18"s on a S70 T5

Didn't believe it until I saw it -  Sin -- Wednesday, 4 April 2001, at 8:27 p.m.

 A couple days ago at my mod shop, I saw a guy with an S70 T5 SE with a manual tranny.

 To date, he has a custom made 2.5" cat-back, an open element air filter, a TIAL blow off valve, tinted windows, one spiral of springs clamped all round, and
 the SICKEST wheel set-up I've ever seen!

 He is running 18x8" Borbet rims with 225/40ZR18 Yoko Parada tires. It absolutely looks like it'll rub. BUT IT DOESN'T!!! I repeat, it does not rub. Obviously,
 when we checked he wasn't moving fast enough to depress the springs, but there was a two finger widths space between the tire and the outer fender lip,
 as well as similar clearance to the inner fender lining.

 The aproximately 1" drop and the 18" rims with low profile tires looks absolutely smokin'!

 After doing the math, it isn't that incredible. The OE 205/55HR16 tire and 16x6.5" rim combo has an overall diameter of about 63.19cm. The 225/40ZR18
 Paradas with the 18x8" Borbets have an overall diameter of 63.72 cm.

 But coupled with the aproximate 1" drop and the clearance becomes VERY tight. But still enough clearance for a two finger width between the inner lining
 and the outer fender lip without suspension compression.

 Man that car looks sweet! All black, and shaved signs on the rear end, with nothing but a T5-R sign from the legendary 850, iPd mesh grill, blue head lights,
 shaved head light wipers (a personal dislike of mine, but he likes it), I must say one more time, it looks good.

 The racing scene in Toronto is just exploding lately. There was one HUGE meeting place every fri and sat night last summer. This year, there are already
 two confirmed large meeting places, and another rumoured 2 in the process of being organized.

 And I LOVE the Volvo showing at these races lately. I can't wait to take my baby out for some runs after the chip is in.

Re: Didn't believe it until I saw it   [post reply]
                                          Tony Giverin -- Thursday, 5 April 2001, at 6:30 a.m.

 Hey Sin,
 If we are lucky we'll see the same 850 at the Canadian Volvo Club events!
 July 29th is the date for one of the biggest Volvo events in North America.
 Over 150 Volvos, many modified with prizes given by peoples choice. Hope to see you there...next time you see the owner of the modified 850, let him know
 as well!
 Tony G, '94 850GLT, '82 240DL (mint) July '99 "Rolling" cover


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