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  • VolvosWanted.com offers free classified listings, bulletin

  • board postings, and chat for Volvo owners and enthusiasts.
Gavin the Aussie in singapore sends us these great links;

Home of The S70T5-R Conversion

SG.Bricks Performance Volvo Club


    Note from a contributor
    Hi I've collected some data about brake judder, maybe it is also
    interesting for the volvo owners who like to drive fast.

    And see how to build your volvo 850 rallycar

    And how to drive it

    Regards, Jan-egbert Annevelink

    more re: Brake Rotor Warping
    Good day here is some info you and your friends might be interested in. A Process call Custom Thermal Cycling "Deep Cryogenics" from Performance Cryogenics. These guys have been processing brake rotors for professional motor sports teams from Go Karts to Winston Cup and Indy cars with great success for years. They also offer this service to Police departments, Taxi fleets and to the general public.

    Here is a link if you would like to check it out. 
    www.percryo.com and www.policerotors.com

    Have a good day
    Lee Moore

    An aussie contributor with another Volvo site sends us this link;

    Dear Michael

    Anthony Hyde from Canberra here, a member of the ACT/NSW Volvo community
    for quite a few years.  Have recently bought a yellow 1995 T-5R and have
    been very impressed with your massive website, congratulations.

    If you don't know I have a comprehensive Volvo Turbo related site which
    is very popular, based around the 240T, but covering many other issues
    as well;


    As I have a technical background I look forward to contributing to your
    850 site as I learn about the deeper issues of these models.


    Jos Sent us this link:


    I'm driving a 850 GLT 2.5-20V (perfect condition) 03-1992, and I saw your site. I like the site verry much. I have for you the adress of the Holland 850-club maybe it is something for you to put on your site, so that other 850-riders also can visit the Holland site. So the address is


    Greetings from Holland
    Jos Bruning

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  • The Volvo Site

  • USA. Contains a good array of parts in a logical format, and they are building a large and useful troubleshooting FAQ.

    My name is Nick Swan and I am the website manager at www.bba-reman.com
    We are involved in remanufactured car parts such as ECU's and ABS pumps. 
    I was hoping we could get a link from your web page as we get a lot of enquiries
    regarding Volvo 850's, S70's and S40's. 
    We also have a new discussion forum which is taking off quite nicely so if any 
    of your members have any technical problems perhaps you could point them in 
    our direction. 
    We would also be happy to arrange a 10% discount scheme for your members. [There you go, Ozbricklings!]
    We are also in the process of developing a major new area for our website. 
    We are planning on building a huge diagnosis area for all cars...

    Good Luck, Nick... we all look forward to seeing that new area!

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From time to time I will be putting more links up here to my other websites, 
as I manage to actually get them organised or respectable enough to display!
  • Suzuki Across troubleshooting site

  • Volvos and motorcycles compatible? Or am I just insane... Here's my little troubleshooter website to help owners of the Suzuki Across 250 cc four cylinder, four valve per cylinder, >16000 rev screamer. As far as I know it was only sold in Australia and Japan - the rest of the whole world really missed out there.
    Hey Volvo drivers, look out for the bikes! If you have to test out the SIPS, do it on 4WDs/SUVs instead! 


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