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Apologies for not having done much on the site of late. The first child has arrived, and demands all attention.

this site now available 
via OzBrick.com

Brochures have now been archived on the US Ozbrick site as 
Ozbrick here on au.geocities.com has outgrown its allocated space.

Thanks to those who continue to give me feedback via email & the guestbook.

Recent Additions:
most recent listed first

Thanks to Richard for info on
fixing rear speakers, entitled
"What to do when one or more of your stock
(Volvo) Speakers stop making sound."

Bryan gives us a great tip to add to the
DIY alignment page...

Temperature Sensor
If you are having stalling problems...
Thanks Horace!

Dino adds to the window switch repair

Ian gives us some info on how to get back
lost radio codes for the SC 705/905

A few System Wiring Diagrams

Peter gives us a good little 
alarm/immobilizer workaround

Alistair gives us some great info on 
engine stalling & the throttle body

Can you help Chris with a question
on front end clunking?

Eric gives us some crucial info on 
seat belt operation with child seats.

John Cook's excellent illustrated guide 
to fixing a broken glove box hinge

some info on replacing a broken antenna mast

Window problems: winding down but not up
or inconsistent winding/ intermittent fault? 
The quick fix. The full recon

Richard Baumann's page on turbo boost / Horepower loss

FrankX has chimed in with some helpful info re. 
John's Door Stay /hinges fix and the enigmatic second hole...

Richard gives us another tip:
Fixing a broken glove box latch mechanism. 

More Pics of Andy's wicked 400bhp + S70
sporting a new 2003 look! 

Updated Info on Excessive Crackcase Pressure
thanks to Dave

Tory's Crash Story

John's excellent illustrated guide to changing front rotors!

Mark's Aussie Crash Stories

An answer for people with pre 1994 4 stud wheels: PCD Adapters!

Dwight found a cheap source for an OBDII reader.

Factory (.pdf) on installation of estate rear seat
large (1.3Mb), but perhaps well worth it, 
with 2 pages of instructions and 6 pages of diagrams...
see also the main page on the rear seat

Thanks to Ray for this info on an 850 
Factory Alarm set up the wrong way, and false alarming!

SolidQuality Forums
Join the community and discuss Volvo here!

See John Cook's "bloody marvellous" 
guide to fixing door hinges here

Rille on the T5R

Jack with some good info 
on removing stubborn rotors & lug nut torqueing

ASE techs Lee & Don speak out against Bosch Platinum plugs.

Thanks to Matt for his comment on the 
superior strength of metal in Volvos,
reposted on the safety section page and
the "crashworthiness" discussion  page.

Thanks to Jack for his information on potential problems 
with the platinum spark plug, found here.

Thanks to Keith Potter;
Essay revisions and additions @ August 2003
The 850 Airconditioning System; 
function, control, troubleshooting and tips.

Turbocharger Boost Pressure
Wastegate adjustment and Manual Boost Controllers
(A wholly new essay & forum discussion excerpts)

Also from Keith;
Removing the catalytic convertor from an 850

A very interesting statement on 
Safety, the laws of physics and Volvo
Thanks to Eric

Check out Richard Baumann's important info 
on how a failed water pump can wreck your engine and end up costing you BIG $$$

Matthews 850 pic in the gallery

Randy's Family saved by a '92 740 Wagon

adding a rear seat to the 850 wagon
Check out John Cook's fully illustrated guide to this procedure.

Headlight alignment problems?

MaltaTrucker's 850 pics in the gallery

Checkout this Amazing story from Jennifer
on how a Mack Truck drove into her 850 at high speed...

Wayne Burns Long Surviving, hard-working 240 DL
not an 850 but a good story nonetheless...

Ken Harry's 175000 mile 850

Thanks to Pablo for these pieces;
excess crankcase pressure
changing the timing belt
discussion on automatic transmissions
more on the 850 Vs the 940
another tip on sudden stalling
door strap repair

Thanks to Chris for these items;
V70 pollen filter cowling pics
V70 window switch pics
V70-S80 reset service light tips
(addition of url) 3m 'carbra' product
using CDRs in a stock volvo CD player (V70)
a link to a useful fault code page

Please check out the revised, simplified and illustrated guide to 
flushing the automatic transmission fluid.

How to add an aftermarket ATF cooler to your transmission.

A long overdue list of contributors is being built.

guest book

The guestbook has now been archived to the links (below), 
with a fresh start for the current one.

An archive of the first 50 OzBrick guestbook entries 
had to be made (as that is Yahoo's limit).
See the entries here.
page two.
page three.



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Hi Michael,

Mark here from VP Tuning in Victoria.

I thought to give you the option of putting my article on your website as I think that there could be some guys or girls interested in the following offer from us and MTE Sweden.
In October we have organised an ecu reprogramming special in which you get extra discount on doing this.
Discount ranges from 5% to 15% depending if you are a Volvo club member (need membership details) or not.
Trade inquiries will receive 15% as well (need ABN number).

On October the 5th we at the clubs night meeting will try to make a connection with MTE Sweden so that he can talk more about his business in Volvo performance and reprogramming and to answer any questions that come up.

So if any 850brickies want to know anything they can call me and I will ask or they can call on the day.
Will be trying the call he at 8pm.

(see this page for more.)


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