PCD Adaptors for pre '94 850s


    Firstly I would like to thank you for the great work and time you have spent putting together such an informative site for all us
850 nuts!  I am an ex-pat Aussie living in Japan at the moment working as a translator/interpreter for Honda and drive two
850's, 1994 GLE for the wife, and my new pet project a 1993 GLT....to wit I came across some info that may be useful to

     While being thoroughly depressed that I couldn't swap the Volans off my wife's 1994 to the 1993 because of the stud count, I
managed to track down a company here in Japan that can make PCD adaptors for the car.  Essentially a spacer, with a new stud
pattern, to wit my 4 holes 108mm hubs have been upgraded to 5 hole 114.3 (Japanese Standard size) for $400 a set, which
gives a huge variety of much cheaper mags to choose from for the 850. A 5 hole 108mm can also be made up to 5 hole 114.3,
both in thicknesses from 15mm~35mm.  The maker unfortunately only speaks Japanese so if anyone would like these made they
should get in contact with me @ ozsamurai@hotmail.com This isn't a business for me, if they speak Japanese then the makers
address is available too.  Thought it might be useful for the page is all.....I run a similar site as your for the Honda Beat and am
shipping parts all over the world for that on a regular basis.


The OzSamurai
Mark R. Smith
Thanks for the useful info Mark!


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