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A website made in Sydney, Australia, 
and dedicated to the Volvo 850.

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General Site
At the height of Volvo design and manufacturing capability, before multinational influences took hold, they made the 850. It is arguably one of the best cars that they have made to date. This site is both a tribute and an owner's reference.

OzBrick focusses mainly upon Volvo 850s, but of course will also be relevant to the S/V-70 series Volvos, and less so to other Volvo models. The site is now in its third year; much thanks must go to regular contributors for the growth experienced in that time. OzBrick will keep expanding and gaining more useful information for the owner of the 850 and related Volvos. I hope that you like the site and that it's useful. Happy and safe motoring!

maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing the Volvo 850
transmission problem troubleshooting
flushing your ATF (transmission fluid)
flushing ATF
engine, fuel, and other under-bonnet 'guts'
The space within: interior (& trim), sound systems, climate control
steering and suspension systems
steering & suspension
everything to do with lights, illuminating and bulbs
brakes, brake improvements, brake shudder probs...
miscellaneous hints, tips, info, on both car and consumables
miscellaneous info/tips
wheels and tyres/tires
wheels and tires
outer hull issues
Wheel: Titan 7.0 x 17"
Other Volvo 850 Stuff
The thank God I drive a Volvo page
Volvo crash stories
Volvo safety related information
Volvo safety information
photo gallery of 850s
photo gallery
Volvo's 850 sales brochures- on
850 sales brochures
sign the guestbook please!
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view the guestbook
view guestbook
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useful links
useful links
webmaster trivia - personal info
webmaster info
Wheel: Cetus 6.5 x 15"

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There are a few extremely good websites out there for information on the Volvo 850. Have you checked them out? 

(see links for more)


The Volvo BrickboardVolvo Brickboard Forum
Where the online Volvo community talk. 

Volvospeed Bay 13Volvospeed Bay 13 Workshop
The premium website for maintaining the Volvo 850.

The Volvo StoryThe Volvo 850 Story
For a great history of the Volvo 850.

Kino's 850 problems and surveysKino's Volvo 850 Website
For excellent information on problems with the 850.

Kino's 850 problems and surveysTry the chatroom
To discuss Volvos!

 Wheel: Columba 6.5 x 16"
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