94 850 recall on belt tensioner /
white spacer for timing belt hydraulic tensioner

 94 850 recall-belt tensioner?[850][1994]   Don -- Friday, 6 April 2001, at 12:49 p.m.

 While talking to Volvo's customer service center recently, the Volvo
 rep. said there was a recall on my 1994 belt tensioner(timing belt) that
 had not been taken care of. Anyone know anything about this? I've had
 my car about a year and it has 65K miles.
 Don in Denver

 Don Hurt

Re: 94 850 recall-belt tensioner?[850][1994]  Tony Giverin -- Friday, 6 April 2001, at 5:50 p.m.

 Never heard of it...my '94 has recall decals that are posted on the drivers door when repair are made. The belt tensioner isn't one of them. Not to say that
 the recall didn't exist though, things change from country to country, market to market..
 Tony G, '94 850GLT, '82 240DL (mint) July '99 "Rolling" cover

Re: 94 850 recall-belt tensioner?[850][1994]  Rich K. Fairfax, VA -- Friday, 6 April 2001, at 6:30 p.m.

 There is a white pack man looking spacer that goes on top of the tensioner, to act as a safety, incase you loose the hydraulics in the tensioner, if your
 timing belt has been replaced, you already have the spacer, if not you could need it. There is a post at the site below for the timing belt replacement, look at
 it and you will find the spacer and then you can check your car to see if you have it.
 Rich K.


Re: 94 850 recall-belt tensioner?[850][1994] gl -- Saturday, 7 April 2001, at 6:16 p.m.

 Hi Rich K,

 Is the *Spacer* included in the timing belt replacement package (like oil change includes oil filter)? If the spacer was not there in the first place, will the shop
 put one in when replacing the timing belt? I just replaced the timing belt and serpentine belt on my 94 850 Turbo by an independent shop. The receipt
 showed only "Timing belt, wide", and "6PK X 1748 belt" (part #s 272327" and 9434341") that are related to belts. (I had some other work done on the same

 There is no recall stcker on timing belt. The shop seals the timing belt case with the tracking sticker.

 Thank you in advance


Re: 94 850 recall-belt tensioner?[850][1994]       Rich K. Fairfax, VA -- Saturday, 7 April 2001, at 6:57 p.m.

 When you buy a timing belt, there should be three things in the box, 1) the belt, 2) The white pack-man spacer, 3) A label to put on the cover to note date
 and mileage at change.
 Rich K.


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