MEG (bewildered)
Your hands are cold . . .

All around me . . .

Your face, Christine,
it's white . . .

It frightens me . . .

Don't be frightened . . .

(THEY look at each other The moment is broken
by the arrival of GIRY)

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